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  1. Has anyone who doesn't have an issue with the misty crash (not sure if its everyone or just certain people) Found a way to work around the djinns? does the usual build ( Kandars ) work? or is there modifications needed? Would love some input and suggestions, i'm definitely going to start it when valve fixes it. Solo and split screening with Kandars build is getting torn apart. The genies can unsummon traps so you can not gas trap lanes. Over all i'm not really sure how its possible to even do MM HC Surv anymore without a lot of people.
  2. Look, guys, if you want to get good item drops, all you have to do is follow these steps: 1) Purchase a 4 ton block of marble 2) Hire a master stonemason to carve it 3) Sacrifice a lamb on the top, drinking the blood 4) Praise the Random Number God 5) Hope he rolls well when deciding his favor WTB: Marble slab, stonemason. WTS/WTT: Lambs or Cow substitutes.
  3. Unfortunately, this will probably mean they'll nerf the squire towers. Throw out all the current strats again... but we'll have to anyway to deal with djinns. How dare you say trendy will Nerf this. They will just fix the glitched extra damage given to squire towers and the problem will work itself out. There, problem solved.... time to figure out a Misty build that uses only magic missile and lightning towers with darkness traps.
  4. I'm just waiting for the next DLC to come out. It's hard for me to try and go for new gear and work on a map when I know in a few days we'll be able to get to lvl 78, possibly get a new tower upgrade level, and have new gear to use and some nice buffs. I do not understand why some people are so angry in this thread. I think i've played for a couple of hundred hours and if i stopped today I would have got my money's worth by far. Just a couple of responses to the threads I've skimmed so far: 1) Nightmare is not impossible to start or for hardcore players only. However I agree Trendy do
  5. I guess this means that we can finally start using our apprentice. And it looks like MM and lightning towers might be even stronger than before. Thank you trendy, I really appreciate that you finally listened to us!:apprentice: Flawwan You beat me to it now we have a double post =(.
  6. I'm not sure when this was added to the patch notes: * Buffed Apprentice Exponential Damage Ramps on Lightning Tower and Magic Missile Tower by ~20% You forget to add the Deadly strike tower and fireball tower but WOO HOO on the buffs so far.
  7. Ok, now I would like you to navagate over to the Dungeon Defenders Steam page. If you carfully scroll the page down and read under "Game Details" you will see Single-player. I bought this game mainly for the Single-player aspect of the game, maybe with a little co-op with friends. You marketed this game to me with an illusion that this game could be done by yourself. I find, when it comes to nightmare mode and some of the Challenges / Survival within the game you need more then one player to finish. This game was marketed to me with an illusion of Single-player and that's merely all it is,
  8. spiders shouldn't be interested in the harpoon that much. Adjust the magic blockade positioning till it stops. it shouldnt get webbed often at all. as usual. Positioning is everything. keep it a bit away from the magic blockade and make sure the blockade is in the optimal position. When its right, it wont get webbed often. I did this last again and was able to setup better and that harpoon gets webbed much less often. It still gets webbed though randomly. I'm not 100% why though, i haven't been able to watch really whats happening as the inferno trap is hard to see through. I suspect
  9. This thread is great, i am still searching for a good blunderbuss to drop because I really want to try one out. What i'm hearing is that huntress's have some real variety of weapons they can choose from.
  10. This thread is a major drain on my abilities so I will explain this the best I can. People making a macro to press G so they can afk in their own game instead of spending hour after hour at their computer screen. OP thinks he has the right to control the way others play their game by making a complaint thread like this in an attempt to get this "issue" taken care of. In what universe is this okay? I'm extremely offended by OP's actions in this thread just like people are offended when I come in and use free speech to defend something I do in my own game. If you would like to make me pla
  11. What about pets? Remember he gives you pets and we are all confused as to why Trendy made pets grow... What if the monsters that he summons against you are large versions of pets? Then you are essentially growing him in power by leveling your pet up each map.... Wow if Trendy wasn't going this direction before they should because this would make on hell of a neat story.
  12. It's because of the recent content and patches, not the USD shops. Every multi-player game I've played for the last 20 years has had some sort of gold farming / power leveling / High Warlord grinding USD service available in it. It could be made less blatant (please), but getting rid of it is not going to happen unless guys stop using their $$ to get epix. I.E. Never These are the factors that I think Trendy has failed to deliver on that are making people quit: - The seasonal (casual) content has been poorly designed for the demographic that actually cares about it - They raped the
  13. It seems like the item has a low cap of 8000 mana and since there are so many negatives it will forever be stuck at that cap. Maybe eventually it will start to go up after enough upgrades?
  14. I've been doing pretty well with this build so far. The only thing that is really driving me nuts lately is that my middle harpoon (The one that hits NE and E) just in front of the spider spawn seems to be webbed every time i look over there. I split screen duo with the builder hanging out in the North and i handle the middle with my barbarian. I can't ever tell why that tower is always webbed. Lately i've tried putting the harpoon at the foot of the stairs but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any tips or is that one just prone to being webbed?
  15. Bit off topic, but how long does it take to run a Misty NMHC to wave 25+? It took me 3 hours to get to wave 20 the other night but that was going really slow and looking at just about everything past wave 10. Supposedly you can do a full run 5-30 in an hour but i'm assuming that's not looking at any look that isn't green until the final waves.
  16. Yea, if you plan to shoot from far away. Bone Bow / Disc Thrower are probably best. Up close, it's anything with a multi projectile. Well, non elemental. VanWolf and the Dragon Guns are Lightning / Fire. So this brings up a question for me, since i darkness trap every lane most every map i do now, wouldn't an elemental weapon work just as well?
  17. I believe this happens if you mouse over a skill or tower and hold a key down for it. So you should be able to open up your circular menu, mouse over your repair icon and hold down 4 to fix it.
  18. After building, I switch to a huntress with hero stats around 1000/1100. I use genie the first couple rounds, 3star everything, then switch to app guardian (for Misty and ES) and hunt guardian for alch labs. What am I doing wrong? It seems that OP with tower stats 600/900/xxx/xxx can make it to Alch Labs 18-19 but I keep dying on 11. Your problem is right here. You need to leave the builder out or split screen. You should not be worrying about DPSing anything down yourself and should only be worrying about repairing things. A countess builder is the best IMO because she moves quickly and has
  19. Have you tested to see if it really does boost at 1 yet or if it boosts at the max boost level?
  20. Sorry for interrupting but i find my self lost in your question to him in regards to needing mana, i find you can never have enough mana. Players who have an excess of mana usually start making mana sinks . I believe thats what farming mana is anyways. What I was trying to say is that by the time you farmed that perfect set you would have had so much mana you wouldn't need it anymore. I haven't been to the top waves of MM HC yet but wave 18 and 19 give me over 100 million from just items sold on the ground. Anyways, reason i came to this section was to find a way to report hackers who
  21. The odd number (374) seems almost like a data type limitation more than a physical restriction. If it's a data type limitation of some kind (i know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense but maybe) then it would difficult the slightly change the restriction. I.E. they couldn't easily change the cap to say 450 but they could easily change it to 37440.
  22. im so sick of people calling everything better than what they've seen hacked... in this thread alone. id say probably only 25% of screen shots are actually hacked, and they are obvious too, like to many projectiles/tower upgrade pets or way to high resists 99 ect, people obviously havnt done nm mm hc survival all the way through to 30. thats where these no negative, really high base damage weapons are coming from, armour can drop with over the 360 cap too, with no negatives!! IF YOU HAVE TO ASK IF ITS HACKED OR NOT, ITS PROBABLY NOT!, or its hacked within legit bounds Blatant lie. If you
  23. If she would like to travel to the northwest i'm sure we could find a cow for her...
  24. I'd have to say hacked as well because of a few things. First you said you bought it right after you found AFK shops, to me this would mean you probably didn't spend 5 billion mana on it which is how much a legit item like that would go for or more. Second someone that found something like this would use it, not sell it. It has almost perfect stats for both a builder and a dps character and stuff like this does not drop (ever?) often enough that someone would just sell it.
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