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  1. It's really unfortunate that they have switched focus to the XBox. I can understand that working to release something on the switch is a much more difficult task, but according to the roadmap it is almost 3x more in demand than XBox. Also, if you can get it working smoothly on the Switch, it will almost certainly work smoothly on an XBox or PS4, as their hardware is much better. It's possible that switching focus to the XBox is because it's possibly similar to code for it compared to PC, whereas Switch & PS4 differ greatly. The first thing that came to mind when this news of the console focus switch hit is wondering whether they got money from Microsoft to do this. I really do wish Chromatic Games the best in the development of this game. I have this on PC and am awaiting the Switch & PS4 releases as I backed them also. The original Dungeon Defenders is one of my most favourite games and I got all the DLC not only because of the additional content, but because I got so much enjoyment out of the game. I have already gotten plenty of enjoyment out of DDA but would really like to see a finished product one day.
  2. Thank you for the update. I would love to hear more information on controller support and console progress, if that's at all possible.
  3. I have PS4 and PC, and they're both separate. So no, they don't share. I was never prompted with any kind of login on PS4, so it's just linked to your PS4 account I guess.
  4. I haven't completed campaign but get daily missions. Up to act 5 or 6 or something. You literally get 1 a day as far as I can tell, up to a maximum of 3.
  5. Not sure what you're talking about, but I can find hero & tower damage stats just fine. Hero damage: It's the sword icon when in the inventory screen. Link: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Heroes#Hero_Damage Tower Damage: This is known as defense power. Link: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Defense_Power
  6. I think they should allow for multiple character controls for the 1 deck. It's a simple solution. I don't care if they leave drops the same as a single player game. My niece & nephew loved playing DD1 with me on my computer, and I'd like the option to do it on my PC too. I think the solution could be something like: If 2 players, each choose 2 slots in the deck. If 3 players, main player controls 2 people. And 4 players is obvious.
  7. I'm only level 19 atm (as in plain lvl 19, not ascension level) so yeah very new to this. I've noticed the red icons on the minimap though. I have just thought maybe there's an option for all defenses to show HP when in a certain range, as I'm pretty sure it's on mouse-over only atm. The Shift press sounds like a great way to check HP, thanks a lot for that [[146531,users]]!
  8. I've only just started playing this game again, and haven't found the easiest way to identify when barriers are about to get busted. Perhaps because so many people are new, they're having this issue as well. If you have any handy hints on how to identify this easily, or perhaps if Trendy were to implement some kind of notification, that would be great.
  9. The controller support seems to be pretty good. My fiance reported an issue with being able to jump, but I haven't seen the problem at hand yet so don't know if it's our controllers, how she's pressing the button, or if it's DD2 at fault yet. It's a very good first implementation of it imho.
  10. You state that you're going to port over the functionality, however you're talking about porting over PS4 functionality over to PC, which uses Xbox controllers. Will it even port over well? Really hoping controller support comes very soon, as my fiance loves playing DD with a controller, but the keyboard drives her nuts and so far has only played twice alongside me. Controller support for me means I can be more persuasive when asking her to come play DD2 with me :) Keep up the great work Trendy! I'm actually getting a bit used to this DD2 finally! (sooo much more enjoyable with 2 players!!!!) PC, too. :) Once the PS4 version (handled by Human Head Studios) irons everything out, it's our plan to port over the functionality to the PC/Mac/Linux versions.
  11. 1. With auto-aim, you could easily face a direction and help defenses take out monsters, and use a genie and/or other pets to gain mana 2. It would take a long walk to get monsters to follow you in a different direction if you were standing on a crystal 3. Some kind of stun ability for ranged combat 4. Weapons that have an alternate fire with a projectile that circles you X amount of times, where depending on how long you hold it in depends on how far out it goes, and how often it circles (the longer you hold, the further out, but the less amount it circles you). Other alternate fires could affect already existing projectiles such as explosive ones, so if you hold alt fire, it might fire X amount of projectiles in a fanned way (like the multi-projectile weapons) where X increases as you hold it in, but splash area & damage reduces). I'm sure you see where I'm going with 4, and I'm sure the community can come up with lots of other fantastic ideas! :)
  12. Final Fantasy, up until FFX. Haven't been into the later ones much. GTA series is good too :)
  13. If you're going to buy it to experience Dungeon Defenders 2, I would wait until the game is officially released, and THEN buy a computer. Then you'll get best bang for your buck imho. :)
  14. For wall build pump it all into Tower Health. I have about 3k thealth & 1k everything else, and I use the default EV skin. I'm also building a DPS EV with the new skin from Tinkerer's Lab (v1.5)
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