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  1. Look like his harpoon towers just have some sweet range. The two nothern most are pointed north. I was actually wanting to try a very similar build to that but was worried the # of bouncers required from all the spider spawns would be prohibitive. I've guess you need some good tower dmg for this to work. I'm at about 1000 and not confident I could get far with only 2 harpoons on each wall.
  2. Just got a chance to try it out. I got to w14, the ogre spam is what got me. I don't have enough gear to do barriers with my mage at the moment so I was missing the darkness trap and really felt it on the elemental ogres. They were doing massive damage to my barriers. Also had to cutout the ensnare and prox trap on the west which wasn't a problem though a prox wouldn't have hurt. My Countess (need to finish the last 2 levels for Squire!) has about 500 on hp and 1000 on tower dmg. 600 or so on range and atk rate. My monk and hunter have similar stats. Up until around w13 this was much more laid back than the last time I ran it with a mostly mage build. The best part is you can survive a few ogre hits when you need to repair. My playtime was 1:30 to reach w14. Also, I see why the far west prox trap is needed. Spiders occasionally spawn in front of the bowling turrets and if not killed they'll walk behind them and slowly take them down. And I tried a fire trap instead of prox in the east and it wasn't enough to kill kobolds, muuuuch less repairs needed though, so at 1500-2000 dmg on huntress maybe you can just use fire traps instead of prox for more afk time.
  3. Yeah that's all I could think of, and now that they're only 3du you can actually use them.
  4. Retribution shoots 5 more projectiles and they pierce. It should easily destroy a Blasticus :)
  5. This looks good fox, I don't have a tower setup for my huntress yet though so I'll have to wait a bit before I can try it out. (Takes three prox explosions to kill a spider with my dps gear :p) For your proximity trap on the west side, is your trigger range high enough that it extends to the walls? Also, what does the darkness trap do for you, haven't really discovered how to use those effectively yet.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, that was definitely a concern of mine that for most of it the 2x would be overkill and for ogres 1x would be under-kill. That will really help on the front to, just gets so congested with all the mobs. What I'm most interested in seeing is how the bouncers handle spiders on w10+ near the end when they drop nonstop. Couldn't get past 7 without the bouncers though, everything died asap until the webs came. :(
  7. Update: Based on feedback and more play testing here is a more up to date build. Recently got to w15 no problem then had to log off for the weekend. :( Had barriers placed to far forward and so they took extra dmg but was still no problem, didn't even need to move them. Took 1:36 total to get that far, 1:11 in combat. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=18836 Working on a mostly Squire/Countess build for Alch Labs Survival. Tried a build with no/less bouncers but the spiders were webbing everything and ogres were getting through. Trying out pushing the barriers in the west further back to take care of one more spider spawn. Spiders would sit up there tossing webs otherwise. Let me know how it works for you! I haven't been able to try this exact layout yet, just some tweeks I've been thinking of after my playtime yesterday. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=18208 Barriers first + 2x harpoon towers. Kill spiders on first wave. Bouncers are for spider spawns. Make sure all is spaced out so that multiple don't get webbed, this kills a squire build fast. Note the slight angle and positioning on the barriers in the east. If not placed correctly some mobs including ogres will walk past by going over the railing. Use genie for the first few waves, then swap to apprentice/huntress guardian. Ensnare aura is to keep kobolds in late waves from blowing up barriers.
  8. I have two Apprentice Animus' for sale. Please make offers below. ^76 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000759743/screenshot/612721992828560147?tab=public ^86 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000759743/screenshot/612721992828560743?tab=public
  9. Wanted a build focused on aura's and traps to avoid the boss' fire wrecking my build as much as possible. DST's are for Wyvrens and fireballs are for any mobs that make it to the top (ogres) or wvyrens that get too close. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=10808 Build explosive traps first, and any barriers you have mana for. During w2 build DST's and at least 1 fireball tower per side. Place all auras during build phase of w2. The ensnares and lightnings should be large enough radius to slow/kill wyvrens to be most effective. Make sure traps and barriers line up so mobs hitting barriers still trigger the explosive trap.
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