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  1. Names of those games, or GTFO! =) Honestly.. throw the names out there so we can look, review, validate and perhaps find something else to do during the 6-8 hour gaps between posts here! ..and what's PoE? --Akkim - Path of Exile. - You could have asked 'nicely' you know.. - Darkspore (currently playing) - Mythos (alternative, cheaper/f2p option) - ^^;
  2. It's really been quite a while since I last posted on these forums. I have checked back every now and then, but I didn't want to waste my time joining in on the line of QQ'rs. Today I'll stray from that path, except it's not so much a QQ but more a notice on the side. Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic regarding this game, it doesn't help much by trying to defend or complain about it. All that you're doing in my point of view is either aggravate each other or band together in an attempt to aggravate the devs into releasing something new. And I think if it really got to that point, then maybe it's time to move on. At least I have. DD is an excellent concept of mixing TD with RPG elements. I bought the game on my iPhone when it got released just to show my support even if just a little bit. I played it once but never again because I loathe playing games on small devices. I've heard there appear to be some 'problems' with it though. Anyway.. the real reason I decided to post here.. If we're really going to compare the game to Diablo, Torchlight and PoE (as mentioned in the "Official" thread) I can't help but say that there are many more just like it and have been released quite recently. I'm not going to name them here, but look around if you're interested. What I'm trying to say is.. There are more 'games' out there and if things keep up like this, sooner or later they will fill the gap where DD has failed to. I'm currently playing one of the games I am referring to and it's really going to depend on what's going to happen next before I will take my chances around here again. Might have to think twice about that.. Though, I'll keep checking back every now and then even if just for fun's sake. 'Nuff said. ~ Me out. (P.S. I guess this counts as a QQ, doesn't it..?)
  3. ^~^ Here are some random ideas.. tell me what you think. *New Modes Boss Race - 2 teams duke it out to see who can down the boss the fastest. (Achievable with either 2 separate bosses or a "tug-of-war" system where there's just 1 boss with 2 separate health bars for each team.). Tower Assault - The opposite of tower defense. So instead of building defenses you build "sieges/assault" to take over a computer controlled base/defense. (Making use of each others capabilities to e.g. tank w/e). ~Highly improbable, but hey.. it's just an idea. ^^; *New Classes Demon Buster - A Ghostbuster-inspired class which makes use of plasma and ray attacks, specializing in damage over time and channeled attacks. (In my boredom, I even wrote a concept of it's abilities and stuff if anyone wants to hear it). Female Witch - Which uses cauldrons and pumpkins as towers which provide supportive buffs for the team. Uses either a sparkly shooting wand for a weapon, or a broomstick on which she can glide through the air and hurl rotten eggs towards the enemy. Savage Caveman - Which uses catapults and miscellaneous savage contraptions to hurl sticks and stones from a distance. Specializing in long-ranged/artillery attacks. Using a slingshot or a massive wooden club for a weapon. Mad Scientist - A geeky-looking underage kid who thinks it's funny to mix random liquids with each other. Uses huge vials as towers which burst out in a volcano-like manner causing splash damage and randomized debuffs on a group of monsters. Utilizes a huge syringe as a weapon which can drain blood from an enemy and squirt it back at them..? Engineer/Constructor - I don't know.. Think Lego, Team Fortress, Steam Punk.. something along those lines ~ lots of possibilities/potential with such a class. Specialized of course in strong towers whilst lacking on his personal attack/defenses etc. ~Has been discussed earlier in some other thread I believe, just putting it here as well.
  4. You get some lollerskates. I insert a picture of Justin Bieber.
  5. That's quite a turn-off x3 but I secretly had a few doubts anyway. Oh well, MS: Big Bang it is then. ^^; I'll check back every now and then and of course I'll still be here for the official launch. Thanks for the update.
  6. You get a shopping bag filled with more shopping bags. I insert my television remote controller.
  7. The adventurers Tavern is kind of like a roadside truck stop for adventurers. At least, I am going to do everything in my power to make it like one. Who wants to cyber in the little apprentices room?! I'll take you up on that. Are you into furry..? I just did a forum search for "adventurers tavern" and the only thread it returned was this one....? Search -> Tavern -> Click the Sticky -> Ctrl + F the word Tavern -> Hit "Next" a few times.
  8. Here's the beef. We are all hypocrites who love to complain whenever we can if things don't go the way we want it to. When developers give us a general ETA like "around November" without informing us about any updates, we start to complain about why we are being left in the dark etc. However if in a certain case our complaining does reward us with a reply from a dev saying it will be out around an estimated/exact date - and it doesn't; people start complaining again and might even /ragequit because the devs failed to comply with what has been exclaimed. So what's the difference? ..not much really. Because even if we were kept in silence, more and more people will start to complain eventually and even possibly switch to an alternative/defect due to boredom or a decrease in faith/trust. The only difference is that our complaints would actually start to hold truth and value when a specific date has been named but failed to deliver.
  9. Pfft, "search" is overrated. True "advernturers" seek answers by themselves through direct confrontation, rather than using outside sources like these so called "books" or "search options". That said, it wasn't really hard to find but you have to admit; the sticky does not really bode a 100% clear overview of what questions have already been answered - and in some cases what has been asked. Ctrl + F does wonders but it still remains somewhat scrambled. Would be nice to have it all sorted out/updated in the wiki but all in due time - the game hasn't even been released yet. x.0
  10. Been lurking these forums and the game for quite a while now, so I thought I might as well take the courtesy to post a reply here. That - and I'm bored out of my mind, waiting for both Dungeon Defenders as well as the "Big Bang" update for MapleStory if anyone is familiar with it. So yeah, the name's Ferizo (d'oh). I guess you can see me as just your average gamer/geek. I am totally obsessed with Anime and Music and have a passion for Gaming and Design. Eh, I have an affinity for sarcasm and darkness and am quite the perfectionist when it comes to (my own) personal performance - which shouldn't be too hard to notice in the way I type. I've been longing for a change of pace in online gaming and after hearing about this game from a friend a month ago or so (Steam) I've practically been in love with it ever since. I've always been a die-hard fan of RPGs (not Rocket-Powered-Grenades) and loved an occasional game of Tower Defense so this was really near the perfection to which I strife. That said, all of this waiting is slowly eating away my brain because when it comes to these things I can be quite impatient. ^^; Now, I can write an entire biography about myself but I think this should do just fine for now. Whilst anxiously awaiting the release of DD I'm currently somewhat active on MapleStory so if there's anyone around here who plays on GMS Demethos and is bored out of his mind as well - feel free to give me a call. ^~^ ~ There, I said it.
  11. Hey guys to kill the time :p Post your future ingame name !! I probably only gonna make a Squire but, might try the apprentice as well out. My :squire: will be named : Bladefang , Haki My :apprentice: will be named : Blaze , Ippy Bladefang, huh... Play MapleStory much? or is it just a coincidence.. x3 I have several names ready for an Apprentice and Monk but I'm not going to reveal them just yet - cause I'm stuck-up like that. ^~^
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