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  1. I did a direct download buy. A quick look at the gamestop page makes no mention of Steamworks or Steam in general, i may have missed it of course. I would contact Gamestop support and ask if the version of the game they sell is Steamworks and if it comes with a Steam activation code. If it does, then you would need to ask where to find it. If the version Gamestop sells comes with a Steam activation code.
  2. Yea, thats a good idea but I doubt we will see it. Ive seen numerous posts around here over the past couple weeks saying Tendy has moved onto another project so Im betting the only things we get now in patches are little bug fixes and maybe a map every so often (just assuming - I dont know this 100%). I cant see them being busy with another project and spend hrs on end trying to implement something like this in a game they have put on the back burner atm (I mean we still have a Christmas themed tavern and its almost February). Also, if you want a Kobold, Tavern Defense is the map, not
  3. I will need to check the forums more often for this. Thanks for posting. At least advance notice was sent out. But, I was in Akatiti NMHC carrying AFK's... "Boss is approaching.... 5...4...3...2...1", Then "Searching for Connection" (or server, or something like that). The timing couldn't have been better. :) I have tried to convince VALVe (and will continue to try and convince them) to create and official steam community group for downtime. Using this, announcements could be pushed to all users prior to the down time.
  4. I just wonder why the maintenance is done in the afternoon, when this is usually the time the highest amount of players are signed in. You are actually incorrect on this assumption. If you take a look at the stats page HERE, you can see that around 4PM PST, while not the very bottom of the user curve, it is well into the daily down slope of the active steam user base. You have to remember that Steam is world wide, yes im sure alot of US users are just logging on at that point, but there are even more users logging off from the rest of the world.
  5. Hello all. VALVe will be doing scheduled maintenance on the steam servers this afternoon at 4PM PST (7PM EST). This will cause interruptions in connectivity for DD players. Plan your defending sessions accordingly. Official announcement (as well as future announcements) can be found HERE
  6. Hello all. Steam is planning maintenance on some servers this evening (soon). Plan your defending accordingly. Please see the official thread on the steam forums for details- http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?p=33767820[[3690,hashtags]]
  7. I think deleted characters can't be restored, I may very well be wrong though. Feel free to add me and I'll help you level a new 78 apprentice. Currently no gear to give away though. This poster is incorrect. Please review THIS thread in the tech support section. Lost items and characters can be recovered on ranked under certain conditions. Open is stored locally so cannot be restored.
  8. Hey, gang, For the time being, you're going to see less of me around the forums. I'm taking a step back to focus on future stuff. I'll still be here lurking and posting occasionally. Of course, you can always reach me via PM. Laurawantsacow is taking my place as main Trendy liaison around here. If you need anything or just want to chat, send her a private message! Be nice to her. I'll be watching and waiting to strike those who would do harm. Much love, Hitmonchan Laura also enjoys being asked to peg hitmo with nerf based weapons. This practice is highly encouraged.
  9. Moving to General Dungeon Defenders discussion. /Moved hello good mod man sir. Wouldnt it be more appropriate to point the user to the Item Check Thread and lock the post.
  10. I'm assuming they'll just be walking around They were with their publisher last year. There was a section set up in the booth for DD. At least this was the case at PAX East. If i am still here i will have to try and come bother you again.
  11. Okay now steam won't go online anymore... :\ I have continued to keep an eye on Steam for the last 24 hours, it has remained steady and consistent with no major service interruptions reported. I have also see no evidence of a widespread Trendynet outage. It truly does appear to be something on your end. A few things to try to help gather more information are listed below. - Can you ping/tracert various Steam addresses ? (http://steamcommunity.com) -Does your router or computer have any form of firewall built in that may be blocking connections ? - Are you able to log into steam? C
  12. bumppppppppp This forum is not active enough to require bumping your thread within an hour. Please dont create clutter. I have not seen any widespread reports of issues connecting to Trendynet, which leads me to believe this is something on your end. Are you currently connected to Steam (not just client open but actually connected to Steam and able to access your friends list/inventory/the such) ?
  13. does that at least mean that the people with the base game and the people playing on steam play on the same server? thanks for the information Draco18s, since it isnt to expensive i think i will get him to try it^^ All ranked players play together (playing on ranked requires Steam as it uses various functions built into Steam). You have a few options. If the humble bundle is still going on, grab a copy there (cheapest way possible). If its not, DD is currently 50% off on steam, and could possibly hit another 75% off deal during the sale. Plenty of ways to get your friend addicted.
  14. I think you should reconsider "DRM-free" and "manual update", as DD gets patched every week at least. Sometimes 3 times in one day. This is why the DRM version is not upto date with the Steam version. Jer posted somewhere that once the Christmas DLC was released and the associated hot patches were released they would look into releasing a patch to bring the DRM free versions upto date.
  15. have you restarted your steam client since adding said DLC? If not, do so. If you have, please kindly ignore me.
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