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  1. Sorry man, comes with the job. They are essentially going around the system by using a flaw in the design. Most MMO producers would ban you for cheating. I would have no bad feelings for them.

    So by your logic its a flaw in the design for me to trade my x item for your item because I am essentially going around the way the system works.

    Or for me to trade my 9 items for your one item. By your logic I should sell my items, farm the rest of the mana and then you should be forced to sell me your item for the cap of 600million because thats what the game allows.

  2. For me, I would say :
    You know you're getting kicked when you replace the host's towers in survival by yours without asking.
    Even if you have better towers, better ideas for the global layout, it's always a subject to discuss before rushing into it.

    Agreed however i've joined to see that time was running out and started putting up towers, however i let the host know to please sell them after the wave is over if they are not needed. Basically just help however you can.
  3. The arguments about the "best item" are silly.

    The best item would be the one that has the best stats/ups/damage in this game. Not the one that has the best function.

    So a trans monk mace with 300 ^'s would be better than a myth nos with 70 ^'s, would it not?

    So the argument of "Why would you ever want this weapon when X weapon is better" only applies to someone that has the time to constantly farm for X item, or cheat for it. Therefor even if one weapon is better in function than another it doesn't necessarily mean its the "best weapon."

    I.E. dumping your 200 + to all stats with 300 ^'s weapon for a Godly weapon with 12 ^'s isn't a good idea despite the weapons function.
  4. Everytime i wanna start a survival on mistymire, it puts me back to the main menu.

    Am i the only one this has happend to or?

    i can make these survivals on all the other maps i've completed, but not this :(

    It's the game telling you to not even try it, its too broken ATM.
  5. Yep i'm done for awhile now to. I've tried a variety of different builds on mistymire, nothing works. There is simply no way to stop the sharken. I even got annoyed enough I covered the map in gas and darkness traps, a sharken still eventually go close enough to the few walls i put up and destroyed everything.

    Well Trendy got it's money out of me. Thanks for the good game while it lasted.
    (Btw i have every character in the game, stats are 1500-2000 level).
  6. Eh it makes sense in a way that the upgrades are really expensive. The item is rare and supposed to be "icing on the cake." I think it's really cool that Trendy added them to the game so we can now customize our own heroes.
  7. So, let's run those numbers:

    Sharken Charge range reduced: Meaning they will probably start their charge inside the range of your defenses, where they will remain stationary for a period.
    Sharken Interrupt Damage Reduced from 25% to 10%, Charge Time Increased by 3x, Health Reduced by 33%: So, the total DPS needed to interrupt a Sharken before he starts charging has been reduced to (2/3)*(1/3)*(2/5) = 4/45, which is roughly 9% of the DPS needed previously for a given Sharken, but wait! they have also reduced Sharken numbers to half what they where before, so the combined defenses need to dedicate only half of their DPS now compared to previously. So counting everything Sharken have been nerfed from 100% to 4.5% effectiveness.

    Guess i won't be playing 'till 7.30b hits.

    Wow, do you run statistics for the tobacco companies?

    * Sharken Interrupt Damage Reduced from 25% to 10%
    * Charge Time Increased by 3x
    * Health Reduced by 33%

    Lets run some real numbers instead of making up some statistics. First off: *Charge time increased by 3x, this has nothing to do with interrupting the sharken other than it takes longer for them to charge at a wall. This can not be included in the statistics. But since you somehow added it in yours i'll make a separate category for it at the bottom.

    For the easy math way we are going to assume that the sharken has 100hp. So originally a player had to do 25 damage to interrupt them (25%).

    Lets see how much it takes now, our 100hp Sharken now has 77hp. (* Health Reduced by 33%). It takes 10% of that to interrupt them (*Sharken Interrupt Damage Reduced from 25% to 10%). This means it would take 7.7 damage to interrupt them. This means they require 70% less damage to interrupt them from a player. (7.7/25 - 1).

    This means Sharken are down to 30% of what was required to interrupt them as before. In your world you consider that it takes them 3x as long to charge, this would mean that it would require about 10% of the player damage required to interrupt them as before.

    Now lets consider some real dungeon defenders numbers. Lets say this
    Wave 28 Misty Sharken have (just a wild guess from forum posts) about 7million health.
    Their charge timer (again just from forum posts) seems to be about 3 seconds. This means in it's current state a player has to find, target, and damage a sharken for 1.75million damage in 3 seconds. This requires them locating the sharken and doing 600k dps to them the entire time with no distractions in NM. This isn't easy.

    The change means that the same player will now need to do 469,000dmg (33% of 7mil = 4.69 million. 10% of 4.69mil) to interrupt them in 9 seconds. Or 52,000 dmg a second if they see them from the very beginning (which never happens). This is MUCH easier but still difficult to do for those that don't have amazing weapons and gear.

    Now whats the penalty for not doing this? YOU LOSE, GAME OVER. If the penalty wasn't so high and it didn't take so long to setup and upgrade towers I'd agree to hold off on the nerf. As it is, the nerf is very much needed.
  8. Your entitled to your long opinion and I posted a similar topic once Djinns came out. Then I got home from work and tried to play against them on a few maps and my opinion dramatically changed.

    This time around i'm staying with the bandwagon. The concept of a tower being moved was broken to begin with unless it didn't effect walls, and if it didn't effect walls, what would be the point? In late wave Misty ogres have 25-30 million health and move incredibly fast. They can make it from their spawn to your wall in a matter of seconds regardless of ensares (and of course they ignore gas). This means that if a sharken moves a wall a player has maybe 3 seconds to find that wall, unsummon it, then resummon it at lvl 1 at the correct point. By that time another Sharken is either waiting or has moved another wall. Not to mention you now have a Sharken running around your base destroying things, like your crystal.

    So if a mob is introduced that is completely game breaking, it's up to Trendy to not have the pride you mentioned above and to fix the bug. I'm not sure the beta test team looks for anything other than bugs to be fixed. The sharken arn't bugged, they are broken.
  9. The biggest problem is Trendy keeps introducing enemies that can effectively end the game for you with one glitch, bad spawn, or mistake without warning.

    The first enemy that was introduced was a spider, they are obnoxious and can disable towers but at least the player will have some time to react before they take down a lvl 5 harpoon and they will never do much to walls.

    Next came the djinn. The djinn doesn't care about your lvl 5 status of that wall or tower, it doesn't care about pathing and it gives players no time to repair or fix damage caused if they don't noticed the Djinn.

    Now we have the Sharken, who like the Djinn will end the game for a player with little warning. However, unlike the Djinn they will end the game instantly.

    We now have two instant loss monsters, and if the airship is really going to work the way its speculated (Sharken are doing exactly what we thought they would in exactly the manner we thought it would happen) we will have 3 instant loss monsters. This would be fine if they came in very small numbers that gave a player time to react but they do not.

    So not only do they ignore the basic aspects of the game (lvl 5 towers,walls are hard to kill giving the player time time to react) they come in large numbers. When thousands of monsters have to be killed per game the chance that something will go horribly wrong causing an instant loss just keeps getting higher with these new mobs. It's okay for stuff to go horribly wrong as long as the player can recover. These monsters give no chance for that to happen.
  10. Trendy posted earlier, right now i'm sure they have their hands busy with the patch but if you could provide us a load file for the items I could write a program decently quickly that could load and compare. It wouldn't be pretty graphically and i'd probably use access/vba but it would work. I've done similar things before.

    Just provide the file... pretty please?
  11. I think it boils down to them having a god awful QC plan for patches.
    I sat around silent during the past few patches, but it seems business as usual again. I hate to rail on it, but the changes in the patch notes are something a good test plan should vet out. Not just the case with this patch, but with all the previous patches.

    Agreed this is business as usual. It's patches like these (actually it started awhile back) that have caused me to try and find other people to play with because all my friends will not play DD anymore. I'm willing to stick around and continue to play through the mess they make every time but everyone else i know has quit.
  12. I wasn't at pax, so i dunno for sure, but it has to have a counterbalance. If i had to guess, its a glass cannon. They run fast and tear open a hole to your crystal, but they have low health and with dps or well placed towers/auras/traps it should be manageable. My money is on djinn still being the one i hate the most.

    Remember Djinn's were amazingly counterbalanced when they first came out.... so much so your whole base could be unsummoned in a few minutes.
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