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  1. Hello fellow defenders. Been almost a month since my house caught fire and doing better now. Insurance is great for helping with my family's living situation but is lacking in the personal property department. Gonna be 3 months until I recieve my first check for the personal property claim because EVERY SINGLE AGENT is going on VACATION... Just venting atm cause the game is moving fast this last month and I'm missing a lot >.< plus the wife says she will kill me if I buy the computer I want lol. O well. Miss everybody and have fun for me. TR
  2. Wife wants this apprentice as her own! Great job on it from both of us!! - Sent using a stick and a piece of cheese -
  3. *Update* Fire Investigator ruled that the fire was caused by faulty wiring in a(n) lamp cord. The resulting sparks lit a single piece of paper near the cord and then snowballed into a stacks of books and then just got worse. Computer room door was closed which saved the house from total destruction but the Master Bedroom was not so lucky as the wall into the closet was burned thru. Every one of my Son's cribs, toys, clothes, mattresses and misc. are fully being replaced as well as most everything in the house. It will take up to 6 months for a complete repair/check. For the time being, we
  4. <3Thank You All for the Support. Today has been a bit better but still rough in terms of seeing the damage in daylight. Insurance is keeping me calm with having amazing customer care and actual people that don't just think of my family as a policy number :D AllState Rocks atm. Not gonna be Defending much in the next few months I guess until we get our life back on track >.< Enjoy the upcoming patch for my wife and me if we can't be on when it hits. Cheers TR
  5. Night went from good to terrible around 11:30am when me and my wife found our house on fire. You would think it would be from a firework but it was an electrical fire we were told.. Family is safe as our children were at my inlaws and we were at my fathers. Entire computer room is ashes as well as the master bedroom.. Most everything else is melted, covered in soot or soaking wet. 1 tv survived in the entire house.. Losing most everything is rough. Don't have many friends irl and I could use a pick-me-up. I have my wife and Kids and that is most important to me but I feel as if the DD comm
  6. After the steam update, 7 times in a row I've had spiders caught up in the spawn points after wave 10. I know steam shouldn't have anything to do with how the enemies spawn but since the update, I've had this issue. After it happened 2 times, I revalidated the files for the game just as a precaution.. After the fourth time I reinstalled the game for good measure. I know it was not needed really but I wanted to be sure and it's always good to do it from time to time. Then the last 3 times I've given up on it. I've been doing that monsterfest for some quick mana 10 times a dayish (About 20mi
  7. Tavern Keeper's son. He moved back home to play games and now..Gulp.. :skeleton:Basement Dweller:skeleton:
  8. Top Five (5) RPG Stories/Games are as follows: 1) Lost odyssey - Story Story omg Story (xbox 360) 2) Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - Older game that is overall good (Playstation 1) 3) Xenosaga I,II,III - Story is Epic (Playstation 2) 4) Tales of the Abyss - Overall gameplay and story are great (Playstation 2) 5) Persona 4 - Teddy Bear.. Nuff Said (Playstation 2) Action based RPG's are as follows: 1) Dungeon Defenders - Duh (PC) 2) Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Once I modded it for WAY more armor slots like Morrowind, I fell deeper In love (PC) 3) Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - Mod
  9. Just gifted the whole game (All DLC also) to my friend that has been playing on the console and he says he will NEVER go back. Welcome to the PC Version :D On a side note, have some fun in Nightmare Mode. Best.Mode.Ever.:snowman:
  10. My ego might take a few days to come down from this!. Loving your forum avatar... Mooooooooooo
  11. Misty can give you some nice gear and it can also slap you in the mouth. It seems to have great gear from waves 24-27 and anything after that has a lower chance but higher stats if said gear drops. My stats from Misty before Moraggo were around 1.8k in 3 tower stats but that was clearing survival multiple times a day.. I believe you can easily get far into Aquanos with 1.6k stats to find some better gear.
  12. <3 the mana token Idea :D Just made my life a bit easier.
  13. The challenge of the game just keeps me coming back the most. Nightmare was just nuts when I fired up The Deeper Well and got rofled. A few tweaks here and there and the fun just started pouring back in. Getting Hardcore Mythical Defender felt like a RL achievement imo.. May sound odd but I was actually giddy when it flashed on my screen months ago. Now for the Transcendent Survivalist Achievement.. >.> The community is a big plus to an already AAA+ game. I can pick up a $60.00 game and be done with it in 50ish hours and have every achievement, character and whatever else it has to of
  14. Hello people. RL name is trent and gaming has been a big influence in my life. Started at age 3 and now 22 years later I'm still enjoying freetime with good games like this one. Married 3 years and just had triplets when we were expecting a single child.. All good though as we have :monk::monk::monk::monk: boys now!! Catching up on the game atm and hope to have it mastered in about a month or so if I have the time. Cheers TR
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