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  1. Here's how I use my "attacking" jester. DPS is not as good as other classes because of lack of Hero Boost/Piercing Shot, but here's what I do. Weapon 1: Very powerful gun or ranged spear Weapon 2: Sword with 100% Block and high hero stats I just love this set up. Hide and repair/ranged DPS when needed, using Wheel once in a while. When lots of ogres come, or during a boss fight, or when shields goes down/gets pushed and I can't move them in time, I switch to my sword and block. Now I bet some people will say, "But the perfect setup doesn't require you to do anything but AFK." This is true
  2. Defenses: Upgraded that is all :p
  3. Mmmkay so you can't move auras together with the move tower ability, maybe they stack up if one comes out of a present inside the auras, but that seems like too much work to try to get it set up perfectly
  4. Yay time to try my new theory of stacking electric auras and not using app or squire :p
  5. I have 2 friends that have played the game with me on split screen before, but they are both strapped for cash atm (and so am I somewhat) and it would be nice to give one of em a copy.
  6. I don't think it's Valve time anymore. They said when they added support for the difference patching that they would no longer be restricted to Valve's time line. This isn't just a patch though, it's a DLC that has to go into the steam shop, thus we are waiting on Valve.
  7. Doing what some_guy said: Name it "A Sharken", join random games and start moving their towers. XD yeah the 1/20 games that doesn't auto kick everyone will surely kick you after 1 wave.
  8. Responding to the other part of OP, she has the Fool (male) outfit for beating the map that comes with her, I think it was just medium or higher to get it.
  9. I've been using builds similar to what your thinking of, and auras won't take care of them easily until you have a crapload of aura range. Best bet is using a wall of archers and mages right down the center of your auras (buff beamed of course).
  10. Yeah, it's not being pushed around a wall, it's one random ogre won't be able to take damage or see/be affected by any defenses. Only happened to me once, but this would be the second time it's been posted by others, so I'd call bug on this.
  11. Palantir is unique in that there are some spots that teleport whatever falls there back up, but other areas that kill anything falling in. The 2 large holes on the south side will always teleport you and enemies back up top, and trying to land on architecture that isn't drawn on the shift map will do the same, but the large nothingness areas around all the sides will kill everything including the boss.
  12. I haven't known dungeon defenders to do this, but sometimes you might have a leeching program, that only opens when you open another program, usually a web browser, and they continue to eat up CPU until it becomes maxed and/or crashes. Have you tried running performance monitor before opening dungeon defenders, and looked after it crashes to see if the CPU skyrocketed just before that?
  13. I don't think the costumes and accessories are on the consoles at all.
  14. I just got done, panzerknacker was the first to add me on steam, but thanks anyways :D
  15. I'd like to get the demoness costume for my summoner, but I don't own the mining complex, looking for someone nice or bored enough to help me out with running it once on whatever difficulty you want to do it on. I'd love to just leech the xp with my 30-something summoner the whole time, but if you need me to build I've got an adept, initiate, countess and ev in godly sets, not great gear I know, but should be good enough for medium and maybe hard. Post here if you're willing to do this for me, or just add me on steam, ID: poisonyanni Thanks in advance!
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