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  1. You probably know that you described AMAZON not a valkyrie do you? Valkyrie is winged woman warrior mostly using spear and shield and those are from nordic mythology I belive :D You could always have the Dresden Files version of a valkyrie, a woman with a nice business suit and a big battle axe.
  2. Xbox controllers have similar issues. I routinely lose the ability to do anything with the left trigger regardless of how i map it.
  3. Since that isn't the standard axe, is there upgrade damage amount any higher? I've noticed their base stats are usually pretty high.
  4. From my understanding weapons > armor in regard to loot reaching its loot cap. So weapons will constantly replace armor on maps. I'm not sure what the max item limit is on a map but ~75 sounds about right.
  5. So far I have yet to run into any grind issues. I've maybe done glitter 5-6 times on insane, beyond that I just play the game, once you've got a 74 you don't really "need" a 78. I just kept playing the game, some NMHC campaign, some gear grinding, and bam level 78. To level my side characters I just swap them out as the active, as well as use more of their towers in my builds, just because I find it interesting to mix things up. Usually not the most efficient builds and this isn't the most efficient way to level, but I'm having fun the entire time, isn't that the point? Very well stated.
  6. There probably will be a limit to their ability (look how long a Djinn takes to desummon). I doubt they would design it so the sharkmen push back a tower 20 feet just by looking at it (though that is how it will work day 1, lol). But really, all they need to do is push back one wall to destroy you. But I would assume the same gas traps that work on a Djinn would work on them. Might need to start using darkness traps over ensnares though to make sure not a single shark gets through. Just because i think i'm in Jeremy's head, i'm guessing gas traps will not work but lightning abilities will st
  7. I've heard people say they can push your towers but that just seems too broken to me. So a sharkman spawns and shoves my wall all the way to the back of my crystal? Thats much more ridiculous than a djinn unsummoning a tower because now I have to not only sell the wall but i have to run up and resummon it again. There's just so many ways moving towers would break the game since we can not move towers back. I would much rather them "knock towers over (desummon them for a 10-20 seconds or so), than permanently move them around. Therefor I was hoping they meant that they were resistant to p
  8. Very smart trendy. They tested this with the eggs before they added the new accessories. Now all they have to do is replace the egg code with a function that generates an accessory. The drop features are already tested and good to go.
  9. Maybe it's already been said somewhere else but look at Jeremy's post about mid way through this post: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?56403-*-Raised-Level-Cap-to-83-and-added-hyper-rare-Supreme-item-quality-categorization&p=429260[[1343,hashtags]] This leads me to believe that sharkmen are going to be a high physical resist mob. Looks like it's time to regear my mage. I've been wanting to do this for awhile anyhow.
  10. EDIT: I may have misunderstood what you were saying. I see now earlier you said it wasn't a bug. They're saying it was an intentional buff that wasn't listed in the 7.29 patch notes. This type of thing happens all the time in online games and non-games too. They're just saying it doesn't look like an unintentional bug that slipped in, but an intentional buff that missed being listed in the patch notes. Big difference in my book. It would have been difficult for it to be an unintended bug because they didn't tinker with anything that looks like it should be related to healing. (Y
  11. Let me know if you find a way (or If Trendy gives us a way) to load items into a csv or any other type of file. Thats all it would need then it would be pretty simple to program. Trendy has to already be doing this in some fashion for the "defender store" webpage to work.
  12. This isn't a bug it was a buff to dark elf mages as stated in the patch notes. There seems to be someone at Trendy that gets a considerable amount of joy from doing this about once every other patch. Someone had to change the variable somewhere for this to take effect, variables do not just change on their own. I can not think of anything else in the game that would have the dark elf mage healing amount sharing a variable with it. Unlike the guy before I have programmed for a quite a long time. He was correct, this shouldn't have changed. It was a ninja buff, someone at Trendy threw dar
  13. Best weapon would be a trans paper cardboard tube?
  14. There was a post about this awhile back. There is a graphics setting you can turn off that makes everything bad but reduces the effects of inferno and fireball animations.
  15. stop fighting. We're not fighting we are having a lively debate. Unfortunately he can not buy the following which most likely leads to at least a partial amount of angst he is feeling.
  16. No. I got 4 Serpents from last run and they all had many negatives, but in general stats didn't vary from previous ones. I don't understand teh fear of "flooding" market. Beginners can't really get any good pet, and veterans have a full collection of them anyway. Also, survival doesn't allow to farm Guardians ;) But it does allow farming of genies.
  17. Seriously? This is bull****! We got Karathiki map for free and CLIFF IS SAME GODDAMN COPY OF KARATHIKI PACK, why are we supposed to pay for it if we didnt paid for Karathiki, Trendy you became money suckers now to limits! There is no "sorry we did it wrong with patch so next dlc instead of being 2$ will be free". You can't even see that Karathiki pack is exact same and it was free, maybe you go and change Karathiki to be paid-only too coz why not? The whole reason Karathiki was free was for exactly what you said. It was a "Sorry we screwed up with the last few fixes and goofed the ga
  18. +1 for Tendy having no loot for first wave. Hopefully they make it where pets don't drop either. I'm still waiting for someone to confirm this.
  19. You guys know what is really unfair, i have an android phone. People make all this little programs that do stuff on my phone but I have to buy the ones I really like. I mean i bought the phone, the little programs should come with it, shouldn't they? I mean the phone still works, and I can use the phone exactly for what it was intended for but, really? I have to pay to get additional stuff? That's sooooo stupid. I mean I paid for the phone, i should get everything for free from this point on, regardless of the time it took for people to make it. I mean some of these apps are totally ridicu
  20. I agree with making the DST a % based tower. But it would make the most sense to make it a % based and minimum damage amount and maximum damage amount. This would allow it to scale with damage and still handle it's key roles as needed. Also for those people that don't really get math out there, generally % based items are based on HP remaining. So if my attack does 10% of your HP remaining, i can never actually kill you thats why a minimum damage amount is usually needed for something like this. As for the lightning tower it would be interesting to so it do a large amount of base damag
  21. The coding for the Series EV reflector tower had to be mind boggling depending on how it is implemented. Think about it, does it reflect a spider web or an ogre acid ball back? If it reflects a spider web, do spiders or whatever it hit's actually get webbed? This means the code would have to say that when x object touches said barrier make this object damaging to all and reverse it's trajectory? I hope the tower works out! It sounds interesting, i'd love to send acid balls back at ogres and whatever else is behind them and I think i'd laugh like a crazy person if I saw a spider web itself.
  22. not much to boast about but , being less than a week in , it felt good to do spires nm hc as my first completion :) Congrats! I remember making it through for the first time. I tried my own builds then a compilation of different builds and finally I had gotten good enough loot out of the chests that I could make it through. It's a huge step :).
  23. I would appreciate it if people would stay on topic. This thread is NOT about MMOs, and it's NOT about how much time someone has logged playing this game (unless you can bring it back in). I think there is a discussion worth having here, don't get off topic. Okay, so on topic, what other dimension would you add to really spectacular tower defense game?
  24. Seriously Lots of people have the same problem with me Yes from reading the posts of the people that replied to you apparently there are a quite a bit of people that have the same problem with you.
  25. At it's core this is a tower defense game. Just like all tower defense games if you can clear every level, you are done. There is no end game, it's not an mmo. Hang around for a new map and see if you can clear that as well or move on to something else.
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