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  1. I would like to thanks Trendy so much for this new patch. You have a given me the last reason why i should quit this game after buying every DLC except the babarian DLC only to rick roll me around like a yoyo. Your game have so many hacker and hack equipment where I dont even know where to start it. You fk up everything that I and many other normal player able to enjoy. Yes I cant even pass wave 10 on misty mode before and now it not even worth saying after playing 500+ hrs on this game. You f**k up the last straw after see the new patch noth 16a which doenst even explain all the nerfed o
  2. I cant do anything in nightmare in survival misty at wave 10 anymore. Spider drop down everywhere, 15 ogress ( sometime i have 4 of them pounding on my 40k hp barricade) and spider web and hit me for 4-5k damage. I cant do anything. FIX THEM PLZ. I know im ranting but It gott me so pissed off. I cant even pass wave 10 anymore. My stats: is tower adept build. hp: 500, attack: 1300: range: 600 , sped 700, i only put resist to 71% to generic, 73 to posion. Current at hp 10k. HP ap: 1000Hp, the rest is all **** Whenever i get web even behind the barricade, it gg. I cant repair ,
  3. lvl 75 Fairy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010206322/screenshot/594707594846141058?tab=public lvl 130 robot http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010206322/screenshot/594707594846225243/?tab=public lvl 78 Fairy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010206322/screenshot/594707594846145652/?tab=public lvl 150 Bird: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010206322/screenshot/594707594846152193/?tab=public
  4. I was playing nightmare mode today on UMF 2.0. The ogres seen to have a 2x aoe melee swing and their posion flying ball sometime seen to have x5 damage. I was at 15k hp adept, and i saw this 1 posion flying at me and BOOM im dead. Other time when it tried to repair the barricade ( i was standing behind it, the ogres just WAMP 6k hp gone, i was stand far from him too.... Please tell me if this is a bug or something. 1 poison ball take 15k hp away just like that and it was a splash aoe too, not direct hit on me,
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