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  1. 50. You really don't need to waste upgrades on ranged past this. It only boosts the 5 closest, so no matter the range you need to be closer to the 5 you want to boost than any others. And 50 is more than enough. I go with 50-60 as well. Even if you need to jump in front and get loot, it will still buff the towers near you. Anything more than that is a waste of points unless you're a barbarian, then I wouldn't use a guardian.
  2. Pure DPS (aka non tower) Hunter/Huntress, basically they're mobile towers that hit alot harder and can move around where needed and not get in harms way AND you can repair easier in higher levels. Barbarian is also affective, but you need to be more of a skilled player so you don't go out there and get rofl'stompped cause you think you're stronger than you actually are.
  3. Sounds really interesting, unfortunately I do not own DD for the PC. I will be buying it really soon though. :-) What?! You're a volunteer mod and Trendy hasn't given you a free copy to check things out. Hitmonchan get on this! :P
  4. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe some of the beta team is made up of the 'hardcore players'. And of course with any update, there will always, always be bugs. The beta team takes out the bigger/obvious ones and then the community takes care of the rest.
  5. IMHO this would be horribly imbalanced. It would almost be like having two familiars. Not only that, but if someone joined my server with this character and he was filling DU with a 'summon' that only protects himself... well, he wouldn't be in for long. I don't know if you read the post after I made the edit, but the warlock class would not have anything to do with DU's. All skills would consume mana and would be on a timer or as long as the character is casting. So I could drop all 3 of the first skills right away, they would last for so long, and then there would be a 'recharge' timer b
  6. Quicker implementation is not a good thing. The idea of another class sounds good, but even in my unfamiliarity it seems like your class idea has a lot of AOE and mirror towers that were already given to separate classes. Sure the class would be fun to play, but would other classes be able to maintain their advantage Can I ask what you mean by "Maintain their advantage"? One of the complaints by alot of people is that especially in survival mode, once you get to a high enough level, it's all about survivability and repairing. With this class, you can do more active dps. And in the higher
  7. More of a DPS class w/ some crowd control. The nice thing about this class is that it's based around what the game already offers, so it should have quicker implantation compared to other 'warlock' ideas. To play this character will take more skill/timing/placement/etc... The idea behind this character is that they do a large amount of damage when their casting, so they can go from area to area to help clear out large area's of mobs. And they have to be smart/selective in their skills cause some mobs are immune to it. Skill Ideas Poison Curse - AOE Cast - Enemy's walk through a cloud of po
  8. As stated in another thread, I'm kinda shocked that Trendy isn't sticking to the St. Patrick's Day Theme as they have with previous holiday themes. Then with all the other popular ideas, they could come up with a costume DLC and charge $1 or 2 (KEEP THE PRICE LOW) and at least make some money off of it. But I get 10% of the earnings for the idea. :P
  9. Chaos, I really like when I find a couple skins I like because it helps me make my character that much more identifiable and customized. That's what keeps me coming back to games, but I understand for many people it's just an added bonus. Your point is well taken though; free DLC could very well be holiday related and the more stylistically appealing and practical choices could be saved for paid DLC from a business standpoint. Shindria, As you can see here, my suggestions have some apparent support. To be fair, I don't have "Leprechaun Barbarian" or "St. Patrick Barbarian" on the list, but I
  10. In the past it has been common knowledge to create a character skin based on the holiday, but for some reason they opened up the St. Patrick's Day DLC to whatever. Trendy in a sense is shooting themselves in the foot. Cause they could be releasing a few (2-4) new skins during holidays, but all the other random skins that people want they could be turning into a DLC pack. And in all reality you have to really think about what it is... it's a skin, doesn't do any benefit to the game and is it really worth 'dramatizing'.
  11. By not voting, I have no doubt that many people have already made that choice. This is just an unofficial poll, and people are welcome to offer their own suggestions in the comments as I said before. You're not getting out of the fact that you made a ****ish comment, though. Everyone here can see that. You just didn't like my answer and are raging. So simmer down.
  12. And watch as that poll is full of seasonal bullcrap that nobody really wants. They compile all the ideas that people wanted to see regardless if they're good/bad idea and not the idea of just one person.
  13. Simmer down kid. I asked a basic question, nothing 'douchey/trollish' about it. Usually it's fair to the people voting to have an option to not pick any at all since all the characters are based on what you want, but not necessarily what everyone wants.
  14. Why don't you just wait for Hitmonchan to put the real poll up for it?
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