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  1. From the looks of his post, he went into Paypal shops and then turned their shop items into useless 0 stat items. So, he didn't buy items, but instead turned the items that other people would have purchased into garbage. This is simply not possible. You can not modify items belong to other people unless you gain steam cloud/trendy server access right.
  2. but when I can know if any item is cheat?Is there any way? i have a pet very suspicious, i bought it for 300m mana, but i cant comprobe a toll for this in item box would be best Item box is not good a place. Since if you get reported by mistake, and Trendy staff finds you have that 'pet' in item box, could get banned as well.
  3. Anyway, you can just check those values to see which map will drop better items, no need to test afterall.
  4. A detailed explanation is nearly impossible since the code is not very well written. Some other parameters are used to generate another randomizer in DunDefHeroManager.uc GetCurrentMissionEquipmentRandomizerMultiplier EqupmentRandomizerAdditionPerScalingWave MixModeEquipmentAdditionScalingPerWave NightmareRandomizerAdditionPerScalingWave HardcoreNightmareRandomizerAdditionPerScalingWave Btw troll please go away.
  5. It's not Java nor C#, it's UnrealScript. All variables are defined in DefaultDunDef.ini You can find it here: \Steam\steamapps\common\dungeon defenders\UDKGame\Config
  6. The loot drops are generated in DunDefEnemy.uc, function SpawnDroppedEquipment. For those who did not install DDDK, the function is listed here: http://pastebin.com/WqBrMfBE And these parameters will affect the drop quality directly: Wave Number, EquipmentWeightingMultiplier EquipmentQualityMultiplier MapAdditiveDroppedEquipmentQuality EqupmentRandomizerAdditionPerScalingWave All these are defined either in DefaultDunDef.ini or Map package. For mistymire the values are: EquipmentWeightingMultiplier = 4.55 EquipmentQualityMultiplier = 2.125 MapAdditiveDroppedEquipmentQua
  7. Why the whinning? They have already stopped most of the cheaters including you. Gameplay is quite fun and new content will be released soon. Too bad you cannot play it though.
  8. Cheater kid please run back to your mama and learn some proper English can you? Well probably you could not, since you don't even know what is the meaning of cheater in English, lol. Accept the truth cheater kid! You can never play this game again on ranked. Whether you paid or not, you are same stupid! Well enough said. Whether you like what I said or not, or perhaps you are enraged, you can never play this game again :P
  9. Use grandeu then you expect what? Must get banned one! You even pay for that cheat program...
  10. Care to prove you have not cheated?
  11. If you used CheatEngine or the "grandeu", even for once, you will be banned for sure. Since the signature check alone is enough. Delete won't help, buy a new game.
  12. I was shopping just now, and see this guy open his shop and stated all floor items for $70: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013930494/ I was browsing those items and then some random guy joined: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197975892373/ And the new guy went straight to the dummy and dropped a truck sized retribution, and then he left. So me and another random shopper and the shop keeper all came the dummy. And the paypal shop keeper cannot pickup that obvious cheated weapon, I said LOL, you will be banned for this with a SS. Then he said WTF and closed the game
  13. Sometime, you know, ppl just get tired of explaining why you must use a lvl 74 in a survival game or UMF2. I constantly have such conversions: 1. Hi do you mind me to bring up my 72? (UMF2) 2. Why do I need to use a guardian? (Survival wave 15) 3. Hi Host, I am going to read a book, will afk for 1 hour (happened quite in campaign games), and make sure you run glitter helm as well (usually i like to play with <74 in campaign games, but this kind is a straight boot). 4. I have better tower stats, let me build. (Normally happens with noob cheater, they will build badly-planned towers, for
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