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  1. What i would like to be changed. 1. Items of floor should go directly into scavenger's box 2. Expired items should sell automatically. 3. Scavenger's box should be visible from the inventory interface. 4. If possible, allow for sorting of gear by stats So yeah, i still just want TIB back... In my opinion TIB was one of the best upgrades DD2 brought over DD1, less hassle with gear checking and selling. Improve TIB, don't remove it...
  2. What he means is that instead of having 7.39 we are having a lot of 7.38x patches. The naming is a bit odd compared to how they used to be names, as we had a lot more smaller patches with new numbers... Also recently they do not seem to use 7.XXa anymore, but start with 7.XXb for first hotfix.
  3. The reason it is open only is due to the potential for absurd xp/drops maps etc i think Still i would like them avaible in rankes, just no drops or xp... As for steam trading, i feel the weapon system in DD is too unclear, and prone to hacking, to make this happen...
  4. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594723435473025523/A9EA64EE30A5F5D70FF8D3E8E56BC293E519397C/ And someone knocked over my bagage, erm ogre...
  5. i wonder why the portal gun is not avaible on steam as a 25 cent dlc or something
  6. does that include ALL pets? even things like the goblin from sky o love, and republican/democrat donkey/elephant (dont know), rock etc? giant chicken?!?
  7. i imagine its not working as intended, its impossible to search for crystal dimension
  8. what he means is that he does not like that you need to select a mission on dificulty/hardcore setting that you want, and then have to close the menu, and select the crystal He would prefer to select crystal, then choose dificulty, and start
  9. i do feel there is not enough build time for final plane also overlord mode is useless as it will not allow you to view the playable area, only the air next to it, for some reason...
  10. I think placing them in the shop is a better idea, and the reason is simple... Each time you sell an item, your shop gains a free spot, so there is room for a manna token
  11. Still i dont like the high costs for renaming items... Also one time i found a feather with only a few upgrades, and no stats... I thought i would upgrade it to rename it, turns out you cannot upgrade items that have no stats, as there is no stat to upgrade, leaving the item in a permanent state of "Upgrade avaible" requesting to select the stat you want to upgrade...
  12. Why do i keep thinking Nightmare should be split? Insane is too easy, Nightmare is too hard for a lot of people, and not hard enough for others. Solution: 2 Nightmares, one a bit easier then NM is now to bridge the gap from insane, and one harder NM for the end game NM players... I like having spiders etc, but at times NM seems a bit too hard to fully enjoy, and insane is way to easy... At other times i like the challenge, and NM does seem somewhat easier then before (not a bad thing for me though, i'm finaly capable of doing NM solo, at least early levels now)
  13. Would be cool if Summoner pet scaling was directly linked to how many summons where actually in play.. :) would solve the issue imo (however feasible it is) I would actualy quite like this idea, if you use minions you get a stronger defence, if you don't you get a viable (but easely killed) dps summoner... Would also make it more interesting to decide if you should or should not add more summons to your defence, as right now its always better to do so. While i like the MU system on one side, i'd like some advantage to not adding a lot of summons, and this would be it...
  14. Why not add all walking enemies to the game as threadmills?
  15. So they rotate the model 180 degrees? Maybe they should look into mirroring it...
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