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  1. Removal of speed boosts make me sad T_T No more doing marios in original assault...
  2. What many people have been saying, it's effect is very noticeable in Misty. Now if only I could manage to make it work in NM halloween.. -_-
  3. [QUOTE]If you have the Eternia Shard DLC, try Mistymire on Medium/Hard. Only 1k or so monsters each wave at around 20, so it's insanely fast. The Loot Progression for Dummies guide has a great setup for Mistymire that works for survival up to 20. Only thing you have to becareful of is that there are 15~18 ogres for waves 10~13. After that, it goes back down to 5.[/QUOTE] Did you time how long it took to 25 by chance? i sadly died on my foundry run on wave 24 with 50% mobs left when some freak... something.. killed my crystal T_T. Wasn't even sure what.
  4. Foundries & Forges medium took ~2 hours exact to get from 8 (start) to 20 with them being killed right as they spawn (3 MM 2 FB 1 Electric Aura covering each of the 3 staircases)
  5. Did several NM Halloween runs to get a good nosferatu, so I figured I might as well post them here. Out of 11 Nosferatus I obtained: Ranged damage - 402 to 1003 Additional Projectiles - +2 to +5 Upgrade Levels - 77 to 199 Hero Damage Bonus - 0 (no hero atk stat) to 97 Projectile Speed Bonus - +2380 to +5370 Hero Health Bonus - 0 to 88 Hero Boost Bonus - 0 to 87 Hero Speed Bonus - 0 to 98 Hero Casting Rate Bonus - 0 to 97 Still haven't decided which I want for my monk, but you can see all of them here
  6. Has the same error, seems like it's a very recent thing that just happened to the server maybe? EDIT: nevermind, no problems now
  7. Here's my setup. This was actually loosely based on Folk's setup, which when I tried the first time I had problems with :kobold:s on the southwest wall. Tweaking around with the build, I managed to solo it with no problem as my apprentice but whenever I duo (app + 1 afk) or switch characters my east crystal would be rushed by mini:ogre:s. Stats and general strategy is in the notes.. I've so far tried it with my app + 2 more AFK characters (for more rewards). Soloing it is simple (a little upkeep and running around), duoing or more requires more upkeep and running around but I felt it was
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