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  1. Isn't that what Kobalds are supposed to do? Deal high damage if they are able to make it to their target? It's a one shot explosion that kills themself in the process vs DEW which can linger around with high HPS (hits per sec). In all my career of DD1 until I got to a point where I can semi-AFK, I clearly remember getting more stressed over a screaming Kobald vs an Ogre strutting towards me.
  2. I wish I had items that I could cap my stats at exactly 2k, I'd run my build and see if it still works.
  3. Well since I don't like leaving things to RNG, let's go with a minimalist wishlist instead. Complete campaign + shards with lv74 sub 1k stat chars (this means no stats past 999) on NMHC - Done from original to sky city. Complete Campaign + Shards NMHC with lv74 sub 1k and no buff beams Complete CD on NMHC with lv74 sub 1k Complete all missions on NMHC lv74 sub 1k Complete campaign + shards with lv60 sub 600 stat chars on NMHC - since the myth gear was too doable. With my regular 2-3k characters: Complete Campaign + Shards with only the original 4 characters and default skins, no duplicat
  4. It's gotta be something with my graphics settings then or I'm not looking at the correct location for the score. The top right of the monitor I assume is the score? That number just keeps ticking up each time a note passes regardless of if I hit a note or just stay off it completely. So it doesn't go from 1->2->3->4->5->stay off->4->3->2 etc.. it just keeps going up and up and up. Oh after re-reading Cz's post I'll try that out. I didn't do the DDR machine after clicking on the fish, maybe that's why the scoring didn't matter at all and just kept ticking up. That's als
  5. I can only imagine the joy of finding a U++ armor but with 104/104 already and not really having the patience to do 25-35 waves of survival, I can settle with Myth/Trans sets =p.
  6. So as strange as it might seem, even though I had moonbase downloaded I've never done the map until yesterday. Loaded it up with a friend on hard to see enemy pathing when I noticed that the map doesn't end until all 3 crystals are destroyed we ended up using that as a strat to beat the map on NMHC. Is that actually a viable strat or is that looked down upon? Also I recall people raving about a pet that you can get on this map as a secret reward, my friend and I only got the fish which wasn't anything to upgrade anything I currently own. Is that the reward pet or is there another one? Also h
  7. For whatever reason I thought the title said how many ultimate seahorses are floating around then I was really confused when people were talking about ULT++ sets. I personally have seen nothing higher than Trans armor on my own, my friend got a Sup armor piece from Lab. So when people say ULT++ I keep telling myself, oh that's nothing new I get U++ weapons all the time.
  8. Oh wait... were we actually going for style?
  9. It's been a while since I last posted and this quote is still auto filled in. Doesn't change how I feel about the coming patch though, even if breaking Killing Floor 2's Early Access is eating up most of my time.
  10. CZ's setup works for a large number of us. I have different positioning for my minions but where everything is located is roughly about the same area. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=209123541 - I do more of a dogbone setup on the westside now though. A A M S S M A A Everything else is roughly the same.
  11. On GTH if you don't have 3 second instagib dps characters try out of bounding. Of course most of us will say don't bother with the map once you get the achievement though.
  12. Thanks Trendy for not closing the door on DD1 and listening to the community. Best of luck to Acen for taking a lead role on the 2nd community patch and long live DD1.
  13. It also won't switch if the character is in the same slot (on different pages)
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