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  1. Message or send me a friend request on xbox. GT CKGxJAY
  2. Here is my GT and a bunch of my friends are new to the game They are completely legit as well. GT CKGxJAY GT CKGxNothing GT CKGxAIR GT LicenceToFail GT CKGxVoicingFung
  3. Dredd's Lawmaker is a huntress weapon.
  4. Hello my GamerTag is CKGxJAY. I used to help run the old events on xbox 360 and still have a lot of left over event weapons. That I am willing to hand out to legit players, message me if you would like some. Some of these weapons are more of collector item then do be actually used. :apprentice: Here are some of the event weapons. Neuralizer Blade of the East - Squire - 56 upgrades Dredd's Lawmaker - Huntress -70 and more.
  5. Ill come and help you out for the good old times
  6. why is it so hard to believe that some people have better luck than you? I will run some testing later, since you will not be appeased until you have been proven wrong. Though I doubt that you will believe me, even after I exert the effort of checking the numbers. I just don't know why everyone screams that something is broken, just because they have bad luck. RNG algorithm that this game uses is not perfect. For the presents, it has a prerequisite of a number between 1 and 10000(i'm assuming) each number between these are pre-assigned to a certain tower, loot, mana, or mob. the RNG then picks
  7. Perfect for me. It's the right balance. You have to get out of the overlord mode. If not it would be op as hell. Sent from my GT-I9000B using Tapatalk 2 if you could remain invisible or in rst mode to get mana you would be way to op. it just takes time to get used to
  8. when i play as the summoner. i like to move his units around and hit the areas that have heavy mobs in it to help clear out. i find him help full also because he grants you double du which can be used to make lvls easier. when my friend i tried survival we throw down summoner units down in key points with support from auras and cross bow turrets and it worked really well.
  9. i just like the summoner cause he has his own du and it wouldnt eeffect the regular du which will end up giving you more defenses
  10. i dont see the main section being done but it would be nice for the trading section.
  11. the summoner is an all tower charecter. that would make it interesting
  12. i would rather have the summoner. after what i saw today.
  13. i do he is an amazing charecter i was in the preiview game and the things you can d are amazing
  14. thank you, i will clear that up now! finaly captian does something usefull :)
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