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  1. This is turning into borderlands all over again. Our game has a bazillion guns!!! .... but only 30 bank slots so you can't keep any of them. I don't understand this fascination with limiting people's loot or forcing them to micromanage all the time. If people want to be hoarders, let them. 3 hours is way to short and forces people to micromanage and stop playing. People don't wait for nothing when playing public and even stopping to look at your bag will cause people to drop group. I'd rather stay in a group, crush maps, and deal with loot later when I'm done playing and have the time to spend looking through it. I vote 12-24 clocks on the TiB to give people the ability to deal with loot on THEIR time, not some forced clock in the game that can potentially break immersion and force players to drop everything cause they have to clean a bag or lose it forever.
  2. Two ballistas works too but people have been shying away from them due to crashing. Once there level 3+ they usually pack enough punch to kill them even if they are in healer circle.
  3. To further elaborate: Empty hero deck down to lowest level char (or whatever char your trying to bracket in).Create your private or public game. Once inside private/public tavern, fill your hero deck back up with your high levels Start match.The high level hero's will have their level and base stats pulled down to the bracket level, but from my experience, gear bonuses still apply so there still pretty powerful even pulled down. Trendy is aware of the issue, above is current workaround. You can take level 25's with your level 1, don't worry :)
  4. Probably a gold sink down option down the line. They keep talking about adding more gold sinks and this would be a nice one to add.
  5. but.... whats in the box?!?! Worst cliffhanger ever.
  6. They are both pretty comparable. If your talking hero dps, personally, I enjoy the monk over the squire as having a ranged attack is far more useful than a shield block for secondary. That said, both are good at holding bosses, pushing mobs, jamming lanes, survivability, whatever you want to do with them. If your talking tower hero, monk's boost aura is incredibly useful (required end game), and to a lesser degree his electric aura (best paired with frost tower thou and wont have a mage by sounds of it). The squire you get the ballista and cannonball and together they can handle most maps and mob types when positioned well. Monk Electric Aura - Very useful, decent damage, best to cc mobs in it (frost, geysers, etc)Boost Aura - Meta, best tower in the game.Serenity Aura - Fun to have around with hero dps characters, provides damage reduction, healing and damage boost for heros (when spec'd)Skyguard Tower - waste of DU, other towers do way better job of birds and not one dimensional.Slam - Useful to slow a lane or unjam, not very good damageChi Blast - Very useful for knocking mobs off map or pushing healers and other pests into tower range, not very good damage, mostly utility.Heroic Presence - Boosts hero stats and damage, useful for hero dps.Squire Spike Wall - waste of DU, put more towers not walls.Cannonball - Meta, this thing obliterates everything Ballista - Meta, also obliterates everything and great bird killer.Dummy - waste of DU, never use.Beam - does line of damage, not very good.Taunt - good for bosses and getting mobs off something.Slam - Giant aoe stun, pretty useful if lanes starting to get out of hand. If your friend is already set on hunter, imo you have limited choice. I would lean Squire as he is the strongest tower builder of the three. The monk's auras or huntress traps can't hold a lane solo (specially endgame), the Squires towers can. You could make an argument for an electric aura/geyser combo setup but I still think having a squires towers would greatly help your lane control. P.S. Squires a slow fatty thou, I recommend some speed boots asap
  7. Wait till you get a legendary with no secondary stats. As for your question I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it's an item level situation. What ilvl is the legendary in question? The earlier waves of incursion drop ilvl 120+ legendaries where the final wave drops the ilvl150+ legendaries. My guess is you found a lower ilvl version and hence it's equipable at lvl24.
  8. Enjoyed the vid, always fun to see the game with new eyes again. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you keep playing. End games pretty grindy right now, but if you like itemization you will get addicted to finding that perfect piece and maximizing your damage. Couple notes on your comments. Your comment about the mobs breaking their pathing, it's because players are disturbing them. Example; at 11:50 you attack the giant ogre, he turns to fight you, then you ran off towards the sub core without killing him. He began following you and at 12:06 you caught him about to attack the sub core. It's because he agro'd onto you and started following but since you ran to far he broke agro again and attacked the next closest target, in this case the sub core. Then at 12:40 the other squire there dragged a whole pile of stuff over and leashed it leaving it to attack the sub core. Just keep in mind player agro, if you attack mobs, finish killing them or be wary of where you run to with them on you. It's like wow in you can body agro, attack agro, and they will leash if you run away. Only they don't reset, they go after the next closest target from where they are. Your right on the repairing, its better to upgrade, but end game you have star towers that can't be upgraded anymore and need to repair them occasionally. Repairs are needed, but its pretty exclusive to fully upgraded towers. Devs have said all real money items will be cosmetic only. You can not P2W.
  9. I would like to see new bosses, but with more like DD1 bosses. They should be a major threat and require hero's to take down or deal with. With some abilities that require your attention. I still think the ground stomp should one shot you but if you jump you can avoid the damage. Stuff like that. The bosses now are a push over, just drag to your towers and watch melt away. A steam roller boss would be fun, can't be agro'd by heros and slowly pushes towards you destroying everything in it's path. It would force people to build to deal with him instead of just drag to current towers.
  10. Had a couple of the incursion only monk weapons drop today and did some testing with it as the tooltip was a bit vague. Thought I would share what I found. Got one that was ilvl 156 and had 1200+ explosions; to give an idea of the numbers possible. The animation if you want to know if it's proccing, is a very visible puff of green smoke erupts from the mob upon death. (fart bombs?) Monk hero that has polearm equipped, must build the Serenity Aura.Once built, monk hero with polearm no longer has to be present. The explosion procs, can only be triggered by the same player that built the aura. Therefore, multiplayers will not benefit. All hero's in your deck can proc the explosion as long as your monk built the aura. (IE: my mage could proc it) The mob must be standing in the aura to explode, the hero does not have to be. Not sure if all are intended... but that's how we were seeing it work. The way it's behaving, it just adds an extra stat onto the aura much like rolling "electric aura attack rate" will increase auras ability. It is essentially bound to the player that built it, and the aura itself but not the hero. Seems to me like other players should be able to get the procs too as it's essentially just modding your aura much like other stats do, why is it suddenly only tied to the player that built it? Best guess is maybe avoid OP but its damage doesn't seem high enough to become OP even if everyone can proc it. When your facing down mobs that have minimum 5k hp, a 1k explosion isn't that out of line, my hero hits harder than that per swing. Overall impression, it's pretty fun if you have a hero dps, it's nothing to crazy damage wise, and requires placing serenity auras in killboxes, but gives a neat flare for when playing on a hero dps. Overall effectiveness, its not going to replace tower damage anytime soon (DU better spent on a tower than serenity aura if running low), but it is entertaining and helps with the sad state that hero damage is in by adding a bit extra. And really, who doesn't like explosions?... even if they are green clouds <.< Regardless, I love the idea of map unique drops and off-the-wall stats like this, more in the future please.
  11. I agree, I have a monk in hero gear, 1k hero dmg, 200 resists, and 10% life steal.... I tanked all 3 bosses on ramps incursion alone without any auras. 1-2 swings healed me to full far outweighing the damage from both bosses, the random stuff standing around, and the healer which really wasn't doing damage just being annoying. The short: Agree, hero damage is lacking, you can see it on incursions. Taking down a 30-50k mob even in full hero dps gear can take some time where a tower can kill in seconds. Your just there as a movable wall to hold a lane back or hold a boss away from towers. Agree, I don't even jump the ground stomps of bosses anymore, that move should be a one-shot imo (negated by jumping the blast wave). 200 resists is easily enough and you get that just from the base of gear so there is no point ever wearing duel resist or resist secondary rolled gear. Agree, As you said, this completely negates a lot of gear stats like hero health and even multiple resist gear in favor of just stacking hero damage and 1-2 pieces of life steal gear. It makes you a god and survivability goes out the window, and you do max damage to boot. Agree, health regen is so bad right now, as bad as defense interaction radius. getting 6hp/s against a boss that hits 500 is meaningless, your going to die. Even if you say had 10hp/s on all 6 pieces. thats only 60hp/s and your going to get hit 500hp every couple seconds, again, your dead. To make hp regen on par with life steal they need to significantly buff the stats to be on par with boss damage as a gauge. If a heros in say 4-5 pieces of decent hp regen gear they should be able to eat hits from a boss. They need to buff the hp regen stats 10x imo.The longwinded: I think the key to balancing all this is resists. You should need 600+ resists to be able to even stand a chance at getting in the way of mobs. It would cause you to equip mostly duel resist gear leaving only one extra stat which in most cases would be hero dps. They then need to balance hp regen and life steal so that you require stacking at least 4+ pieces of gear to be able to completely heal back damage from standing there. They then need to seriously buff hero damage to make it even worthwhile attempting to stand in a wave. Full hero dps gear should be able to take a door solo thereby saving DU in not having to build any towers to defend that door. But you need to be full, lots of resists, health restore, and damage on all gear. Hero damage needs a significant buff, they should be able to one shot littler stuff (4-6k mobs) and take down bigger stuff (30-50k mobs) in a few seconds. Lets just ballpark and say in full 6 piece hero damage gear you can do 10k a hit type deal. Life steal is way OP and the only way it could be considered balanced is if there plan in later difficulties is just increasing how much damage and hp mobs have. This is the easiest difficulty and would make sense that 1-2 pieces is enough, but say in hard you need 3-4 and in very hard you need 5-6. Hp/s regen needs a 10x buff to be more on par with life steal. Resistances are fubar. You don't even need to pay attention to them as 200 is enough. You should need 600+ resistance to see the kind of received damage numbers were seeing now with 200. The problem with balancing all this is everything seems either op or subpar. I think they need to start with hero damage and balance off that. A 6 piece hero spec should be able to hit 10k a swing given current mob hp in incursion. Buffing these numbers to achieve that would be priority one. This would open up the door for a hero spec to actually hold a door on its own no matter what comes out of it. Then they need to balance resists so that you need 600+ given current mob damage to see hits only taking 5-10% of your hp. This would cause people to not just dump all points into hero damage and actually have to buff resist stats also to achieve the right numbers. In turn it would cause a choice of either being really tanky (points into resist), or being more squishy but doing more damage (points into hero dmg). They then need to pair/match hero health stat with resist stats. This would create a choice that you could either do 6 piece resist/hero hp/other ,or 6 piece resist/resist/other gear. A squire for instance, could choose hero health stack instead of resist due to being able to use their shield acting almost like resistance and having a large hp pool to absorb it. Where as a monk would likely go resist gear as they are vulnerable all the time. Once that is all balanced they would then just need to balance regen so that either 6 piece hp/s or lifesteal gear would give enough healing to be able to stand in a wave/bosses way. This really just boils down to what kind of damage per second numbers you can take. Ive seen bosses hit 500 hp pretty easy so I'm using that as a kind of base. Given the current damage, they would need to be generating roughly 300hp/s. If we stand by heros hitting 10k, lifesteal gear would have to be brought down to sub 1% numbers as at 1% that's 100hp a hit. A 6 piece set giving 3% total would be 300hp a hit and stand up to bosses alright. Hp/s needs to be brought up 10x so gear is 50+hp/s to again total 300hp/s in full gear. In the end they need more hard choices in gear and it should require full 6 piece stacking to be viable. Right now the game is kind of plagued by a stat being bis and everything else being garbage (one piece of health steal then stack all dps stats). Stats should be paired off and be equal when fully equipped to open up choices for the player that he can build heros different ways depending on his play style. For instance, a monk should have a hard choice that he can gear more damage but would have to practice more avoidance due to the loss in survivability, swing 1-3 times then back step to let all the counter swings and bombs miss then attack again and repeat. Or he can gear more resist and regen and be able to just open up and stand in it but do less damage. Right now its to easy to get both.
  12. True story, all those mythicals I got were sold except one. Be interesting to see if they leave it like that. P.S. Thanks for the comments, glad I'm not crazy and others noticed change too.
  13. When the new patch went live a friend and I played new chars thru the campaign. Flow was good, enjoyed it immensely, however that's not what this is about. After completing the campaign, we ran our first "20+ Free Play" today and it was raining loot like I have never seen before. We did the first sewers and by the end of the match I walked out with 5 Mythicals and 13 Blues. Pre-patch I would be seeing numbers more like 1 mythical and 5 blues in a run. (RNG gods loathe me, even after a blood sacrifice). Ran another quick one just now solo and forgetting to bring my squire for boss on wave 3 caused the map to wipe, but I still walked out with 3 Mythicals and 8 Blues in the 2.5 waves cleared. Is anyone else seeing a huge increase in loot drop in that bracket? Is that intended or did the blood sacrifice work? Seems like it's to high to me, takes the fun out of finding mythicals if they are just going to just rain down on you. Don't get me wrong, everyone loves finding loot but imo Mythicals should have a sense of rarity and excitement to being found. With how often they are dropping now, that excitement is kind of lost.
  14. Have to look at the "Item Power" too. The Epic is 85 and the Myth is 76, hence the Epic being slightly better and not really being a fair comparison. If you were to compare an Epic and Myth of same "Item Power" the Myth will always win. P.S. Mythicals always seem to have a lower "min level to equip" than Epics of same "Item Power". I believe it is intended as gives them more value being able to equip at a much lower level.
  15. Games still pre-alpha, I really doubt there will be any new characters till after full blown launch.
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