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  1. Dev Log 79: Power Surge Update on July 19th!

    @Iamnoone22 quote:

    Guys its new players crying fowl... that's the issue. Blame it on all the noobs to the game that can't even complete the freaking campaign.

    No, it's not.

    Some of us have been around since DD1 Beta.

    The core issue here is the dishonesty.

    Don't tell us that you plan to leave the AL alone and buff up the other characters and content to match him WHILE THE AL SALES ARE AT THEIR PEAK and then come back and nerf him anyway two months later after sales have dried up.

    In response to Iamnoone22

  2. Dev Log 79: Power Surge Update on July 19th!

    Understand the concern, but trust me... He will still be well worth the purchase. He's just been too strong for far too long. Hoping EV2's T5 crit at T1 will be on the chopping block next.

    And I say this as a person who has all 3 of the new characters, all of their spheres, and enough hours in this game to be ashamed of my lack of a life...

    Its not a bait and switch, just balancing the game.

    In response to Skullbob

    No, it's Bait and switch pure and simple.
    When Abyss Lord Sales were at their peak they told us straight out that they were not going to nerf the AL but instead would bring the other characters "up to his level" .

    Don't believe me? Listen to their answer to the question asked at 35:52.


    Instead, all they did was wait for sales of the character to taper off before they nerfed him.

    Dishonesty from a business should NOT be rewarded.

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