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  1. Yes.. but they have to be on a hero of the appropriate class to work. (Which is the whole question that the OP has been asking.).
  2. Automation isn't in Boldface in the item description. Hearty Blockade is. Boldface indicates a Class-specific.
  3. Doable yes. Fun no. Tedious, irritating and stupid is how I would describe the clickfest.
  4. Map can definitely be done solo (Did it 3 times already) But.. .... It is NOT enjoyable at all run solo. The Dev who came up with this mechanic and thought that it would be "fun" should be fired. Seriously... the running click fest for a single character is miserable.
  5. Except... That I picked Incursion. Specifically. Also the Ipower on the Toxic Shock was 712 and I'm pretty sure that standard NM4 map doesn't drop loot that high (Based on it's I800 power desc. on the battle table).
  6. Yes... Are you? Why is it surprising to you that a new map could somehow be buggy on release day?
  7. Incursion... Also had an oddity where some of the mobs seemed to be dying as they were entering the zone. Not all of them but a few were taking damage where none of my towers could hit them. (Either that or the Skel Archers were shooting through walls)
  8. Also... Never saw any spectral knights. And yes, I was clicking the glowing swords in the wells.
  9. Just like the title says. Soloed the map, left my squire out and removed all other heroes from the deck for the last wave, completed it... ...and No sword. Instead, the chest at the end coughed up a Toxic Shock Bow.
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