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  1. 600/1300/600/600 tower stats on my App I'm about to uninstall this game over this map, i've tried every setup listed at least 10 times and every single time I get wrecked. I set up with app then use my dps monk + genie to level everything possible and I spend the entire game running around like a crazy lunatic (the 10% of the time i'm not dead or WEBBED!!@#!@$) and i get to wave 10/11 or 11/11 pretty much every time but either one of those waves kills me. Tried a bunch of other builds as well and nothing has worked for me. Incredibly frustrating =/
  2. For ranged + auras I have this 230^ Not-too-bad one http://steamcommunity.com/id/marzyn/screenshot/614973792737740226/? Also this 229^ isn't too terrible http://steamcommunity.com/id/marzyn/screenshot/614973792737832433/? Don't find many usable lightsabers, these are a couple of the best I've seen personally :X If either of these float your fancy let me know. I have much better ranged weapons but these are the best sabers I've got.
  3. That's a pretty terrible bow buddy :P
  4. NM HC Misty Survival 20+ has (reportedly) the best drops in the game. Getting past 20 is extremely tough though :X Even so, any gear after wave 12 is pretty good compared to anything else given the time it takes to get there. Also, this is the Trading & Grouping subforum, shoulda posted in General! :P
  5. If you have some mana to spend "Sachatten" will run you through & kill the boss with ya :)
  6. Ranged is definitely the way to go as a monk. Squires are the only melee I'd consider in NM HC.
  7. Both are shown in this picture: http://steamcommunity.com/id/marzyn/screenshot/614973792683512673 #1 Ogre Party Hat - 91/148^ Invested about 180-200m, vendors for 111m. Asking 250m OBO Finishes around 24k base damage. #2 Mythical Pike - 109/193^ Invested well over 250m. Vendors ~168m. Asking 300m OBO - Finishes around 36k base damage. Investments went fully into damage.
  8. Finished run with Sach, absolutely recommend him. Run went extremely smooth and fast, very knowledgeable and helpful person! Good guy to run anything with :) Thanks very much!
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/id/marzyn/screenshot/614973792680383825?tab=public 200m B/O first come first serve :)
  10. Friend and I duo'd NMHC every campaign up to Summit and even that I'm pretty sure can be done on HC as long as you're careful. Not unreasonable at all, gives you something to work towards just like any game with a modicum of "end game content" should :) EDIT: For posterity. An Undying/Immortal achievement is one of those things that everyone will want and everyone will try to get over and over. Trendy knows this and is probably using it to keep us coming back for more :P
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