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  1. Came back to the game after a year+ away and see that they (finally) added the tower skins which were promised all the way back in the pre-order days.

    However, although I purchased both the "Starter edition" back in 2015 and the "Dragonfall Defender" upgrade in 2016, I don't have access to the tower skins in the cosmetics tab. 

    I can see the "Council" skins but can't apply them.

    Any Idea who to contact?

  2. @Jojozityjo quote:

    hmm, i was expecting a more hateful post out of you skull, but that post is dignified to get a response, that's quite nice, makes you seem more of an understanding person than your previous posts.

    Problem I had before was that you were stating a contradiction that I just couldn't wrap my head around.

    ~ On one hand you claimed to be able to AFK NM4 content implying that you have decent gear and a general knowledge of how to play the game.

    ~ On the other you claimed that the new incursion was too hard and that you couldn't beat it even on NM1 difficulty.

    Since anyone who really is able to solo NM4 content shouldn't be challenged by something as simple as the NM1 incursion it appeared as though you were either Trolling, lying about being able to handle NM4 content, somehow unable to solve the relatively simple puzzle/challenge that the timed incursion presents or all of the above. 

    Thus my general lack of sympathy/support.

    With the added bit of information that your timer issues are due to a somewhat compulsive need to have all the towers "just so" then the rest of what you said finally made some sense.

    Again, I too like a certain symmetry in the build design for most maps however I also realized early on that the new incursion required me to go back to my old DD1 Nightmare tactics of "drop 'em and run!" for tower placement if I wanted to clear all of the waves in time.

    But... to each their own. If a clean build is more desirable to you than the unique drops from the incursion then I guess that it is what it is then. 

  3. @Jojozityjo quote:

    andyeah, my ocd isnt so much about the arc of the tower spread, like the archers, i get very maticulous about if they are perfectly close enough, are they in a straight line? are they far enough away for this/that/those/them/etc are they are symetrical with the other sides archers? etc .. im bad, im really bad about it, my ocd probablys needs help XD

    So.. The problem isn't the game.. Or the map.. Or the timer..

    It's the fact that you choose not to play it in an efficient manner.

    Got it.. Understood.

    Hell, I generally enjoy placing towers with a certain symmetry myself, you pretty much have to if you want to put 10 archer units on a buff beam.

    Ultimately though you have to decide if you want everything to be "just so" or do you want the gear from the incursion. It's basically one or the other.



  4. @Jojozityjo quote:

    wow sozi, why dont you just stfu and go be a-hole somewhere else, take your elitist attitude elsewhere, im not really here to whine, just voice my opinion and make some convo about a game im following and enjoy

    did i make a post asking for help? no i dang well didnt, i didnt even make this thread to talk about the new incursion,

    No, you made this post...

    "I couldnt beat the stupid thing on NM1, ONE, i rock NM4 all the time, with afk-able prowess. But that time limit, is stupid, there is no time to build,"

    You claim to be able to "rock" NM 4 content and yet you whine about how ~hard~ the new incursion is on even NM1.

    Clearly you have no clue how to build/play this map because as I and others have pointed out it is fairly easy to succeed at even on NM4 with just a little bit of practice for anyone even remotely well geared. (which you claim to be)

    Learn 2 Play.

    Build the entire map first. This takes about 90 seconds. Then hit "G" and upgrade while the mobs are being killed.

    Repeat = Win.

  5. @Jojozityjo quote:

    and skullbob, yes, i was serious, the maps timing is just way too tight, even with starting the map hitting G right as it loads and dropping orcs to protect the crystal so you can build defenses, you still have a chance to lose cause the mobs spawn so slow, even building right up on the doors, they still take a while to spawn and get out of their protection zone, for those of us who arent guru gaming ninja, that's pretty damn hard to do, even with the best gear lol

    Again... You aren't doing it right.

    Build the map first (All of it) THEN hit G.

  6. @Jojozityjo quote: And i realized, the ballista incursion, is bs. You cant win it without going balls to the wall out of your hair to beat that clock. I couldnt beat the stupid thing on NM1, ONE, i rock NM4 all the time, with afk-able prowess. But that time limit, is stupid, there is no time to build, you have to hit G the milisecond you drop in and hope to god you can build beore the mobs get to the crystal, and the only to do that, is with abyss lord, since their towers auto pop up, and even then, it's chancy as hell.

    ... Not sure if serious...

    The thing is cake to beat on NM1-3, and only takes losing a few times on NM4 to figure out how to beat it.

    You just aren't doing it right.

  7. @Furied quote:

    @ChrisH36 quote:

    I myself nuked my options and did the defaults and I still couldn't get it working. It is not only the assignment, but it is something behind the scenes that is also causing it.

    They will probably fix it next patch or something.

    If a settings reset didn't fix it then the program failed to save your settings, which can happen for numerous reasons.  It won't change with a patch, its a problem with residual settings not being changed.  The problem is with your computer, not the game or its servers.

    Nope. That might not be it at all.

    He probably did the reset in-game which will NOT fix the EV issue.

    You have to do the reset from the main screen before you log into play to be able to reset the stupid control properly.

  8. DPS: Great

    Buff Beam: Great but limited in use due to DU cost

    Proton Beam: Marvelous! (With Panic Fire & Press your Luck). Would like confirmation that this is "working as intended" though before committing to building a full on Crit Damage set for her.

    Reflect Beam: Good but limited use due to low frequency of mobs using range attacks which matter (Harbinger excluded)

    Weapon Manufacture: Ugh.

  9. Here is a diagram of my layout.

    ~ 13 Archers (22k Damage Base)  ~ Angle the ones by the Crystal so that they will cover both lanes at 90 degrees.

    ~ 3 Blockades (300k base) ~ really never need upgrading as they rarely get hit.

    ~ 3 Purge Auras - The bigger, the better.

    ~ 3 Frost Towers - with as much Snowstorm/slow as you can get on them.

    Handles NM IV Incursion AFK so long as you keep upgrading the Archers between rounds.


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