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  1. I got the same giraffe on a treadmill from wave 25 insane Alc Lab last night.
  2. noticed this on crossroads, large batch of enemies stuck at spawn at the end of the map.
  3. after i downloaded the v116 patch on saturday, the game isn't letting me into the tavern. I get the bootstrap screen, then the main menu.. I click play and nothing happens. just sits there.. the playverse UI works and I can see others in game. I've reset options, redownloaded launcher, checked password, nothing has helped.
  4. Let's proceed to the next questions then. Since there's no plans to patch DD1. What is the future plan for DD1? Is it going to be End of Life'd in the near future? Are ranked mode's online services going to be disabled in the near future? (I'm sure Trendy hopes that everyone will move over to DDE / DD2, but I doubt that's very realistic. )
  5. Again, this is still a problem of "adding archers" doesn't also mean "removing something else." If you had to remove some other tower to make room for the archer I don't think you'd find this to be a problem. Take a stab at it sometime: see if a minion wall works when your total MU+DU used equals the amount of DU available on the map. Hell, I'll even give you a discount of 1 on every minion (that is, count a 3 MU minion as being 2 DU). I have been working slowly on the Mythical RTS achievement. (That's where you have to complete all the campaign maps with only minions for damage. ) I've completed up through Hall of Court, with almost no DU used. (My summoner might be overpowered for the maps though.) Unfortunately, these changes to the game didn't happen in a vacuum. Once summoners were added, maps developed afterwards assume minion use and have rather low DU allocations. So, attempting a recent map without minions might not even be viable. (Akatiki jungle in particular is tight) Other developments in nightmare also added du requirements to the maps that didn't exist before. You get things like Djinn, Shaken that require gas traps to stun.. or spiders, ogre copters that get to drop in behind your defense lanes... these things required extra DU for towers to deal with these specific mobs. Adding MU / Minions might have been an easier solution than rebalancing the DU allocations for all the prior maps once nightmare was finished. Summoners do have another trade off for minions, they sacrificed personal character dps as well.
  6. If you could bring back one pet from DD1, which one would you bring back? The most useful pet in DD1 - Genie.
  7. I imagine your harpoons have roughly 40 range. They also pierce enemies along their path. They also fire considerably faster, thus wasting less of their damage on overkilling enemies. They also get a large buff to damage whilst you get a major debuff to damage in Nightmare. Hero DPS at endgame pales in comparison to the towers you summon - Perhaps not on constant DPS even still, but on crowd-clearing potential (which is what really matters) the hero doesn't compare. Also, you can only have between one and six (or is it eight?) heroes, you can have around 40 towers and then another 40 minions on top of that. On a one-to-one basis, heroes are (in most cases) better, but that will never be the case. Certainly on a 1 to 1 basis a hero stronger than a harpoon, assuming equal gear on the builder and dps character. Nightmare does have a hero dps debuff, but it also has a pet dps buff. In nightmare, the pet you carry with you makes up the damage loss. When I've lost towers in a lane, I can still hold a lane with just 1 players damage. So, I'd say that hero dps is adequate at crowd-clearing when needed. The advantage towers have is they can occupy a lane while the player's attention is elsewhere. The hero's advantage is mobility and applying extra damage where and when needed.
  8. Like I said. The Buff Beam exacerbates (or exaggerates, enhances, compounds, multiplies) the problem. But is itself not the problem. Buff Beam + Minions should not have special rules. [quote] Minions outside of a buff beam to double their dps, hp, and resistances would be much easier to balance. I do not understand this line. [/quote] Minions get synergy with buff beams, so that line of archers that everyone uses for walls in end game only works as a wall because the buff beam makes them sturdy enough to take hits from ogres and trash. Take the buff beam away and your archer wall would crumble before wave 20. Even fairly tough minions+buff beam from a 5k summoner require player maintenance when dealing with wave 20+ ogres. And I don't see any problem with making a special rule for minions + buff beams.. they are a special tower type already... Without the buff beam allowing archers to be a wall, minions are just a new dps tower..easy to balance against existing tower dps.
  9. Wow. Didnt realize there were so many ill feelings towards the summoner. Personally, I think it is a great character. I agree that it does make things a bit easier with the extra MU that comes with it but it is not a game breaker. It is not possible for a single character to "break the game" because nothing requires any of us to use any specific character. I think that is one of the greatest things about DD is that it is pretty versatile. Many different characters to use with many different ways to build. If someone decides not to use it or ult armor for instance, they can use something else. If there are some new players that need to take advantage of the extra towers with MU to beat particular levels, then it is available to them. I would be glad to see them all again in DD2. Don't misunderstand, I have a summoner (or 4) and it's a good character. But, an honest assessment would be that the summoner is overpowered compared to the other classes. How many guides and builds are out there now that list your required builders as summoner, ev, monk, traptress. Apprentice towers are pretty accepted as obsolete, squires get a harpoon occasionally, but that's it. Early game I don't think it makes much difference. Nightmare to end game content, summoner is huge. ( For example, I'm trying to think how I would approach building akatiki without minions and not having much luck.)
  10. No. This isn't the solution. Buff beams only exacerbated a problem that already existed. We may be talking about different things. To me summoners broke the balance between other classes by introducing the minion wall. Potentially self healing, damage inflicting, sharken charge proof wall. No other wall in the game heals itself, can cause damage at range, and can't be moved by sharken. That to me is the basic problem. Squire walls, EV walls, Apprentice walls just can't compare. Minions outside of a buff beam to double their dps, hp, and resistances would be much easier to balance.
  11. Cooperative play only really works where you have grouping with similarly progressed, skilled, experienced players. DD1 and presumably DD2 have enough character progression / RPG elements that a max level character and a starting character will be totally different in power and abilities. I like the concept of rewarding cooperative play. Increased XP for more players in game, better loot drops for more players in game, more damage for more players in game, some type of credit for repairing, upgrading, defending. Players tend to follow the path of least resistance, if multi-player is more rewarding... I think that would do it. I dis-like the concept of penalizing solo play. Let 1 player build if they want to. No need for restrictions on heroes available.
  12. I think you could fix the summoner balance issue with 1 simple change. Make summoned minions not eligible for buff beams.
  13. Wave 8 was where the loot dropped!? *Uproarious laughter* I ran survive to the LAST FREAKING WAVE (that's 25 on the original campaign maps) without seeing Myths of notable quality on numerous occasions. Oh I saw Myth labels but 90% of them were crappier than all of the godlies I was still wearing (the remaining 10% were simply just worse than my other Myths). No, wave 8 is where you had to start a survival.. Good loot would drop later..wave 15,20,25.. wherever.. but you didn't have the option back then of advancing to wave 20 and get loot from the last 5 waves. [quote] $100 says that you will get your face smashed on NM Deeper Well and be unable to complete it before completing a different map. Me +3 friends could only just barely survive to the last wave, whereupon the game throws 6 ogres at you. At once. The best we did was killing 5 of them with the last one WTFmurdering the crystal because we couldn't draw aggro fast enough.[/QUOTE] I'll have to keep that in mind.
  14. Which defenses cause a problem for you? Are there bosses you don't have contained to your kill area? If you let a boss get away to say the NE camp, it'll always be a problem. If you funnel the bosses to the SE kill area, the defenses should hold. If you take awhile to kill everything, run around and repair aura's after a few bosses down. You should be able to do Akatiki on NM with a dps monk as solo dps. As everyone's already said barbarian needs a monk to boost him.
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