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  1. Just done my first Chaos run and as a reward from the chest i got a random shard...it seems i heard from a devstream that there is about two or three hundreds different passives in the game( correct me if im wrong) so how are we suppose to get the passives we want...im not gonna do 50 runs to get 1 i need. We should get shards pack as a reward, bigger pack with higher difficulties
  2. The Floor is lava passive is not woking
  3. Any chance well be getting more terraria weapons like the starwrath ? http://imgur.com/a/W9l2I
  4. There was title for completing all halloween event but cant find it anymore
  5. 1- would like an item to reroll passives 2-I would really like to see some unique weapon rewards we could use in a transmogrification system :) 3- New Accessories
  6. The 5th upgrade of the eternity marking monk skin is not getting xp even in freeplay.
  7. The eternal marking accessory have 5 upgrade but the last one is not getting xp at all. ive done couple end game and freeplay maps without results
  8. I like to drink wine while listening to music like the Deftones. Im also working on a videa game project for a while now. I play drums when its possible and also play a lot of games while waiting for the 28th :)
  9. they seem to have abandoned DDE so maybe they abandoned the rewards for DD2...hope im wrong i would really like to get unique stuff from this game .
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