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  1. Thanks for the detailed information but instead of jumping on the bandwagon here i'm going to point out a few issues here.

    1) Trendy has a history of releasing an untested item, or releasing the "wrong" version. Your post points this out yet again.
    2) You did not mention the overwhelming difficulty of Djinn's at all.
    3) You mention that you don't recommend a band-aid to fix a broken arm. I've heard this saying before but remember if you don't at least put a tourniquet on it the arm will either be unrepairable or you'll bleed to death.
  2. Instead of giving up completely (although i'm going to wait until a few more patches come out) I was hoping the community can come together and map out Djinn behavior in a hope to be able to come up with a solution.

    Questions that I have:
    1) What determines what tower/aura/trap/defense a Djinn is going to remove? I've noticed them completely ignore some and go directly for others. Do they have similar behavior to ogres in that they go for what is damaging them first? If so we can probably work around that.

    2) What tower actually seems to hit them? We really only have a few choices and i've noticed that harpoons can sometimes hit them but most of the time can not.

    3) Do any towers prioritize them? I've noticed harpoons ignore them.

    4) Do traps every hit them? In the patch notes it says they will be effected by gas traps but most of the time I see them floating too high off the ground to seemingly be hit.

    5) How hard are they to interrupt? Is it just one hit/shot from anything or do you really need to work to interrupt them or is it % of damage based?

    6) Other behaviors?

    Things I've noticed so far:
    - Djinn's tend to float at a random height.
    - Djinn's don't seem to buff monsters all that often, they seem to remove defenses more readily.
    - A Djinn's unsummoning time seems to have nothing to do with tower level.
    - Djinn's seem to ignore attacks when unsummoning at times.
  3. For both Alhanalem and especially for Ryukaki, please show me a build that gets me to lvl 20 Survival on Misty Mire. I used to be able to do that easily with my 800/1400/700/700 squire builder and my tank/Dps barbarian split screened.

    Last night i made it through wave 10 with a wopping 92/140 DU left. So please Ryukaki explain to me how instantly building back a 1 star wall is going to instantly replace the 5 star wall that a DEW can still tear apart in 5-6 seconds. Ryukaki due to you comments I feel that you have not tried this. My next idea is to switch to a huntress but i'm not sure how well that is going to do repairing walls. My Barbarian can barely survive at times and he has 163k hp with full 90 resists.
  4. The Djinn are manageable in campaign, but in survival and "ubers" they make progression impossible. And considering that those are the only places to go after you wrap up the campaigns, this pretty much ends the game after you beat summit on NM

    You speak the truth. I'll wait another week or two before I actually play the game again. Djinn's could have been made so much better, they could have removed your defense until you killed them, they could have slowly deleved a defense down to 0 and then made it dissappear, they could not do anything to towers whatsoever and they would still be very strong.

    Instead we get the instant win Djinn. Even if they don't kill you in the wave you are on your previously 5 star defenses they take away make it impossible to replace for the next wave, when you will get even more Djinns.
  5. It's Typical with weapons that are low in damage. For example you got item "A" with 250^. If you upgrade the damage, the value will increase exponentially, but if you upgrade into stats, it's value remain relatively unchanged. This issue used to be more significant prior to 7.17, but they patched it along with the infinite mana glitch :)

    Furthermore, there are negatives that act to bring down the worth of the items..

    Its also a godly item. These drop in Mistymire survival, they are the weapons you would get from bosses, I've never seen a mythical one.
  6. Wow. just wow.

    7.20 76-77 is 31m-37m


    76-77 38m-51m

    just wow.

    I hope y'all got your characters to 78 before the patch hits your machine ;)

    I wonder what will happen, will you get deleveled? Or will you be a level 77 with not enough experience for it? Or will the game bug and you will essentially get to lvl an extra time?
  7. Telling us we are beta testers really doesn't bring any substance to this thread. It actually works against what is being discussed, as we are talking about the testers who tested the update, not everyone playing nightmare.

    I agree that it doesn't bring that much substance to this thread as your criticism was good and well thought out with good suggestions. However realize that as long as nightmare has the "Beta" name applied to it we are all essentially beta testers and therefor Trendy can happily release a map that has issues, minor or major and we have no real right to demand these issues be fixed any time soon or to complain about them. Our job as Beta testers is to report the issues.

    Your testing steps are valid but you are making the assumption they are not already doing them which may be wrong. Your also making the assumption the beta team did not find the issues above and Trendy released anyways because it is a beta product they are releasing, not a full release. Real software testing involves testing every possible scenario hundreds of times, it's tedious and boring enough to poke your eyes out regardless of the product your testing. Trendy does not have the budget for this, nor do they have a paid beta test team from what I understand so they get by with what they can.

    If someone does not like being a beta tester for nightmare mode then do not play it. Trendy has stated this many times. This also goes for those complaining about multiple hotfixes. That is what happens in a beta environment.
  8. AHHH That thread is reproducing. Make it stop.

    Btw From Hitchmon

    I can't truthfully speak for the dev team, but I think you guys are getting a glimpse as to why, I believe, we've released Nightmare mode as a beta. We're introducing enemies that are changing the dynamics of how you play Dungeon Defenders, and we're incorporating player feedback to help improve the difficulty so that when it leaves beta, it will hopefully be a polished experience from the beginning. (Remember, not everyone bought the Complete Shards DLC.)

    Therefore if you play nightmare you are the beta tester. So if someone attacks the beta team your essentially making fun of yourself.
  9. I keep posting this but has anyone tried lightning towers? I thought about this last night. If they actually stun a djinn and interrupt it this might help. I haven't had a chance to test it though, im guessing djinns are more like ogres and can not be stunned.
  10. Hey,

    So you guys helped me last time with suggestions on progression and it was a big improvement. Went from wave 10 Misty to 12...so close to making it past the bump. Main things were me switching from app builder to squire builder and also keeping builder active during the waves.

    After the patch I haven't had a chance to test out Misty yet because of the crash bug...but would Djinns affect layout a lot? I ask because I absolutely depend on enrage/gas traps on all lanes to slow down the map, but would Djinns take those down? I also play on my builder now so won't be able to run out to DPS them.

    Can enrages/gas be put right in front of walls so towers can hit them? That'll be a possible solution for me...but haven't been able to test yet. I figured there's a reason why all builds have the enrages so close to monster spawn.

    I'm going to try this next. The reason they are close to monster spawns is because if the monsters are not dying the lane is not spawning more. If you put them too close to tower defenses the lane won't get clogged up because the defenses will be killing the monsters.
  11. Depends on what round you want to get to with ~800-1k stats.

    Haha great answer :).

    I'm wondering if lightning towers will stop them from desummoning stuff. Has anyone tested this? Does it interrupt them?

    (It also looks like there is a fix coming up to fix Djinn behavior).
  12. MM hit them accurately, so do DST and all app towers, and on top of that, if I can handle them with ~800 tower stats across the board, it's more likely that it's a case of "I can't sit and AFK/Barely pay attention to my game during the round now." as opposed to "this is impossible."

    The one thing the Djinn did do is make it so you have to move around and attend to your defenses rather than sit and just watch as everything dies automagically, which I personally don't see as a bad thing.

    If anyone likes, I can show off some setups using Cubicleninja or otherwise that full-clear a lot of the Nightmare content with ~800-1k stat characters. The difference being you wont be able to replicate them just AFKing, you'll have to replace unsummoned barricades, auras, and towers, from time to time.

    Can you show me how to do this in Mistymire nightmare hard core survival solo?
  13. It's interesting to me the anger that is being directed at the beta testers. I think we need to review the facts before we really hammer the beta team to the wall (i'm not disagreeing).

    1) The beta team is a volunteer community, as in unpaid.
    2) The beta team leader has posted multiple times this team would have "strict hourly and testing requirements." (How do you hold someone accountable that isn't paid to this type of ruleset?)
    3) The PC Beta team was full immediately, then it was empty shortly thereafter, indicated some or most didn't show up, or didn't test to standards or didn't feel their testing was contributing.
    4) Trendy was under a lot of pressure to get the patch out ASAP because of the massive delay.
    5) Generally when testing you fix the major issues before the minor issues. The issues pointed out to me seem relatively minor (except for djinns but that is a design issue, not a bug).

    All in All 7.20 does seem to be a pretty stable release, i'm not saying that I actually love this release, i really hate Djinns and I think the design is faulty and seems to me that they couldn't decide a direction to go. However, I could get in and play the game, the maps i used to play successfully have Djinns, the new map seems to work (I didn't make it to the boss originally so I didn't see the infinity health issue).
  14. Okay so I'm seeing two seperate opinions here, one people are saying Djinns are fine, another they suck. I'm on the they suck side because I play solo and split screen using my barbarian to upgrade and repair and do some dps.

    The most annoying thing to me with djinns is the instant destruction of a 3 star barricade with nothing i can do about it. Granted it is kind of fun to hurricane stance and jump around but they are unhitiable most of the time due to the way they move. Playing MM survival and having a Djinn in each lane by wave 8 all at the same time was difficult to deal with. I did beat the wave (granted i can usually get to wave 20) but i lost two barricades, and three proximity mines. The two barricades were 3 starred. If i constantly have to keep rebuilding stuff there is no way i'll be able to make it to wave 20 anymore because nothing will be upgraded. Genies don't seem to drop enough mana for the ability to destroy a (30+100+200+400+700+1220) 2650 mana cost item in a 10 seconds.

    Hopefully they upped the quality of the loot enough that it will be good enough to advance at a lower level... hopefully....

    Having Djinns makes me wonder what its going to be like if I try mixed mode.
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