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  1. I would never have backed the game if it wasn't launching on Linux. The fact that it's taking so long almost makes me regret backing it at all. Now players from all over have completely free access to the game, and I still have nothing.
  2. Apparently there's now a private, closed Linux beta for DD on Steam! \o/ You need a password to try it, not sure who can grant you access. First you need to install it like normal, then right click Dungeon Defenders, go to Properties, then the Betas tab and select the "linuxbeta - Linux beta testing" item in the dropdown. You will then be prompted for a password. I can't wait, this'll be great! :-) Oh, and no, I don't have access either :(
  3. It's to do with the ut engine. You have to re-download the big files,as the big files cannot be patched. Sure they can, all files can be patched. The process is very simple and lots of applications use it, including Firefox; 1. Take a checksum of the local file that needs updating 2. Download a binary diff 3. Download a checksum of the new (complete, patched) file from the server 4. Apply binary diff locally 5. Get a checksum of the local file 6. Verify that the two checksums match (7. If not, download the complete file from the server) Whether or not Steam supports this, I don't k
  4. We need to voice our appraisals and accolades as well We do that all the time. With money. TE isn't a baby that you need to nurture, they're a commercial entity and you PAID for the game. You have the right to complain as much as you want. Of course, they have the right to ignore you as well. Whether or not that's a good business model is for them to decide. There's a saying that goes like "for every single complaint you get, there's a thousand that you don't get" (because they don't even bother). TE should frame that on a wall in their office. However I do agree with the point you made
  5. As for it being easily solved, maybe yes, maybe no. You're right; maybe yes and maybe no. Thing is, if the answer is "no", the code is horribly written. And that's all there is to it. If the code was done properly, the issues you described above would be solved in mere minutes. That said, though, of course the fixes would have consequences like higher memory usage and lower frame rates. But they would be fixable in an instant regardless. So the code must be horrible then. That's the only conclusion. And so, I (sincerely) wish the TE engineers good luck on their journey to understanding
  6. I just soloed NM HC ES using 13x DSTs and 6x mblocks :P 4x antiair DSTs angled so they get the maximum coverage on paths downstairs. 4x north-facing DSTs on the southern part. 5x DSTs behind the northern crystal. 2x mblocks on each choke. On the last wave the mblocks got blown to pieces and I had to do some recovery with my manabomb and knockbacks, but up to wave 8 I did nothing :) My DSTs hit for like 55k base and I have about 700/800 range/attack rate. Anyway, was just for fun! EDIT: Aaaand 33 MM towers did the job, haha :D 12x north, 13x south and 8x for anti-air. 3x mblocks nort
  7. Yeah those are the Misty spawns. Fun fact; if you load up Endless Spires in cubicleninja, the northernmost spider spawn on the map is not markable; it's actually close to the title bar of your browser window ;) Go up there next time, to the north chest, and start a wave - you'll see spiders falling from the sky far outside the map!
  8. Do you use a strength drain + ensnare aura for the queen? Also, I don't really sell lane towers, I just sell the anti-air towers and use those for the queen along with the spider towers. For me, I end up with 2x FB + 2x MM at each choke and the rest goes towards killing the queen.
  9. I share your pain with the ogre spit balls, but I've adapted to the spiders. You see, no matter if I have fireball turrets and harpoons hammering an ogre, I can still distinguish the sound they make when they charge up - and release (different sounds) - their webs. I also know when they're about to jump. Pay more attention to the spider sounds next time, it's very easy to discern from all the other sounds going on around you. Spit balls though? Get your poison resistance up ;)
  10. Very well said, brophog. I'm not sure if TE realises this, but there are people in their community who are more experienced at what they are doing than themselves. Me included. If they were to - say - ask us what the best practices for programming in teams are, I'm sure they'd get lots of constructive feedback. Myself I've worked on several enterprise-scale projects, oriented both towards users and professionals, and the best practices for development don't really change. It's clear to me that these practices are not understood by the TE developers. If it was, this would not keep happenin
  11. I have a rather large collection of 200 screens and 4 traps video that prove beyond any doubt that what I say is true And I do misty which goes to 30 Why don't you post those, then, instead of making me waste my time reading through your awful posts? Because I do - I want to read the thread - I want to know if someone posts something that is actually insightful or some new information comes to light. So far, you have failed to deliver.
  12. Why does Mirradin's build only use 139/140 DU? Because at the end of wave 12 you sell one DST (8 DU) and build 3x MM (9 DU).
  13. My app tower stats are 500/800/400/600 so I might be to weak to even do it. No, stop wasting time in shops and practice more :) When I got her down on my first attempt my stats were not much higher. As I found out, she could've had 500 million hitpoints, it doesn't make any difference. Once you know how the fight works and execute it correctly it becomes just a matter of staying focused; repairing stuff and dodging spiderwebs. Whether it lasts 1 minute or 5 hours is of no consequence except for your level of concentration.
  14. Tried that strat in the guide, she still just wrecked the walls and let the creeps flow in shortly after the fight started. Lucky if I got 2 mil health off her. I moved my eastern lane up here http://html5.cubicleninja.com/cubicleninja/html5/dd/index.htm?layout=14903 and she never touched them.
  15. The 5th post on the 1st page has a build that can be used to solo the boss. I just wanted to point that out since I found it very useful - I was able to solo the boss my first attempt in a little over an hour. I used zero hero-dps on the boss and my resistances were (still are) crap. Indeed, same for me I soloed it on first attempt using that setup. She probably killed 20 towers during the fight, but it's just a matter of rebuilding them and making sure to run and repair the lanes when needed and when you have the chance (like right after you kill all her small spiders or after you've repai
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