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  1. If There's no more bids in the next 24 hours, Ill end it early.
  2. Not bad, Artemiss. Just not too sought out for at the momuent, maybe? You'll get a bite eventually. Up to the top for you. Yeah I guess, thanks. :) Updated, Thanks Max!
  3. No its not. You can check it, if you think im wrong. The right term is Script Kiddies. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Script_kiddie Or alot of things, but hackers in the right term? Just no. ^^ Anyways, sorry for OT.
  4. Guess the market for mail is baad... :(
  5. Yeah I'll back wat and sniff up too. I even crashed sniffys WW farming a few times, by accident ofcause. :D But that 24/9 gaming... Mmm, I still miss having the time for that. OT: Who in the world came up with the idea of calling people who can Edit a few stats, "hackers"? Its not even remotely close to be a "hack" :D
  6. Hey guys & Girls. This piece didn't get much love last time, so trying it again. You can bid in Cubes & Diamonds. (4/8/15 is the standard right? ) :) Common ground rules: - No sniping (counter bids right before the auction is supposed to end), and should it happen - the auction for whatever particular item it happened on is extended with hours to allow for people to counterbid - There's a hidden reserve on most items in any of my auctions, so don't be a fool and do feeble low bids - Bid in increments of a minimum of 1 cube - Minimum bid per item is 1 cube - I reserve the r
  7. Auction ENDED. Item B & C sold to Tears & Watisme. Item A: Minimum price not reached = No Sale! Thanks to bidders.
  8. Bump, less than 24 hours left. Reserve for the capping Ult+ is not even close to being met. :p
  9. Added pictures of the armor pieces upped on open, in an attempt to catch more interrest! =)
  10. Think I have 2 ekstra. Will be on later.
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