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  1. hey mate i can try giving you a hand. Steam id Sirbumwart. shud be easy enough to do :)
  2. controversial as it may be to say this. killing the spider queen on nightmare. No tactic ever works 100% so its always a mad struggle no matter what stats and the people reactions to when she finally dies cant be topped :)
  3. add me on steam sirbumwart and ill help you out a bit later on today. can show u builds take u on a couple of runs etc
  4. the only reason i thought there was is when you turn off the game when the save icon is on the bottom left of the screen. it is possible that it happens when you use quick launch ie. ur playing dungeon defenders then press xbox buttong and auto load disc. Best way to not get a corrupt is when you are finished with dungeon defenders exit to title screen wait for it to save then go xbox home then load ur disc. hope this was of help.
  5. ok yeah i look forward to helping you. helped two players today and we managed to down her so im sure we can do it again. just takes a lot of frantic repairing :) i wont be online again until tuesday evening however and lets hope your new wife wont take ur mac away from u hehe
  6. hi, with stats like that i would suggest you do endless spires hardcore, you will find gear improvements and its a good way of gearing up to tackle mistymire. i dont suggest trying it on survival though as currently i find survival on that map extremely hard even with 2k stats due to the sheer crazy amount of ogres that seem to spawn on that map.
  7. hi, i understand the situation you are in completely as i have been there myself and it was the most frustrating part of the game for me. Do you play on PC or console? if PC feel free to add me on steam Sirbumwart and i can help you and your friend complete the misty campaign so you can start grinding the survival for loot etc. I will say though that i would rather run it once with you then once with your friend just because the difficulty ramp from 2 to 3 players is huge.
  8. DVP do you play on PC? if so i can help you out a bit with gearing up / showing you builds etc. i was in the situation you are in not to long ago, all i could do was get to the point on mistymire where i would farm up to the boss then quit on the last wave, the loot here did improve my gear however i understand its far from ideal, if you are on pc however feel free to add me SID Sirbumwart and i can help you find a bit of gear ( and if you havent completed mistymire on nm i can try and help you kill the queen so you can start survival mode and have more time to prepare a build :)
  9. hi, With the introduction of sharken misty will be a struggle as generally you need to use all 4 different classes defences to get through the map. What i would do in your situation is either endless spires hardcore i know its not an exciting map to play however it is a choice of that or ramparts.. and i just dont know any tactics for ramparts as embarrasing as that is being a 2k stat builder haha. best way forward i would say though is just plod along on spires grind mana and get the odd useful drop :)
  10. yeah i actually found eggs for the first time ever yesterday lol got 1 enormous egg and about 12 small eggs in 4 misty runs
  11. hi i have tried without the EV towers and i still experience fps problems. my CPU does go quite high also while playing the game and i have read all the suggested posts to fix that however i dont use a controller and i used task manager to set dungeon defenders priority to high and it still didnt help the issue. I have sent the DXdiag that you asked. Thanks for your time
  12. http://ddplanner.com/?l=3108,mistymire-bumwart-survival thats the build i use roughly. its on nightmare hc survival. the biggest issue is that it isnt just that map it happens to. its happening to me on any map i use once the mobs number increases and only since the 7.25 patch. appreciate you taking the time to help me icearrow and hopefully between us we can come to a conclusion as to why this is happening.
  13. pre 7.25 i had no problems with dungeon defenders running. Since then everytime i get about 400 mobs my fps drops to a very low amount. to the point that if im trying to do mistymire it is near on impossible to cross from one end of the map to the other. I have tried completely uninstalling the game as well as upgrading my graphics card drivers however i am still having issues. can anybody think of another reason i may be experiencing this problem as it has been going on for over a month now and its driving me crazy..
  14. To be honest it depends what you want to do to progress, i would personally reccomend just getting yourself a set with around 800 health and 800 damage on towers as main priority then you will be able to do the starter nightmare maps and earn your own gear rather than spending a crazy amount on gear while its still hard to earn the mana. or if you would like you can add me on steam Sirbumwart and i can sort you out with some basic myth gear and help you with builds etc so you have the means to farm your own mana etc. its completely up to you i am always willing to help people :)
  15. its happening to me and a lot of other members too mate. no responce from trendy yet however im sure they are aware of the issue. ive just decided to not play dd until they post updated patch notes cos hopefully they will include the fix in the upcoming patch either that or ill cry :(
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