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  1. Got to wave 10 without any problems. 10 seconds into wave 10 about 8 DEWs spawned from the south, rushed the walls and took them out within seconds (49K HP). They then swarmed me, that was it. They're way OP considering before that 3 ogres couldn't break down that wall. Generally when a bunch of them run to a wall i try and get them to agro me so they jump and ignore the wall then i just run around and hope not to die within the walls and let them get hit by things as they are chasing me. I haven't fought 8 yet but thats what i did before ;0
  2. 98 Degrees what? F or C? If you can't play DD without liquid cooling it might be cheaper to invest all the money you would have for the cooling system into a new computer. If your computer is newer then you need to check your fans and your enclosures.
  3. [c3;344734']"People fail to realize this isn't a MMO (WoW, for example) and that there can be an end to the game." WoW has an end. once you blow through the content, you have beaten the game, same as this one. the real difference between these 2 games is you actually have roles to fill in WoW, as opposed to this, once you hit a certain point, all the game becomes is being a repair jockey. no one can tank bosses or mobs because everyone gets tanked by bosses and mobs, and even if someone could tank a boss or a mob, no one can heal them to actually make tanking possible. and yes, the DL
  4. As you can see, there isn't probably quite enough room in the budget for those ruby encrusted goblets. But the Ferrari's and the white tiger can stay right?
  5. I've only really had this problem if there was any type of gap between the wall and the sides of whatever path i was trying to block. I've watched it happen once as well and noticed that the ogre walked back and forth and then was stuck up against the wall and couldn't move then phased through my barricades like they weren't there. I think it's some type of anti stuck mechanical trendy imploys for ogre's specifically so they don't get stuck in places like their door like other mobs do.
  6. Do spires on Hardcore and even to wave 7 you'll upgrade your gear greatly. The best items come from the chests so make sure you're getting those.
  7. After endless spires i went straight to Mistymire campaign. It takes a few hours of getting the setup right and understanding the map but you can get some great drops if you can make it to the boss. I really want to actually take her down now but i'm not seeing that happening any time soon. The best i've ever done was 6million damage to her, considering she has 56 million hp that didn't feel like a very big accomplishment ;)
  8. I would also say that my trap damage has not increased at all. Granted my Hunter is not wearing mythicals yet, but my prox was doing 6956 damage in the tavern, and 6956 damage on Deeper Well NM. However, I do not understand what the heck happened with the pet nerf. My Laser Robot went from doing 29k on NM do doing 9k, I understand 29k was a little high, 9k is completely pointless, that's actually LESS damage than it does in the tavern. Robot has 6006 base damage with 97 upgrades and my tower squire which is the character I generally have it equipped on has 268 hero damage. I might as well ju
  9. 3. Fire 17 people who work at Trendy I think if you did that there would be -5 people left to work on the game :).
  10. Neither of you are thinking of how to do this for the most fun correctly in my opinion. Simply start the campaign at deeper wells with absolutely nothing and a new character at lvl 1. This is by far the most fun way to play the game through imo. Set it to whatever difficulty you think you can do and totally forget you have any other characters or gear anywhere (i.e. don't get stuck and just swap to a different character for the uber towers, try and reason it through). Get a full group and it's really fun.
  11. I actually found this game to be inexpensive as my wife can play on the same computer as me. On a side note: I did this by using eyefinity with two monitors instead of split screen, it works fantastically.
  12. Was there a change that allowed Ogre Poison Ball splash to hurt crystal in Nightmare? Ogre balls keep rocking my crystal in NMHCMMSurvival... I've seen this sometimes and at other times i've seen the ball hit right on the crystal and not do damage.
  13. This is not true. All maps are possible with correct planning and good game play. The benefit of having "hacked" stats is only marginal. Having over 1k stats is about 70% efficiency as maxed stats (2700), having over 2k is about 90% efficiency. This means you don't and should never need to buy hacked items. Lastly, everyone in the community should do their best to report every hacker they see. When you are blaming trendy, you could be taking screen shots and writing reports. Agreed, this is a simple way to mitigate hacked items, just have things scale like Trendy does already. Maybe i ju
  14. You can message me your name and i'll add you, i have a controller so we can give the MM turret thing a shot :)
  15. They sound too good to be true, how much was a hefty sum? Actually I just re-read that, if you are at ^202 fully upgraded and the item stats are 200/200/360/200 that would mean the base stats would have been 200/200/110/200 which to me would mean a very good item but not necessarily hacked unless they had crazy base resists or something. Do they have any negatives?
  16. Have fun! The campaign is really fun, ignore all the whining on the forums, you won't get where what everyone is saying will effect you for good or bad for awhile unless you decide to join a game and power level yourself up which isn't the best way to go IMO.
  17. Wave 29 survival MM only has 1139 total monsters in it?
  18. 1) I'm with you. I still don't consider a DPS pet to be worth my time when I could instead boost towers; but the decision is at least a bit more difficult now. 10) That's true. If the game is stored locally, hackers would instantly become 100x as effective as they are now. The games could be saved on their servers, but I don't really see that happening. It would be cool, but would not really address the problem. Even if a survival match can be spread across multiple days, the fact that one good run can easily take half a day to complete is just bad. Especially considering that the only way
  19. My only problem with the argument that NM is still in beta, is that for at least half of the player base, insane is beyond trivial. My power level is low compared to most of the people I run into, and I can still solo pretty much everything on insane difficulty; yet there is zero chance of an upgrade dropping. NM may have been intended as a beta, but it is a feature that was needed. Without it, the majority of the player base would have been done with the game months ago. If they want NM to be in beta then they need to provide players with a viable alternative. Personally, I don't have a
  20. I don't think anything is wrong with pet DPS. I like pets having really high DPS, it helps a lot bringing people into the game that don't have amazing stats. Before you had to say grab this apprentice guardain and stand in the corner. Now it's more along the lines of run around and try and survive :). Also you missed upping apprentice HP. If you don't agree with this, why not?
  21. Just some thoughts 1) I see a few people asking for this and I disagree. My pet might do more than my DPS character but my App guardian still technically does more then both put together. Making other pets viable is a huge improvement in my opinion. 10) I don't think saving a game will ever really work. This would require it to store that saved game somewhere and then reload that game while connected to Trendy. I just see issues with that. I would rather see either a rework (stronger monsters with less spawns) or a "speed up spawn time" button. 11) Very much please do this :)
  22. Ok,lets hear how many past SOFTWARE betas, not movies, people have been in where it was advertised to get into as early access...where the word beta wasn't used. I would be curious to hear about them because when developers have a beta, they make it VERY clear they want people to know that it is a beta test. Humm i can probably come up with at least 5-6 MMO's that labeled "early access" and it was a beta where gear and other things changed before official release. I think I can probably come up with at least one where all items and characters were wiped after "Early Release" (which was sy
  23. This seemed like a very balanced fix to me that makes the barbarian incredibly useful and not just a novelty character. +1 For Trendy, i'm liking the fixes a lot the past few days.
  24. Suuuure blame the kids who don't even play for your error ;) Of course they play, how else do you think he got the 535 million mana? :)
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