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  1. limiting the amount of heroes you can use seems like the right way to go about it, it'd get a bit silly if by the end of them added new builds and classes you'd be changing hero for every single tower to get that "optimal" build, 99% of the game would be spent in the build phase, they would then need to make content challenging enough for people using 20+ different characters for that "optimal" build which when them make so if people wanted to do that content they would need to spend money and spend countless hours grinding toons. Either they keep the hero deck or add a build timer like dd1, t
  2. Oily harpoons' oil doesn't seem to bit lit on fire by fireball towers!
  3. I would like to see slice and dice reflect projectiles in random directions, and have a tiny bit more range so ogres can't out range them
  4. So when is tower wars being added?, me n some mates are super keen :D
  5. Keep it up, this is a needed feature! >.
  6. Yeah, hope so CrazyRndm ^^ Because if they raise the cap, they must mean that they will raise the number of points given too :D there was a suggestion that a dev replied to that later levels need to give WAYYYY more stats (like 3-4 times the amount, because leveling up is so useless, and also to increase the stat cap, its the simple way to bridge insane-nightmare, cant beat it, level up a bit! so either, more levels or more stats per level,probably to level 74+
  7. what exactly is the better randomization? and is it only for high end gear?
  8. :O sounds awesome! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198002217542
  9. Here are a few to start: - Wearing the same type of armor gives a 20% increase in all stats, and an even greater bonus for Mythical and higher gear! its %25 -_-
  10. My tbb got desommoned through a wall at the middle crystal(where you spawn) almost lost me the level
  11. free? freeeee? phreeeeeee? freaky so good, cant wait
  12. I had a minion randomly die when combat just started, it was well behind defenses and no enemies were near it yet
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