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  1. OK, what the H**l.. i just saw in that guide a guy doing the first wave in nightmare with no armor.. 130 hours and i am such a noob? cant be.. am i getting old for these games?.... cant be im only 28. I have way better stats than the guy doing it without armor i definetely can do it.... Thats i got a lot of good replies.. so this is more grinding than world of warcraft and similar to the grinding of ragnarok online i did when i was younger, i dont have the time to spend full 8 hours grinding, but i think i might get soemthing by the weekend :P /Azereus clicks C OHHEEHHHH Trendy thanks
  2. Please read the whole post. He states that somethings from the beta test are being fixed atm Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk Finally, Your doing a pretty good job trying to defend Trendy. However their testing process is still very disconcerting coming from someone that works in the industry as well. It still feels to me like they are having growing pains or are refusing to grow. They should not be testing or compiling test results for a release candidate product a few days before release. Everything should be ready to go at least two weeks before the product is released (industry sta
  3. For the record, here is one of the amazing giraffe... http://i.imgur.com/gOK0j.jpg Doesn't that blank line at the top mean your exceeding the number of stats that it normally displays? I.E. there could be a lot more buffs (or negatives) but they simply don't display correctly?
  4. So to answer you question it seems like in my limited experience I see the very best items come from chests in the higher waves but I do see good items come from mobs every now and then. If you are bored with campaign to hardcore survival, no timer for that one.
  5. The lightning immune DEW's dont just jump everything and rofl stomp you into the ground and then spawn camp your dead body until you quit? That's what seems to happen to us when we try it but our tower stats are not all that exciting.
  6. In Glitterheim there's a spot you can stand just under the bridge. I got knocked there once and I haven't been able to get there again.
  7. With a couple of friends last night we tried all the builds mentioned and found that the one by anarial is the only one that works to complete the map with low myth gear. The deadly strike build might work solo (althought it doesn't work for me) but if you don't have the stats for it it fails pretty hard. And as soon as you start adding people the deadly strikes can not keep up nor can they drop the ogres.
  8. I find it interesting about what people are complaining about and what they are not complaining about. Yes the patch is small and delayed but i've assumed you guys have played other games that have gotten patched and if thats true then you should be ready for this. What kind of surprises me is the statement that "The patch can not be given out by steam until the 30th so we'll beta test it instead...." Huh? Okay you guys have said Trendy is small but really shouldn't you have been beta testing this all along? Maybe i'm just reading that that wrong. I'm also curious how much money DD has
  9. Ahh i'm seeing a new loot path, stop doing HC NM Endless Spires Survival and start doing campaign again. > Clear Campaign, get a really good App guardian, then do MM.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they did a new nightmare mode that nerfed towers and buffed players. I believe Trendy would agree that we should wait until they get all of the new DLC out.
  11. I don't know, one time I ran UMF but I only ran backwards the whole time and I killed everything just by clever placement of magic barriers and I got a guardian, i'm not lying It Had Like 50 Boosts And Towers And All Kinds Of Cool Stuff.
  12. I second this thread, this is about exactly where I'm at as well. I have an App Guardain that is sub par, 36 levels. I have a mythic genie thanks to sitting through Hall of Court on Nightmare with some random person that had 2k plus stats in most areas (I know most likely hacked :( ). After that i've tried to stay as legit as possible and just farm up my own gear instead of buy any of it because that seems to be the most fun. I can only get past 3 waves in NM HC Survival endless court, that wave that all the ogre's come (9? or more?) is brutal. I'm not sure where to go next to farm, yo
  13. Or just have two separate wave type (or 3 or more?) to make the level shorter as it goes on. For example waves 5-10, it's exactly as it is now. Waves 11-15 less mobs spawn (same amount in 5-10) but towers have reduced health and do less damage and mobs have slightly reduced health as well (upping the challenge but not making it too crazy). Waves 16-20 another tower health/damage reduction, etc. This would make it harder and much less of a grind making it effectively multiple consistently harder survival type games in one survival match.
  14. I'll give your build a try tonight with my terrible (in comparision) geared app. I'm just barely able to solo insane glitter and using the loot guide build i can get past the first two waves endless NM so i'm starting to get at least some mythical gear. I'm curious on how far i can get with the stats i have, i think they are like 150, 250, 100, 150
  15. i found a squire sword in misty forest, 2 tower stats on 330-350 and all otherstats around 80-120, i guess the misty forest hacked it ? and ah if forgett 1 important example .. player A : Host r u there ? player B : host 10euro for this ? Host : Yes but he talke to player A and what we got is a screenshot with 2 *** chatlines, this is not a 100% proof i think srsly, u can scam ppl with this, screenshotting 2 chatlines srsly, u just have to ask someone if he is there and then u type selling for paypal, he still will answer with yes and then he is ****ed like a friend of mine, sr
  16. Simplest fix i see to this is to nerf app towers. They seem much to strong in every single mode. Why not make the game harder instead of buffing other classes to make it easier?
  17. To the OP: You keep saying that you refuse to spend more money on this game to unlock the full DLC patch. How much did you pay for the game originally? How much have you spent all together? How much have you spent on fast food or a steak dinner? Which has lasted longer. Well the fast food I agree generally lasts for quite awhile depending on where you go, just not in a good way.
  18. The mana cap cannot be raised much higher without some changes to the underlying code. Mana is stored as a 32-bit signed integer, which means that it's maximum possible value is 2,147,483,648. An extra 147 million won't make much difference. They *could* change it to a 64-bit long, which would cap at 9,223,372,036,854,775,807, but longs are slower to process, and when calculations need to be done in real-time you only use the type that's just about big enough to hold what you want it to hold - because speed matters. The real solution is to change the value of 1 mana, such that everything cos
  19. It sounds like Trendy is really growing and this may be a ways out but it seems like it would be very beneficial for Trendy to move the business model from a play on your on PC and host from your own PC type of system to a server based system that keeps track of items. I'm sure Trendy built this game (a great game, i love tower defense) without much capital to and therefor had to focus on a system based game. I actually remember this game as being a way to showboat some new technology for smart phones. Your game has evolved into what it is today and I'm not sure how many people have pu
  20. It's been awhile since i've done any SQL but Select * where (each stat name) > 199 Then either change each stat to 1 for a hint to the said hacker to stop or simply ban.
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