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  1. the first day of the new patch was just hard and annoying, but with the later nerfs i enjoy the new situation that the orges (spawned at 200ish mobs) and still be there til 700ish mobs and i still can get to wave 28 in misty :)
  2. okay, now my progression path is more than broken... again. its good to fix existing bugs but please show us another way to beat this game, an overall 1.85x Buff for NM would be an example (less painful and good for other classes)
  3. the Archers can go in shooting range with your setup :( you could try this one http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=25382 the bouncers on the top/bottom need to be on at least the 3rd step, so djinns can't sell them as they spawn the proxy's are optional for killing the undead to save your barricades in later waves, but u need to sacrifice one harpoon in the back i wouldn't recommend to afk this setup, it takes ages, just roam around and kill stuff with your dps pet :) my stats were 800/1400/500/750 and i got to wave 19 with some map awareness, then i got bored and quit
  4. a Dalek-Pet that randomly says "Exterminate" would be awesome :) (... and a Cyberman as a Series EV Animus!)
  5. edit: no steamlink sorry :(
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