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  1. Myself, I'm hoping the adult heroes become playable characters in some form, but knowing this kind of story, it'll probably be "the children prove their worth by saving the parents from being trapped in the crystal by the tavern keeper"

    Fixed the above for you, they never left at all, muhahaha. You are leveling the tavern keepers minions every time you "buy" a pet from him as well.
  2. Hmm... Jeremy was in charge of AG back in the day? I used to have the president of that company on my XBL Friend List, but he was rarely on and I never got a name that I can recall... wonder if it was him?

    Also, Series EV looks pretty sweet. Definitely want. Does EV actually have a unique weapon set or does she piggyback on somebody else like Barbarian did?

    My guess would be that she piggybacks on the huntress/ranger weapons simply because adding more weapons and pictures/animations for those weapons would be quite a process
  3. I 100% agree with the OP's post. I believe that if players click on "games list" button and find 0 games available they will decide the game is dead. I think it would be much better if they tried to join a game and it would respond with a polite message such as "I'm sorry the level restriction for this map is XX."

    If a player hops into the game and starts it up eventually they will browse around to see what multiplayer aspects the game offers. Not everyone lives in a little cave eating Doritos dipped in Mt. Dew for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many people want player interaction to be part of their gaming experience. Imagine starting up counterstrike for the first time and there were two servers on the list, would you be excited to continue to play that game?

    Giving someone a list of games and showing them they are not yet able to play those games gives them an attainable goal to reach (Btw this is why MMO's are so popular, multiple easily attainable goals gives players a feeling of accomplishment other than just sitting in a chair day).

    Giving someone the illusion of having no games to show off their attained gear and uberness gives players a since that their accomplishments are worthless.

    (whomever reads this owes me 50$ for a psychological consultation fee regardless if I helped, make sense, if you care or not. PleaPM me for my paypal account to submit payment to. If you must I can ask you about your childhood but you owe me triple.)
  4. From my experience with switching from a Barbarian DPS to a Ranger DPS just because of Djinn's i've found the following:

    1) Retribution is nice but does not do enough single target damage
    2) Blunderbuss does not shoot fast enough even though it pierces deeper then other weapons it really didn't work as I had hoped.
    3) Mini-gun (probably a good blasticus as well or better but its what i had) did enough dps to interrupt Djinn's decently up to wave 20 at 160 ups, only 900 total attack damage on my ranger.
    4) At wave 20 (where I lost anyways) I felt the need to switch to my barbarian for the 3x as much health.

    After thinking about it for awhile I realized my only real issue in NM MM Surv was the Djinn's therefore I should focus on the Djinns and ignore everything else and let the towers/walls deal with them therefor a single ranged target DPS weapon was the best choice.
  5. I honestly don't mind if harpoons miss or the enemy mobs have an inflatable forehead thats immune to harpoon damage or whatever. Harpoons are such a strong tower that a few bugs with them are needed or else there would really be no point to anything else for damage. There is barely a point right now.
  6. Because like most things in this game the item filter has been broken since release & nothing ever gets done to fix it as they're too busy trying to sell DLC & new copies of the game to people who will play it a few times, realise how broken it is & never bother again.

    The dev's have to be paid somehow :)
  7. I almost never have the problems mentioned above. I rarely ever get disconnected from steam and I've only had Trendy go down for patches.

    A local save game feature would be nice but I would much rather them work on getting the game back to working order rather than work on this. I also have no illusions of having power over Trendy's actions by making a demand on the forums. I do not believe my $30 spent on a game gives me that right.
  8. I believe they are referring to more than four players in monsterfest. 4 Djinn shouldn't be an issue for one person with a proper build. I don't even realize Djinn were summoned til after the wave when I realize I killed several of them. I can solo Desert town on insane and to the boss on NM. My friend could solo both.

    To elaborate a little bit, in Oasis Monster Fest as soon as you had 5 players you would never see a Djinn again.
  9. Hello,

    Im new to this game and i have some questions.

    When i place towers with my high lvl apprentice and switch to a low lvl hero, my towers have lower dmg, why is that?
    My walls still have the same high health. Whats the point of switching heroes then if you solo?

    I also wonder what causes items to appear in tavern, how does that work? Somtimes its for appprentice, sometimes squire etc.


    Towers receive a 30% debuff to damage when the active builder is not on the map. This is to encourage players to not have "builder only" characters. The farther you get into the game the more diverse the classes become, at some point you'll have to decide if you want to be one shot killed or have a 30% tower debuff if you are playing strickly solo.

    Tavern items seem to be mostly based on the class you finish the map with but i'm not 100% sure one that.
  10. Lets get out of DD for a second...

    Where in this world there is another game where you just CANT max out a weapon having THE MAX MANA ALLOWED BY THE GAME? Because a 253^ weapon cost way more than 2 billions, wich is already, the maximun mana that game can handle, THAT is NOT reasonable, period.

    It SHOULD require a lot of work, but one thing is work and another thing is a painful never ending mana grinding. Specially considering that maybe tomorrow, you find another sword that fits better with your interests, and lets go again to grind mana, and now, imagine a 300^ trascend sword.

    Sorry about caps, but it need to be pointed out.

    What other game uses mana to upgrade a weapon?

    I can think of a lot of games where I would have to farm something else to upgrade my weapon except for in game currency, such as a rare drop. I think the system works, yes its a pain, yes its expensive, and yes it forces me to have an AFK shop when I would just normally never interact with anyone not on my friends list. It doesn't bother me.

    What really bothered me, and I don't think we've given Trendy enough kudos on this, was spending an hour clicking invest all, stat, wait, invest all, stat, wait, repeat 250 times.
  11. Sometimes I honestly think whomever works on fixing the game after its released is not the same person that works on it prerelease. The changes mentioned I feel will make the game back to the level of fun it should be.

    Thanks Trendy.
  12. I decided to give MM survival a try again last night after not playing for awhile.

    I made it through wave 12 with only a few walls and traps unsummoned. (Yes I gas trap all lanes, my DPS is a barbarian, i split screen with builder out both have . Djinn's will still fly too high up for the gas trap to effect them or into a corner where it doesn't reach and unsummon the trap, nothing you can do, they can not be interrupted except by the trap).

    At wave 13 there will be this obnoxious noise at the very end of the wave, that sounds like the "an Djinn has arrived" noise is stuck. You'll notice that it's not stuck, but 100 Djinn's have just spawned as well as 50 or so spiders just dropped. These Djinn's i believe have around 2million health each. This is annoying but if your lucky it's doable. I say lucky because if Djinns stack to high they start flying into odd paths. This will happen every wave past 13.

    Fast forward to wave 16 (farthest I have made it since patch), you will have even more Djinn's but now they have 10 million+ HP. Also be aware the harpoons will not target Djinns unless they are as close to the walls as other mobs, targeting seems to be proximity then priority. When you have 120 Djinns with 3-5million HP stuck in gas traps in all lanes you might as well alt f4 because as soon as they stack up enough they will fly everywhere. Your turrets can not kill them fast enough and you can not interrupt them currently (at least not with a barbarian despite doing 2ish million a hawk strike).

    Why do Djinn's have to spawn the same amount that spiders did at the end of the wave but have 5x the HP? Trendy you have made some good fixes that have helped make DD fun again but who made the strange decision to say that Djinn spawn == Spider spawn despite Djinn's being the much more powerful monster.

    Possible Simple Fixes
    1) Make Djinns unsummon from Melee Range (this seems like a no brainer, it would fix many issues with melee dps not being able to reach them).

    2) Lower Djinn health even more
  13. If the damage threshold before they are interrupted, 7.5% of their total health, is what they need to lose before they stop casting, as of 7.22, its not always working. I sat and watched one continue to cast despite a DST firing at it for 63k shots (wave 10 of Morrago on HCNM)... it had 750k health, and it kept trying to desummon a tower for 5+ seconds until it died.

    If the threshold is what a single attack needs to do in order to interrupt them, that is ridiculous. Only slow melee weapons or app boosted towers can do that much damage in a single hit.

    Either way, interruption is not reliable, and considering if it fails you lose a tower, it seriously needs to be addressed.

    Towers can not interrupt them, it has to be hero damage.
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