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  1. I've never charged for power level but I've had people try to tip. Once you have one 74 builder it's easy to power your other toons with build n swap. I stopped building for pub people because when in my neg combat stat build gear people would accuse me of hacking usually when I switched to a lower level toon then they would start to sell my towers to wipe me before quiting.
  2. I switched out bouncers for proper aa and used the extra 3 du on a trap should work to wave 15 but have not gone that far yet.
  3. Yes I've yet to find a map that drops gear like it used to. Insane seems better loot now.
  4. This is why people don't want to play public, every pub I've got to hit kick every 10 seconds. More than that the hacker scores put BS stats up and trendy says "ooh see people can still do (whatever mapname on NM difficulty)." Normal geared people don't stand a chance.
  5. Did a fail spider Queen attempt tonight we were getting hit hard ogres walked right over barricades and right to the crystal. As soon as one fell one or two were there to replace them. We tried two builds, one that was known to work before patch with our stat range and one improvised. One attacker had a genie and dumped mana for the repairers and skills, ogre guard had 40 boost ap guard, tank tanked, other DPS was ranged with app guard trading care of spiders and fixing the whole base We failed sooooo hard both times
  6. People are only raging an epic amount because the Nerf was of epic proportions. Like Sherri said earlier "people feel like the game they paid for was stolen from them and replaced with a brick, what are you going to do with a single 30$ brick". I'm not saying raging like that is good our bad I'm just saying it's basic cause and effect. No comment from me on fan boy status our personal jabs, that's not how I do things.
  7. It's odd my sword I dropped because I couldn't figure out how to equip it on my barb changed but not to a pet. I dropped and hit f to equip.
  8. Well I'm quite screwed and I have high stats. Enjoy your non playable game!
  9. I've still not beaten misty, almost did last night but elfs kept jumping in right as a dozen spiders surrounded me and chopped the crystal. And good luck rebuilding after queenie pushed your towers off and replaced them with endless spiders. Of course I'm mocked by a guy who's bought 320 to all stat gear and has a 400k damage 5 shot wand. At least I've got a challenge...
  10. Oh the last few hours are the worst right? It's not just trendy that's watching you whine, the rest of the world can turn off their TV and come here for the lulz
  11. People see my gear with 3 negatives on each armor and 240-250^ for an average of 900-1500 per tower start and still say I'm hacking but I still can't kill misty because I don't have the attack to manually kill spiders and ogres yet. Solo I need to use the genie to upgrade and build but use an AP guardian on the boss but the boss eats my towers fast and I can't keep the horde at bay. Misty nm will be doable after the spider fix though I think. I sure hope they slipped some anticheat into the patch on the sly so we can get rid of this informing on each other communist crud.
  12. I want to point out that 24 hours isn't a long time and all this whining just wasted hours of actual man power. You humans are silly!
  13. At least your character still exists I wasn't so lucky many days ago.
  14. That blastie looks legit, divide the damage by 80 (by your claims of upgrade rate) and then account for starting damage. That brings it into the range of possible given it's number of upgrades I think. I've seen people with numbers just under that and don't have any reason to think they were hacked. I never invested enough in one to see the top end damage but I do have a blasty 0 of 250ish I'm sure would come close to beating this on starts and damage after the upgrades.
  15. Not even reading past the title I'm going to say the graphic and design people are usually not the coders so your point is invalid. Bugs take time to fix and test.I've been there I was a lead project manager for a few software and one hardware teams. My team released nightly code updates and binaries but that's not viable for a mass distribution our gaming platform. Beyond that you can't even wait for a patch to be released in a few days to complain? There are real issues we the customers have to bring to trendy let's not be unreasonable. I have at thee, troll!
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