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  1. I enjoyed the tavern look, event was boring I hear ya there, just like SonicSonedit I found the event a little bit problematic -- although, I was greatly amused by how it mixed-up game play a little. Although, I couldn't muster enough friends in time to see the Mega Snowman. Perhaps I'll do it if I can grab the DLC proper. I did the video when it was open for a few days on Steam. ΞΎ
  2. Hiya! I've been playing for a very short time. I'm an anthropologist who studies MMO games and I work as a freelance MMO game reviewer. I've had a great deal of fun in the game. My name is Kyt -- which is why my handle is Kytsune. Greetings essentially from Arizona. :)
  3. I just recently received Dungeon Defenders as a gift from the editor of a blog I write for, its a great game and Im having a bit of fun in it. Id love to hear about what you find to be the most interesting experience in game. I went and made an MMO Anthropology video about the Etherian Holiday DLC because Christmas is one of my favorite cultural events and every video game likes to get in on it. Id love to also hear about if youve downloaded the DLC and what you thought of DD getting in on all these Western holiday tropes. If youre willing to suffer (or an academic/student) you can also see my in-depth essay on the elements present from Western culture. As I asked above, anyone else have the DLC? Did you enjoy the Christmas elements and do you get into holiday-themed DLCs in games? Adieu! :)
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