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  1. That is good news indeed :) Like I said, I was very pleasantly surprised with the Auto-Collect solution, so this is double celebration time - good job!
  2. I must say I'm fairly surprised - in a good way - with this auto collect bag system. It's good that something was done to make life easier! Having said that: [1] Could we please also have a "sell all" button for Auto Collect Bags? I can't imagine there's any reason to make players click every single item to sell it. [2] Although I feel the Auto Collect mechanic is a very interesting solution to the problem, and one that was desperately needed, I still feel we are left worse off than before with the TiB. For starters, if you were on a long gameplay session (Onslaught), you would lose out due to not having enough Auto Collect Bags. Okay, we can buy a few more bags I imagine, but some of us who had very deep Onslaught runs will know that realistically no amount of normal bags would hold the loot. Also, there is an extra step that we have to actually sell the items - this would certainly be less of an issue if we could "sell all" as point 1 above, but it will always involve an extra step for the player compared to how it was before.
  3. And the point of this thread is? You could have said: "Just a warning for the player base; I've found a way to easily farm NM4, so I'm fairly sure there's going to be a rollback soon." Instead, what you effectively said was: "Look at me, I'm so clever, I know something you guys don't, nah nah." If your goal is to get the Trendy QA team to find it, then you could have sent the exact same thing, in private, to Trendy. Saying, "I've found something, but this time, you guys find it." Instead, what you did was post it on an open forum so everyone can see how clever you are. How allegedly clever you are, seeing as there's no proof anywhere. Not saying you haven't done it, just that you haven't provided evidence, which you haven't. This is exactly like those school playground things. Clever kid: "I know something you don't know." Other kids: "Prove it!" Clever kid: "You gotta find out yourself." Other kids: "How do I know you even know yourself? Prove it by telling us!" Clever kid: "Sorry, I can't, because then you'll all know it too." If your goal was to show everybody how clever you are and how ignorant everybody else is, then, well. /shrug.
  4. It's not about how easy or difficult each step is, so you're missing my point. Put it another way. The way that it was done now is: [1] Remove loot. [2] Check and test that loot is no longer dropping. [3] (Next patch) Remove boss. [4] Check and test that boss is no longer spawning. The way I propose is: [1] Remove boss. [2] Check and test that boss is no longer spawning. *Both* ways, you still have to remove the boss. So it doesn't matter if removing the boss involves more difficult coding than removing the loot; removing the boss *still has to be done regardless of which method you choose*. My method saves them the time and effort from having to do the original steps 1 and 2, and the additional aggravation from threads like this. It's not like there was a desperate, urgent hurry to remove loot from wave 1 Ogres - it's only been farmed for weeks, so realistically, leaving it an extra three days or so over the weekend would hardly have hurt anything.
  5. I'm fairly sure that the numbers are pretty genuine; most games probably do follow a pyramid/iceberg situation where most of the player base are relatively casual, while the number of hard core players is fairly small. However, there are two ways of interpreting that comment: [1] If they are basing the game on the majority of players who use only one hero and are not even on insane, then we have a problem. Because F2P models work on the hard core players spending money, not on the casuals spending money, because casuals don't spend much money, if at all. PS/= how's this for a suggestion, heavily reduce the grind to 50, and to NM. This will get your casuals into the end game faster. Then the devs can spend more time worrying about the end game. [2] It was a comment made to deflect the criticism from the hard core who have issues with NM. As in - yes NM has issues, but you have to understand most players haven't even got to Insane nevermind NM. Although not a good thing in itself (deflecting blame), I see this as a smaller problem than the problem above. Caveat: I have not watched the dev stream so I am going purely on the OP's comment; I may also have missed nuances to the comment. However, while I am fairly keen on my DD2, I majorly dislike watching videos rather than reading about something. Especially videos that stretch to 60mins... I don't think I'm the only one. Nor am I having a go at the Devs for only posting videos, because someone will point out they are a small outfit and understaffed, which is an unfortunate but unavoidable fact of life.
  6. Unfortunately, this change didn't make it in time for this hotfix. It is entirely our intention to remove the specials/minibosses from Wave 1. I believe this change is scheduled for the next hotfix next week. Surely in this situation instead of spending time removing loot from these specific bosses in Wave 1, the guys should have just removed the bosses to begin with? You wouldn't have needed to spend time removing the loot from those bosses then, because they're already gone. And this thread wouldn't have been created. That's not having a go, that's just pointing out for future reference. The current way seems to be [1] creating more work (removing loot, then in next hotfix removing boss; as opposed to just removing boss in the first place) and [2] creating more aggro (withness this thread).
  7. This is where I beg to differ. Okay, they are not a big operation, I get that. But when you do any work, particularly with something such as programming, I would consider *testing* to be an integral part of that work. You don't just design/code something and then expect it to work. You run it and test it. Bugs that I can put up with are bugs that are occasional, temperamental, and hard to spot. But in this instance there were a couple of *major* features of the patch that were bugged, and not bugged in an obscure way (i.e. combination of things needed to happen). [1] Serenity Aura. Big headline feature of the patch. Apparently so broken it trivialises everything. Something that should have been picked up if someone actually finished coding it, and then tested it in a map or two. [2] Item rerolls and passive percentages being miniscule i.e. <1%. Again, if they played long enough to get *one* of these items drop, and read the description, they would see something like 0.51% and surely investigate further. Neither of these are hard to spot. I can totally understand if it required a certain combination of events to trigger a bug/problem. Neither of these do. Basic testing was all that was required, and like I said, I appreciate they are not a big organisation, but surely a web designer for starters, *looks* at his website before putting it live. If you've made big changes to Serenity Aura, and passive percentages, surely you run it so you can see it in action. That's part of the developer's/programmer's job, IMO. It gets worse when you consider it's *not the first time this has happened*. You only have to go back to Frosty Towers. Did someone actually *try* the tower in game before it was released, and look at the numbers they were generating? The fact that they've been scaled back by a factor of 4 (!) in this patch shows how far out the original numbers were. That's even before taking into account the alteration to Frost Fire which takes the reduction to an even greater level. Or... Harpoon passives damaging your own defences. Again... equip items, *play a game*, and the problem should've become obvious. None of the above requires hours and hours of playtesting to pick up, nevermind days or weeks. If you can't take a couple of hours to test your major new patch's major new features, then frankly, that's just wrong. PS/= I'm getting deja vu because I'm fairly sure I've written the same thing before. I suspect it was DDE, which Trendy will happily point out, was a different team. But I cannot help but feel a trend is starting to form (no pun intended, cause really this isn't funny).
  8. Maybe. Seeing as I've not used it yet, is there a sell all button? Cause really the last thing I want to do is have to click on every single item in there to sell it. And if there is a sell all button, why don't they just autosell it after X hours? Having to have a player remember to go check the scavenger and hit the sell all button is just an extra, unnecessary burden. And for all you sub-millenials that still have working memories that's fine, but some of us routinely forget things.
  9. That's the problem right there. Nothing else about TIB was broken that I can see. I'd really, really like it back. And I've not even logged into the game post patch - put off by the carnage revealed on here, including this Scavenger thing.
  10. So, prior to the Alpha and Beyond patch... we had all these threads complaining that things were too easy, Frost towers were broken, boasts that people were AFK'ing the hardest levels in the game with their mouse tied behind their back, and asking the Devs to actually make NM hard. And now a few hours after Alpha and Beyond... we have a lot of threads complaining about how hard everything has become. I hope those people complaining about how easy the game was are now happy, and I hope those struggling with the game find it becomes easier over time!
  11. I guess the other point also is that asking for a timeframe doesn't necessarily help. If Josh obliges, but doesn't call it right (easy to happen, timescales get pushed back frequently and more and more problems can be found that need resolving before going live), then it gets used as a rod to beat Trendy with. Some people understand what the E in ETA means, but a lot of people just think "they said the patch would be here at X, it isn't, they lied". Which brings us back to... relax, the patch will be here when it's ready.
  12. Perhaps. I prefer to think of it as, recounting what has happened on several major patches in the past :) The bottom line to take away from my previous post was - if you missed it - relax and chill. The patch will be here when it's ready, and no amount of gnashing of teeth from the forum community is going to get it here any sooner.
  13. I might as well get this out of the way now. Q: When's the patch? A: Coming. (much QQ, gnashing of teeth.) Q: When's the patch, it's usually here by now? A: Coming. It'll be here when it's here. (much QQ, gnashing of teeth.) Q: Will someone please tell us when the patch is coming out? Q: OMG how long is this patch taking, is it coming out today? Josh: We don't have an ETA, but we are working hard to get it out to you. (much QQ, gnashing of teeth.) Q: Still not here, can someone please say if it's coming out today or if I should go do something else? Josh: We still don't have an ETA, but we are still hoping to get it to you by today. (much QQ, gnashing of teeth.) Q: OMG still not here, I've wasted a day relaunching Steam and reloading the forum!!!!111!!! Is it coming out today or do I go to sleep? Josh: We tried really hard but it's now looking like the patch will be tomorrow. Sorry everyone! (all the above slightly tongue in cheek.)
  14. (Italics added) So what changed? :)
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