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  1. I believe you did the right thing. IMO, I would expect my team to be active and play while looking for bugs and whatnot. If players are just going to be AFK, what's the point of participating in the pre-alpha stage of the game? If you're just going to be AFK through the majority of the game, your doing a disservice to your team and the developers of the game.
  2. No. It's already easy enough with the MU. Just adding PU would just make this game a lot boring and easier. Where's the challenge in that? Tower build for Jesters is already doomed at the start, it would simply take forever to get the tower you want from the present.
  3. Gratz to all the winner! I hope your friends/family or whomever you give it to should ever love this game :)
  4. Sorry. I didn't read the rest of the post except the first page.
  5. No because this will just help hackers hack and trendy be getting frustrated proving something that is hacked but possible stats. I say this should just be available to a certain group like "Item Checker".
  6. Pawn Shot's sps, is it working as intended? cause I feel its a lot slower than 8 sps.
  7. Why so serious? (Haha. League of Legends) But wow, he just mass dumped without even thinking what he dropped.
  8. http://imgur.com/a/A0cd0 Copter in King's Game is shooting from high above (too high that melee can't even reach it) Ranged minions needs some glasses cause they are still blind. Please fix damage per upgrade on eternian staff and eternian greatsword.
  9. Ultimate Pawn Shot - 448/^ i think... An alternative to eterian energy cannon but a whole lot slower. @Trendy My pawn shot got 8 sps but it still shoots really slow...
  10. I was so close into finishing it and then steam disconnected... WHAT THE *beep*!!! THIS IS TOTAL *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* Also, let it stay as is. I love the shiny plates and how easy it is. Also, its friendly for those people trying to get into nmhc. Screw the people saying "Adapt"
  11. But portal 2 release a ps3 format of the game and provide the ps3 users the code to be able to play on the pc as well on steam. Don't compare it to portal 2. Valve decided on this. Also, I'm pretty sure they would rather put it on sale than give it away for free just because you own a ps3 version of the game.
  12. I have a couple of friends that likes to play tower defense games. I think they may like dungeon defenders
  13. A great support hero imo if your setup always get sharken'd (a plus if pet dps in this hero great). As for building, You could squeeze more towers while going over cap which is great but it will take time to get to it.
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