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  1. @mcwolves For me it's because I have to spend another minute or so searching for matches.
  2. You can get them to charge at app. blockades, I'm pretty sure they will only go for something else if it is closer. An interesting way to use this is to put the blockades on edges of cliffs around the map to get the sharken to just charge off cliffs. I've heard this is also good for PS.
  3. I did not know the backup only contained character data, thank you for the input. Cheers
  4. For anyone that was curious, I play on xbox. No, I did not have any modded items or dupes (as far as I can tell). I had lost my mana and items, but kept my heroes and accomplishments.
  5. With all the corruption issues (tons of anecdotal reports on the forums and some from my personal friends, along with losing all my items a day or two after I got the chicken) I am befuddled with the idea of a backup file. I know there is a backup save in the game files, but what the **** is the point of it if when your save gets corrupted you lose all your stuff anyway? I play on xbox.
  6. Mine was corrupted a little while as well. I decided to just make the best of it and start anew.
  7. Couldn't you just have one patch that has some time-activated thing where it 'turns on' double xp, and then 'turns it off' every week or every other etc? I know almost nothing about developing video games so please excuse my ignorance if this is not the case.
  8. I just want to say thank you. I have been a very angry man for a very long time and it is all gone now.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I'm just really anxious to know a date even if its like a month away, I just want to know that it will happen eventually.
  10. Hitmonchan, can we (xbox community) get an actual explanation as to why microsoft is so damn slow? I'm not really mad anymore because I've been playing loads of skyrim and other games, but I'm still interested in the DLC and patch.
  11. I like how they attribute his strange behavior to his devotion for stopping Kony and handling donations etc.
  12. So if any credible source would be unbiased why are all the Kony videos and such not mentioning anything about their questionable finances? And to help prove my point that this is bad is a video that I found somewhere (may have been linked or redd it somewhere) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU_1jnrj5VI&feature=player_embedded#! Also if this is some sort of scam it really is ingenious because anyone who doubts its authenticity is immediately pooped on by society and called heartless. No wooden... Also the topic is Kony, keep it there. "Off-Topic Discussion" are we seriously limited to discussing precisely whatever the title of the thread is? and idk if this is ok for discussion on a thread strictly about Kony but most of the people who are saying we should be in Uganda to stop Kony are the same people who said we shouldn't have gone anywhere near Afghanistan or Iraq. NTM Kony has most likely been hiding under a rock for at least 5 years and is leading no such children's army in Uganda. The actual LRA has moved to the Dem Republic of Congo mostly and consists of no more than 300 members. Some children's army, huh?
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