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  1. Dory and Rusty will be best friends on the stream! Puppy stream!
  2. 10) Survival mode? What about Massacre difficulty? :D
  3. I'd like to share a few tidbits from a production standpoint re: DDA & DD3 - We are completely redesigning the underlying systems that controlled everything in DD1, and doing so in UE4. We're trying to be as smart as possible to allow us the flexibility of expanding functionality in the future, so that we don't have to start from 0 when DD3 begins pre production. The idea is that our systems in DDA should retain a solid foundation to begin working on a new product afterwards. This does not imply that DD3 will necessarily be the exact same type of game - But certainly our systems for Defenses, Hero Abilities, etc will be able to carry over in a smart way. It is not anywhere in our plan to receive external equity funding to create any future products. Our plans are to remain in control.
  4. A good friend from college called me and told me he had this fun idea for a game.
  5. It was never our intention to leave out XBONE & PS4, our intention was to help it get there faster. We're sorry there was ever this confusion in messaging, and thank you for your continued support everyone :)
  6. We're taking a hard look at all design considerations to make sure DDA plays well. Thanks for your feedback :)
  7. It's a high level goal, but we cannot forecast this until the kickstarter wraps up. (I would personally love to do this and think this will be a standard for game development moving forward) Cheers!
  8. 1) All existing art is work in progress. 2) The content you saw in the trailer is DD2 quality art, minus the characters, and in fact the proximity trap visuals you saw in the trailer were made from DD2 source content. Cheers!
  9. Hey everyone, Keys should have been converted 2:1 with Standard Defender Packs. Completing each act of the campaign (6 acts total) should also reward you with 1 time Defender Packs.
  10. Hi please PM me and let me know 1) Does this happen everytime you play a session, or was this a one time occurance? 2) Do other's see this too? 3) What platform? Thanks!
  11. Free To Play: DD1: Free to play. Option to purchase new maps and things that are not necessary to game play. DD2: Pay to win. DD2 promised not to run on a pay to win structure, but if i can buy the best pet in the game (still practically useless against anything other than bosses) and all of the shards that my heart desires (aside from C7 shards), while purchasing more heroes that may be the current meta and on top of all of that, buying gold with starter packs to directly influence how much gear i can upgrade, thereby increasing my stats/ipwr and the gear drops for me. What are you even, I can't what.
  12. Looks like you need some DD2 discord action. With this one trick, you too can be part of the leak train! Our community manager hates it!
  13. *always. Nah not really. I already had one round without picking up any legendary and not a single one got auto-collected mid round. Then your bag must've been full, not set to auto-collect or you didn't notice the legendary item got dropped. I have all off my bags dedicated to auto-collecting legendarys/shards. So space couldn't be the problem. What do you mean by "you didn't notice" you mean the AI didn't notice? Are you 110% sure it wasn't auto collected after the wave completed?
  14. We're looking into it thanks OP's insistence. Thanks!
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