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  1. Well im central time everyone! ^_^ Ive been fooling around a bit and yes mooching is by far the easiest to do. If anyone would like to meet up we could just add on steam!
  2. What platform do you play on? I will teach you the ways I'm confused about pc. As I left right after trans was released. I'm still up to date on Ps3. :D And thanks, what time zone are you?
  3. O_o !! Haha, is the turtle still being passed around?!?
  4. Haha, glad to see you again twin. :D
  5. Hi guys, I doubt many of you know me, but I've recently gotten back into DD again after hosting events and working rather closely with many people on the forum. I'm just here to say hi, ask how everyone's been doing, and to ask for a "mentor" in the ways of the new DD I.e. where to farm gear, weapons, exp, and just the best towers and characters. Just post under here if anyone wants to play sometime! ~Josh
  6. Did the amount of players in the lobby decrease/increase?
  7. Do you eat vegemite by any chance? XD Its basically nutella right? I've never actually had it...
  8. Dear defenders, As you may know kobolds are one of the most annoying enemies in the game, but it's not there fault. They have been enslaved by the Old Ones and are forced to be sucide bombers. For just pennies a day you can sponsor a kobold and it can be on its way to a better life. Make a donation today and save the kobolds! Also, due to zippy terror farmers the kobalds are an endangered species! Please donate!
  9. Sharken definitely mix up your Tower centric builds... especially... heh heh heh... your physical tower builds :) -Jer This is what I get for having only 1 set of tower armor? Thanks Jer! -_- I see much grinding in my future.
  10. Minecraft Haha same.^ After a straight 8 hr NM HC Moraggo run one needs some respite.
  11. Well the ev skin as it is now is damn ugly imo. Also the price for ev was higher than the barbarian as well. I've gotta agree with this. It's like a junkyard got centered around a magnet and WHAM a Series EV is born.
  12. Use taptalk. I am glad someone in the 8th grade can think this far ahead. I'd advice getting the engine working first, then making sure you have seats and such. A lot of interior work is costly and you probably can't do. I have the tools to do most of my repairs and my dad was a mechanic for a number of years and we still have problems with things ;) Tl;dr Take the engine apart and make it nice Yeah, I like to take the perks of being more mature than most adullts... It's amazing our country these days. (America) Also, my dad is a mechanic by lineage, not by trade. My grandpa and G
  13. I went and checked that thread, you present it like it's full of people having problems - what I see is a thread full of solutions for you. She's not that hard. She's a little hard to do solo, but she was never intended to be done solo. If you insist on doing it solo and making it harder for yourself, you can't complain that it's too hard. If you're failing her with 2-4 people in the game you're just doing something wrong. Plenty of people can kill her, why can't you? Yeah, hate to be mean but I completed it on my 3rd try with 3 people, and my squire builder at the time was only 900/1400/80
  14. Best episode EVER! It's saved to my desktop. XD
  15. You will often be called a hacker, but if you got it yourself don't worry about it. P.S. I'd buy that for a lot =). This^ If you feel safe using it, and sound in your mind that you obtained it fairly than use away. :D
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