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  1. Retribution and endgame equipped hunters top out at about 4m on dummy. My barb in the game gear with a 32k and 30k sword does roughly 10m Let's see get in melee range or pewpew for 4m damage from far away?
  2. Already uninstalled and playing some long neglected Single player RPG's I have yet to finish. It sucks that when a full room of friends starts to make headway in progression, constantly altaring builds and placements to get it just right to start getting that nicer gear and Bam! Hand full of ****. I'm the strategist of my friends and i've tried mixing and matching turrets traps walls aura using all 4 elements with 1k+ stats and by wave 10-12 in Misty is just start falling apart. Traps charges expire. Nightmare was already fun and hard for average and above average players. But I just feel robb
  3. I thought the trade errors were corrected, I guess not. Is this company owned or run by people who previously worked for NCSoft? If so that will "explain" alot to me. And I won't have to worry about it anymore.
  4. "Altered gear" or "Hacked" gear has a completely empty row below the last stat. If you think something is hacked try to find the full row blank with nothing on it.
  5. 200 mil steamid- [email]cda_lt_strider@yahoo.com[/email]
  6. Again I am posting a request of information. What is the issue going on with the server disconnections for fractions of a second? I know I'm gonna lose but would like to not prematurely get booted from a game without a learning experience to get further and complete it. So I'd like to die to the final :kobold: and not a silly "I'm sorry but we're screwing you because we can" message. Just some info on that please JPeters. I am aware of the Vast amounts of complaints. I say again, I just want some Info.
  7. Yes thanks Jpeters for the response good to "know" what happened. I'm not gonna ask for anything back or recompensation. Information is all I wanted to know. Keep up the good work and hope the new office is Cozy.
  8. yeah i just lost about 3 hours of gameplay found some nice boots and shuffled gear on toons the way i want them. All gone.
  9. I hope one of you guys actually reads this and tries to do something about Issues that are going Unresolved. Yes you are stressed with issues you keep trying to fix. I understand. But you have no actual Public Relations going on here. A forum Moderator is just someone to "calm" the masses. You have a very large player base who enjoy the game but are getting more and more disappointed with what is going on, with your end. Sure we don't pay a monthly fee for the game. But you do add content to charge us more. And with adding content comes more variables and issues to maintain. Just seriously tak
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