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  1. On every post i've seen with people complaining about this it seems to me they have always known the item was hacked and implied so in the post. Even in this one if i'm reading it correctly the OP is saying "Yea i got this ridiculous hacked item and i've been using it but it came from someone else..."

    This leads me to believe that Trendy is probably banning the retarded over the top items that would be obvious that they are hacked to most players. Aka my sword does 99million damage a swing but I think thats okay....
  2. That's not a dumb question at all. Other games often reward players for playing cooperatively with better rewards.

    However, as far as I'm aware, having more players just increases the amount of monsters, hence the amount of monster dropped loot. The quality of the loot seems to remain unchanged. Most of my good items from Misty were found solo, since I found that my build was good enough to carry myself through but not quite good enough for a team unless it was my brother/friend who would actually cooperate.

    Oh, and I guess when I say that was my Endless Spires gear I didn't count that I also did a few runs of Ramparts Survival up to wave 18 or 19. The loot is not significantly better though.

    I think you're just having a bad run of luck. It seems like items with negative stats have better positive stats, so really what you're looking for is an item with non-critical negatives. DPS gear with -tower stats, or tower gear with -skills and attack.

    I would have to disagree with this, i've found that split screen duoing gives me far better loot in campaign from the chests. If you need a spot to put your duo'd character in HC MM just put them on the North lane with a huntress or ap guardain in the corner. You'll never have to worry about that lane. I do the same thing in survival.
  3. Rather than reading the 7 pages of interesting philosophy about elistist gaming theory if the OP would like some help leveling and some pointers getting started PM me. I started with a huntress as well and got to the same point ;).
  4. Many of us asked for them to really test the second release before they released it. By them delaying it (and I don't mind if they have to delay it even again) this means to me that they are listening to their user community. This is a good thing
  5. Okay so this thread needs a lot of cheese.

    The game is a gear grind because it keeps players interested. If you could get the best gear with 3-5 runs through MM campaign hardcore then the hardcore players would lose interest. The general rule of thumb for a game is to make 95% of the content available to the normal player base and 5% available to hardcore. You want to make the items that are available to hardcore base better than the normal player base but not ridiculously so. So what i'm hearing is the model isn't true for Dungeon Defenders?
  6. Firstly, it's definitely not uninformed, while some players get banned , the majority are still cheating as you can see with the lot's of paypal shops opening everyday over and over. then for the hackers bothering me, nop, they don't bother me at all , it's their problem, the thing that really bothered me was realizing many of the players who have really good legit gear, got it from hacking with other characters, as for reporting the guy i will think about doing it or not, i don't really like doing it it's his problem for using it not mine, i posted this here because it was really a let down for me.

    edit: i forgot to say, yeah it was in ranked mode of course.

    The uninformed part is the exaggeration of saying that many players do not work for legit gear and instead just hack for it or use a hacked character for it. I don't believe there is a big enough sample to say that many players do this...

    I think a lot of moderators and hardcore players seem to miss the point here.

    There always seems to be this overly simplistic view that you can merely not play with them.

    I'll use an analogy to show this. Imagine you're out there trying to get to the top of the scoreboard. Hackers are getting to the top with their hacked gear, and you're not. Now imagine trying to win the UFC heavyweight belt. Well, steroid users are in the top 20, not you; you have no chance of getting to the top.

    "BUT YOU CAN JUST NOT PLAY WITH THEM HERP DERP". But what if I want the title? What if I want to get to the top? If I bought this game should you not have some sort of proper control over your game? I've reported two hackers thus far. The one in which I gave the steam, pic etc was seemingly ignored. So in my next one, I recorded it and posted the video. Why should I have to waste my time doing that? That's your job, developers, not mine.

    Even then pvp is a ****ing nightmare. A dude comes in, kills a few of you, "WELL OKAY JUST REPORT THEM DERP SNORT". I tried to do that and the guy left right away. Without pictorial evidence what would a mere steam id do? In the report a player section you need a picture that shows the hack and also the ranked icon.

    Ignoring hackers is like ignoring the ugly massive elephant in the room. And ignoring my ****** just ain't easy.

    It sounds like you are looking for some type of pvp or comparision type fix to show your worth as a gamer is better then the next persons or you feel like you should break into the top 20 leaderboard. I would say if your looking for more of a pvp type fix there are better games out there.

    If your looking to show off how your gear is better than the next guys, there is better games out there for that as well.

    If your looking for a tower defense type game that has diablo style loot and can be played co-op then there is none better than dungeon defenders.
  7. Hello, guys , i really enjoy this game and i always knew that they were hackers, however a funny situation happened to me which made me lost all the interest in the game, i was playing mysti nm hc and on the last wave one of the guys who was in the group change his character and when the spider came the spider was killed in like 2 or 3 seconds,

    it was completely impossible, then when we came to the tavern , he showed the weapon he used and it makes 20 million damage per shot. that's right, 20Million, he has a lot of characters level 74 with high stats without cheating and uses that character with the 20M damage for the mysti nm hc survival to get to the 25 wave's so he can get good gear for his characters which he normally uses.

    well knowing that made me lose all the interest in the game , because i realized many of the players with very good gear must do the exact same thing, it's very sad that a game like this get's ruined by cheaters , but knowing this made me lose the interest in the game.

    Your post is a bit uninformed. I'm sure there are plenty of hackers out there but if you look at the forums a lot you'll notice many of them are getting perma banned from steam now. If it bothered you this guy used a 20million damage per attack weapon did you report him? Were you in open or ranked mode?

    Trendy does swing the ban hammer. I used to PM back and forth with a guy that posted some in depth guides and was well known on these forums. He also had ridiculously high tower stats (2200 to 2500ish each stat). A couple of months ago I asked him to run me through a map and he admitted he had gotten banned.

    If hackers bother you, don't hack, report them and kick them from the game. This game is much more fun to find a core group to play with anyways imo. You can get through a lot of maps solo and farm the gear train up without fear of hackers or hacked items. I also believe you can shop afk shops and just be wary that if something looks too good, it is. I've never ran into an obviously hacked item in any afk shop i've ever visited and I've probably visited a hundreds.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly. I used [redacted] and got caught. I was foolsih and deserve what I got. Going clean from now on. Gonna eventually buy the content again. Pull some extra shifts and wait for a sale most likely. I got into this game because of the holiday sale. Sorry for my evil ways. Really I have learned my lesson.

    Okay maybe it's been awhile since I purchased that game and the shards pack but... wasn't it $15 for the core game and like another $15 for the whole DLC? Go mow two lawns, problem solved... Or shovel some snow depending on where you are at.
  9. We just finally did this last night, we duo'd it and truthfully i think i could have afk'd though it. I was the builder (countess) and was responsible for ogres and anything that got through. He was the tank (barbarian).

    What we did is gum up the lanes with a darkness trap, a gas trap and an enrage trap at every door. We then put three bouncers at the main spider spawns and then did one harpoon at every entrance. Then filled out one harpoon for each flyer. We had a couple of extra harpoons in a few lanes.

    Just before the spider queen came we sold all anti air and all extra harpoons so each lane only had one, the bouncer in the middle also needs to be sold because the queen will just eat it. All those DU were put into harpoons and aimed in at the spider queen. We also had a strength drain and a proximity mine in the middle for the queen and the mini spiders.

    When the queen came the barbarian tanked the queen and I was on ogre duty. I'm not sure how long it took for the queen to go down but only two ogres ever actually made it to the walls. The battle was pretty difficult after she enraged for our tank but for me i just pretty much watched.
  10. I'm stuck there to and have run HC misty probably 20-30 times. I just can't kill the queen to switch to survival. We have decided to try UMF TOF for now. I'm not seeing that much good loot from it and we can't beat wave 13, the dumb spiders dont run to the towers quick enough.
  11. EASY AS PIE!

    .. you obviously have no idea how a testing cycle works. Or even development for that matter. If you do, well you are part of a fantastic team made of perfect people! Congrats!


    Lol, took the words right out of my mouth. I kind of cracked up at the guys post above :)
  12. With this post im trying to explain why the apprantice is weaker then what it should be and that a change is neccessary.
    This does in no way mean that the countess / squire towers are in need of a nerf, they are the only builder that can make towers that are viable for higher waves (about 9 - 10 +) of nightmare survival / mixmode.

    So just to make sure you guys don't get the wrong idea.

    Yours truly,


    I'm glad you added that in the because I kind of feel an office space style "fix our mistake" nerf coming on....
  13. So here is my plan for when it happens.

    1. go grab my 4 controllers and do mistymire forest on insane beating first wave only.
    2. see if any of the chests have higher upgrade armor.
    3. pick up that armor and slowly switch out pieces.
    4. Once all 8 chars hit lvl 78. do one more for luck:barbarian:
    5. start farming the new map for new weapon types on pure strategy, hope for good armor pieces.
    6. once i get bored of new map try for a better mobile moxie to make up for 30 percent deduction.:spider:
    7. Finally get a pet that does over 12k damage. :)

    but in honesty 6 might have to come before 5. :mecha:

    You missed at least one step, you have to beat it on nightmare before you can farm it using pure strat on nightmare :). Also you don't need a new weapon for pure strat :)
  14. I've always thought (and seem to have noticed) that the reason spike blockades die so quickly is because they are targeted while magical barriers are not.

    What i've noticed that can eat a wall in a few seconds are DEWs. If i want them with barriers up i noticed they run up to the barrier and kind of hang around for awhile then they might decide to attack the barrier or might decide to jump if i'm close enough but mostly they are probably just dead by then.

    I've noticed with the spike blockades they run up and start swinging at it without hesitation.
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