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  1. Has Trendy ever ninja-nerfed anything like that before? You must be new here? :queen:
  2. I haven't had a chance to try him yet but i'm loving the concept. I stopped playing DD after sharken for awhile due to being extremely annoyed as I was just starting to get into high level survival then that got destroyed by sharken.
  3. Sorry man, comes with the job. They are essentially going around the system by using a flaw in the design. Most MMO producers would ban you for cheating. I would have no bad feelings for them. So by your logic its a flaw in the design for me to trade my x item for your item because I am essentially going around the way the system works. Or for me to trade my 9 items for your one item. By your logic I should sell my items, farm the rest of the mana and then you should be forced to sell me your item for the cap of 600million because thats what the game allows.
  4. [QUOTE]When you bought the car you bought it with INSANE mode only, [/QUOTE] Where do i buy one of these cars?
  5. For me, I would say : You know you're getting kicked when you replace the host's towers in survival by yours without asking. Even if you have better towers, better ideas for the global layout, it's always a subject to discuss before rushing into it. Agreed however i've joined to see that time was running out and started putting up towers, however i let the host know to please sell them after the wave is over if they are not needed. Basically just help however you can.
  6. god people better get going on the kraken Yep i wont have time to do it so kraken will stay unbeaten for me. Ohh well i kind of gave up on DD anyhow, guess this helps push me on.
  7. And does anyone know how good the loot is in aqua mf nm hc The problem with that is beating the boss and getting there....
  8. The arguments about the "best item" are silly. The best item would be the one that has the best stats/ups/damage in this game. Not the one that has the best function. So a trans monk mace with 300 ^'s would be better than a myth nos with 70 ^'s, would it not? So the argument of "Why would you ever want this weapon when X weapon is better" only applies to someone that has the time to constantly farm for X item, or cheat for it. Therefor even if one weapon is better in function than another it doesn't necessarily mean its the "best weapon." I.E. dumping your 200 + to all stats with 30
  9. Logging out then in and then revalidating fixed the issue for me as well.
  10. Everytime i wanna start a survival on mistymire, it puts me back to the main menu. Am i the only one this has happend to or? i can make these survivals on all the other maps i've completed, but not this :( It's the game telling you to not even try it, its too broken ATM.
  11. None right now. Wait until we see what happens with Sharken. Right now i do not think it would be possible to progress and get the gear needed without a full group of dedicated players.
  12. Yep i'm done for awhile now to. I've tried a variety of different builds on mistymire, nothing works. There is simply no way to stop the sharken. I even got annoyed enough I covered the map in gas and darkness traps, a sharken still eventually go close enough to the few walls i put up and destroyed everything. Well Trendy got it's money out of me. Thanks for the good game while it lasted. (Btw i have every character in the game, stats are 1500-2000 level).
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/id/DoctorMD/screenshot/576702881393727461?tab=public I think with your trillion mana you'll be fine...
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