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  1. All of my hero's but 1 are gone along with all the gear they had. Is this because it went free to play? Was there a wipe? I had the max amount of heroes all lvl 50 and all my best gear on them. It's all gone now. Also all my progress has been reset.
  2. I seem to be getting a lot of black screen s when I spawn into the social tavern
  3. I dont quite understand why I have to wait 8 hours to complete the egg quest to complete the campaign. Would it be that bad to give us 1 pet off the bat to complete the quest. Now I'm stuck waiting for the egg to hatch to be able to play the harder difficulties. I'm not talking about the egg hatch times, just the quest.
  4. Huntress traps plus monk auras are very Good. The defenses synergize with one another. Add walls and a few cannons and u will start winning. Don't listen to people that say everything but squire towers work. They are dead wrong. DD2 has different tower mechanics. If u learn to use them u can make some pretty fun builds. If u r lookin for some help hit me up on psn Match_98
  5. this would go under discussion in the ps3/360 section just so u know for next time also u only need 1 thread to sell stuff if u need to add something or take something out just edit the thread instead of starting a new 1 thanks for ur time and keep defending them dungeons :squire:
  6. PS3 i got a shaitan of a thousand winds with 124 upgrades put all upgrades into tower attack to have 131 tower attack than it turned negative 126 next time i logged onto game my id is Match_98 could i please get my weapon fixed or just a new 1 I still have said item in inventory what is the max ups u can put into a weapon before it glitches out? this is a game breaking glitch i worked hard for that weapon just to have it bug out is really disapointing i really hope u can help me with this trendy
  7. SID Match98 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008502766 Friday or Saturday please
  8. Im looking for some players to do some CD runs with. I am mainly looking to do insane hc and nm or nmhc. I can solo insane hc, but its just no fun bymyself lol. I dont have the best connection so if someone could host that would be great. I have a lvl90 barb that does 38 mil dps in tavern 200mil+ hawk in tavern. I have 4 3k+ builders (aura, summoner, squire, ev) Thanks Steam ID Match_98
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