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  1. Can't use EV at all now for tower building. Reset to "Default" and now it ~says~ hit "E" to place tower but it STILL isn't working. I've reset five times now and STILL not working.
  2. Try opening 4 treat chests in one wave...
  3. I am officially having a weird week with the RNG. I can't get a SF better than the 177^ one I found yesterday for the life of me but somehow just managed to score a Perfect Kobold while doing a "meh" XP run for one of my builder toons.
  4. If memory serves me correctly, the best soul from Alchemical is trans. You can get generics that are ultimate from places like TD. If so, then there is a fair chance of still getting something considerably better than what I have seen so far from the Alchemy Lab. I understand the potential to see a generic of the same model from maps like TD and MM exists, however generally speaking about most other weapons in the past I have noticed that there is almost always some aspect of a boss or challenged rewarded dropped model which is different (potentially superior) to its generic counterpart. Example, The BF Drill from the Volcanic challenge has a much larger AoE effect than the generic drills found on high end HCNM runs. And I was concerned that the generic attenuator drops might also be inferior in some subtle way to the Soul Focuser. Edit: Just did another couple of runs and found a Mythic with 97 Base damage and 178^ so they definitely go up at least that high.
  5. I'm looking to pick up the best Soul Focuser drop possible from the Labs boss. I've run the map a half dozen times on HCNM with two huntresses out but keep getting weapons with base damage around 100 and about 80-120^. Are these about the best that I can expect? A case where the drops on HC insane outperform the NM drops? Or is the RNG just messing with me?
  6. Having the EV boost beams and summoner archers (plus a mage for each group to heal them) helps enormously. Also, having the summoner alone out while the map is running causes the map to just spawn armor (no weapons) so that can help you to find sets of myths a bit more quickly. Plus, the summoner's AOE flash heal is great for doing repairs to everything at once if a lot of your defenses are being hammered down (say, by ogre acid balls) all at the same time.
  7. My stats were about the same as yours last week when I started playing again. I spent a couple of hours leveling a summoner and EV, equiped them in lousy myths and managed to beat NMHC Mage Quarters a couple times. That got me some fairly decent myths and about a billion mana to use to upgrade them as well. I then went into NMHC Throne Room and from there I have seen some reasonably good myths drop (8 million+ tavern value with stats of 100-200 and 100-160 upgrades) along with a couple transcendent pieces per run. I've also made about 5 billion mana in 6 runs.
  8. Well I also figured out the "Summoner trick" and I have only had that DLC for about a week now so I would guess that has to be pretty obvious to everyone. As to the active builder issue, I generally use my monk's auras, my Apprentice' towers, EV's Buff beams and walls and my Summoner's minions on a map. Of that bunch, the best combo I use is to generally have the Apprentice active on the main screen and the summoner phased out on an AFK controller because frankly their towers/minions are going to see the biggest boost overall from being out on the screen. And as to swapping pets, I have always played it (even on Campaign mode) where my builder will have the genie out for the first two waves and then swap to something more useful after that because otherwise assembling the map tends to be a real pain.
  9. Tried the Throne room and made it through all the way on my first attempt. The last two levels needed a LOT of repairs but overall I didn't have too many problems. No Trans but a couple of myths worth 7-9 million dropped so it's definitely a step up in loot quality from what I have been wearing.
  10. Mostly for the MQ runs I have been keeping out my Apprentice with a genie for the first few waves to speed the upgrading process and after that just having the summoner on the map phased out in order to generate more armor drops through to wave 25. I haven't really played the Throne room survival so I will have to look into creating a build to work with that map. I did however manage to get to wave 14 on ES on my first half-assed build attempt so I think I can probably do a bit better there as well with some more refinement to the build design.
  11. Well, I leveled my Apprentice to 78 and picked up both the Summoner and EV and leveled one of each to 74 and I can see why they are both so helpful. I have been able to run the MQ NMHC to 25 now using App towers, Monk Auras, EV buffs and Summoner miniions and that is with fairly bad gear.. Apprentice: 850/1011/900/876 Monk: 670/755/705/680 EV: 510/464/532/488/497 Summoner: 566/602/473/509 So far, I've picked up over a billion mana and a couple of decent drops from just the two runs to 25 (terrible, terrible giraffes though).
  12. Left the game months ago due to patch burnout. I wanted wait to come back to let all of the shards expansions come out and the devs to get the bulk of "balancing" done before checking the game out again and since it looks like all of that has happened... Here I am. I have a Lvl 75 App with decent Mythical gear (and a bunch of other Lvl 70+ characters) and am curious about a few things.. Is Glitterheim is still the "go to" place for XP/Leveling characters? On what map and difficulty level would I start to see Transcendent pieces drop? Is the EV character a "must have" for soloing now? (I already have a 70+ Squire, Hunter, Monk, Barb, App, & Summoner)
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