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  1. Dory and Rusty will be best friends on the stream! Puppy stream!
  2. Hey everyone, Keys should have been converted 2:1 with Standard Defender Packs. Completing each act of the campaign (6 acts total) should also reward you with 1 time Defender Packs.
  3. Hi please PM me and let me know 1) Does this happen everytime you play a session, or was this a one time occurance? 2) Do other's see this too? 3) What platform? Thanks!
  4. Free To Play: DD1: Free to play. Option to purchase new maps and things that are not necessary to game play. DD2: Pay to win. DD2 promised not to run on a pay to win structure, but if i can buy the best pet in the game (still practically useless against anything other than bosses) and all of the shards that my heart desires (aside from C7 shards), while purchasing more heroes that may be the current meta and on top of all of that, buying gold with starter packs to directly influence how much gear i can upgrade, thereby increasing my stats/ipwr and the gear drops for me. What are you even, I can't what.
  5. Looks like you need some DD2 discord action. With this one trick, you too can be part of the leak train! Our community manager hates it!
  6. *always. Nah not really. I already had one round without picking up any legendary and not a single one got auto-collected mid round. Then your bag must've been full, not set to auto-collect or you didn't notice the legendary item got dropped. I have all off my bags dedicated to auto-collecting legendarys/shards. So space couldn't be the problem. What do you mean by "you didn't notice" you mean the AI didn't notice? Are you 110% sure it wasn't auto collected after the wave completed?
  7. We're looking into it thanks OP's insistence. Thanks!
  8. We're aware of this and looking at addressing this in the short to medium term. Thanks!
  9. Maybe OP just finished binge watching Hell's Kitchen during #DD2Downtime Shut it Down!
  10. I'm glad you like the mutator(s). This was one of those experiments we did before launch to see how the community would react. While we are still gathering data, I think we agree that mutators like this can be very powerful in mixing up the fun, and we'll figure out how to incorporate this into other DD2 experiences.
  11. We're addressing the issue now, and hopefully will have it resolved ASAP. I mean, I'm not sure if its going to be as fast as my eyes were reading your message (I'm actually a bit winded now, yeesh), but we're certainly going to try!
  12. I really dont understand where is the problem, since in old version of game you could select multiple items and sell them. Why not make it viable in curent version? Just select what you want to move/sell and done. It's on the short to medium term to do list. And FYI, you can currently lock items and when you SELL ALL it will ignore locked items. So mass selling is possible currently.
  13. Please keep in mind that keys should be purchasable with premium currency GEMS and earned currency Defender Medals.
  14. Are you trying to tell me that EA players on PC (your core group) get nothing. You get to play the game and help shape it's future, that's the spirit of EA. As an EA adopter, you also got access to tons of exclusive stuff that players who start today wont. and why in the hell would you not give us a map first? XBONE players get the map first simply because it's an initial platform release. Despite what you may think we actually supported PS4 and PC considerably more over the last 2 years, so it's something nice we can do for a large portion of our player base. Don't worry though, we aren't gating this content or making it exclusive though. Please be patient :) Now you are completely ignoring us From my vantage point, I see a group of tired developers staying up late to improve server stability for all platforms, not just trying to appease one group. Also, XBOX players historically got the shaft for DD1 DLC, so please be understanding. I think the boys at microsoft must have made a great deal for trendy to toss us out the window like this. They were kind enough to support us on their platform, and we are very thankful for all of our partners. Including our fans, supporters, and customers (you). I'm sorry the guys didn't get to your emails, we have a lot of emails we haven't been able to get to, but we're trying! Thanks for the post.
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