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  1. I think mana bomb is one of the neatest animated and looking abilities in the game. It's awesome on insane for saving a lane and is okay in nightmare for just shoving crap back. The problem in nightmare is you generally die before it goes off.
  2. It seems like most of the QQ has died down but ohh well i guess i'm stoking the fire a bit, sorry Trendy. You guys realize that Trendy has stated that nightmare is a pre-release item. This means like all other pre-release items they could simply say "Thank you for beta testing nightmare, we are going to remove it as we work out some rebalances to the mode and work to add in and balance the next DLC. Please enjoy insane mode, to rebalance this we have deleted all items that could have potentially come from nightmare mode. We look forward to you joining us for the full release of nightmare wh
  3. Sooo it sounds like trendy just needs to disable CtA like they do with most other heroes skills?
  4. Does the development team not have some type of Subversion control, Mercurial or Perforce where they can just pull up all changes made since last build? How hard would it be for the developers to hand this information to the community manager? Hitmonchan makes it sound as if they are writing down every change on a piece of paper and during their transition to another office it got lost. I don't buy their excuse. Remember this was a game that was coded with a very close knit group of people in a very small room before. It's entirely possible they have never needed to really do any type o
  5. If you run this with 4 people couldn't you move the slice and dice far enough forward in some lanes to block the lane completely with just one turret?
  6. Where did the quote come from? (Edit: It was written June 9th, 2011 and apparently the person posting it is purposely taking it way out of context)
  7. This is what happens when you uber nerf the hell out of regular players, and the only way up is to do this. Or it happens when 13 year olds that could afk prerelease levels get angry that their slightly hard game now actually requires skill and coordination to play.
  8. I don't think the beta testers just missed the huge app change, i think they were testing on a platform that did not include the change. See my longer post above.
  9. This arguement always intrigues me because nobody ever follows the simple rules. The mod even stated it as plainly as i think he could without giving too much away. IMO basically it goes like this If your gear is close to being legit, your fine, even if it's not 100% legit. They will error on the side of caution. If you have 3k in each stat your banned. Use your own judgement as to what is obviously hacked and what isn't. I think there are plenty of pretty plainly hacked items out there.
  10. 2/1/2012 Ninja Nerf Before we explain why this happened, we want to explain that this is NOT a justification of it happening. There is no justification. Events like these only hurt us, Trendy Entertainment, and more importantly you, our player base. Anyone who says or speculates otherwise is patently wrong. These nerfs (and buffs) were made to the game before Christmas break. Over the course of the break, moving offices, and life-in-general the exact changes were misplaced and thus mistakenly left off of the patch notes. Last night was the first us, the employees, or the beta testers beg
  11. I didn't see him mention console. Refrain from high-jacking threads to cry about console content. It was inevitable that consoles would be phased out. And should be phased out. They need to focus on one platform first.
  12. Go on youtube and search for "MoPower83" find the endless spires guide. Nightmare maps are not in linear order in difficulty. I find endless wells to be very hard on nightmare.
  13. I enjoy it to. It's harder but i stepped into doing HC MM Campaign last night and didn't really feel like i was missing a lot. My stats for my builder are like 400/850/450/600. The ogres did take a lot longer and i'm debating trying squire walls in a few places but it was still an enjoyable experience. I'm excited to try setting up my tower squire again and mixing up the turret choices. I'm curious about the bouncy squire barricade viability now.
  14. To summarize to people that might not be familiar with it and what they should represent, I'll make a list of the balance changes in the patch and try to explain their reasoning: All this is taken from http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?30004-Current-Patch-7.16a * Reduced Healing Ramp Cost by 20% (less Healing Cost per HP increase), and reduced Healing Cost by a straight 40% in NM They are aiming to a state in NM mode where it differs from the 0-1scenario we're currently in. Normally what most people experience today is you're either alive or dead in NM and this change to heali
  15. At least they are funny. To bad your pet didn't get + that many projectiles instead of -that many. Have you tried to see what it does? (other than most likely crash the server).
  16. Any love for using squire barricades as replacements to the east side before she comes now with the buff? (sell off air defenses, drop line of squire barricades?).
  17. No, actually it was a terrible post. They were probably last minute changes and they forgot to update the notes or something. Why do people have to be so anal about this and assume the worst about these guys? I have not seen anything that deserves the kind of nasty reactions or behavior I see on these forums on a regular basis. You can argue that they, being a small team, were completely unprepared for how popular their game would be and thus have been overwhelmed trying to deal with the issues, and that would be a valid reason to be concerned and a valid reason for there to be problems. But
  18. Has anyone tried him with an xbox controller? I generally have one hooked up to my pc and i was running around as the barbarian just goofing around with him leveling him up. He seemed to fit using the controller very well. Maybe Trendy is throwing a bone to the console group? (whenever they actually get the patch for him who knows...)
  19. This seems to work very well with an xbox 360 gamepad. I just ran around and attacked the dummy though but the triggers seemed to work correctly to me.
  20. Has anyone tested tower combination effects? I'm sure many of us have lvl 74's in every class. I'm going to do this when i get home. Maybe Trendy simply likes to easter egg things instead of tell people about them?
  21. This is an absolute false..ness... I've gotten to 25 on squire towers alone on my first attempt to do so, and if tower placement had been better, probably to infinity and beyond... Yes, I made that reference Don't you dare break out of the box. The only way to play this game is with an App, otherwise nightmare becomes... difficult...
  22. I just .. I can't keep laughing at people thinking a difficulty called NIGHTMARE, should be easy .. When was the last time you had a nightmare you were a badass in, that's not a nightmare, that's a fantasy .. Hey Trendy, lets put in 'fantasy badass ubergodomega difficulty' and shut some of these wankers up please? .. All sarcasm aside, it's NIGHTMARE for a reason.. Find ways to do it, they coded it so that it's still doable and I'm sorry you have to work for something now, but griping because you want it easy isn't the way to go .. Kudos to the topic creator for finding some good ^^^ This. I
  23. I have OMD, it sucks compared to DD. http://store.steampowered.com/app/65800/ "Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG where you must save the land of Etheria from an Ancient Evil! Create a hero from one of four distinct classes to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning defenses and directly participating in the action-packed combat!" "Genre: Action, Strategy, RPG, Indie" "Customize and level your character, forge equipment, gather loot, collect pets and more! Take your hero through multiple difficulty modes and challenge/survival missions to earn more experience &
  24. Great post OP. Here's my take of what is going on with DD. Take or leave it my view comes from having a few years overseeing software implementation. Trendy was a small company that built a game using the unreal engine as a showcase. During this time the small group of developers could pretty much do whatever they wanted and all would work out, it was fun. Kind of like basement coding with a bunch of friends and a case of mt. dew. Their game became a hit and all of the sudden they had demands and shareholders and were making some real money. Suddenly everything wasn't as fun anymore. They
  25. Forgive me for expecting to be able to play a game that I paid for with my own money solo, because the online is filled with hackers, and my friends who do play aren't geared enough for any sort of insane runs. And don't give me this co-op game stuff, go play Phantasy Star (any one is fine). That game was pretty much centered around Co-Op, yet you can do the online missions solo, and get all the best gear solo, it's hard but it's doable. Missions don't get harder with more people, they get easier. In DD, more people = harder runs. Before the patch, everything was soloable, now it's imposs
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