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  1. Woah, I thought there was only one generic hitbox on enemies, I should be going for headshots?
  2. By content I meant the 4 costumes, pet, and title. If the cost of the 4 costumes is around $10 to buy the gems needed, $10 for the DLC would of been a nice price range
  3. Would of rather had just the content minus the gems and reduced the overall price a bit
  4. A 4x10 would double your DPS. An elemental weapon would double it again, seeing as that bow doesn't have CHD to lose out on the swap. The more CH you have, the less your DPS will fluctuate. Alright cool. Still trying to wrap my head around all of it. 4x10 seems to be a unicorn to find, but i'll keep trying! Is there any specific place I should be farming to get a good bow or just wherever?
  5. So this is where i'm at right now, i'm still missing a bunch of the passives, would a bow with elemental as secondary make that much more of a difference at this point? My DPS is kind of all over the place, it likes to only float around 30k and spike to 58k every few seconds or so
  6. Been a bug for a while, I just always figured it was already reported, super annoying though.
  7. Getting it also on a couple other maps, the little DBZ pet turns into a mini-sun because of the bloom
  8. Did someone play with the bloom values?
  9. No problem at all with them being bigger as I stated in my post, just the placement of them becomes extremely problematic (moreso than before) because their footprint is bigger than the model suggests, so you're constantly moving it around a millimeter at a time trying to make things fit, it's just frustration. My suggestion, either make the baseplate physically bigger to represent its actual footprint, or place a small ring overlay like the traps to indicate a placement 'zone'
  10. This new tower size thing is so frustrating. If you want to make us not clump as much, and have bigger turrets thats fine, but either make the physical model the same size as the bounding box, or put a placement border around it like traps. This mini-game I have to play when placing defenses of slowly edging everything around only serves to slow the game down and is frustrating.
  11. That question was mine, I also asked about transmog for weapons, both answers I got were extremely iffy Lol
  12. Having it in HTML5 would make it heaps more accessible.
  13. Can't find one at all, days and days of grinding and nothing.
  14. Any possibility of a transmog system in the future? Example, I like the aesthetics of one bow, but the defacto 'have-to-have' bow I find ugly, I simply pay to have the stats swapped onto the one I find visually appealing Also, will it ever be possible to use regular unlocked costume pieces in combination with the 'outfits' that we buy
  15. There's also the option to pop them with real money, so imagine paying for the same duplicate item... Poor design IMO
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