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  1. How is that not like them? Are you new here?
  2. Having a vendor that converts motes into lower tiers would be great.
  3. I'd rather just buy the skins than gamble. I'm not a gambler. I spend money on guaranteed goods and services.
  4. Is it not possible to move them back to a campaign item?
  5. You should be doing Onslaught to climb and upgrading a relic every reset to carry.
  6. So my first thought was to remove Earth Toss to avoid Diminishing Returns building up too much but i feel like i'm missing a ton of area damage by doing so. The only downside before was that your Sky Guards might rarely let air units through because they're busy but this was only a minor concern. Now with DR, i wonder whether i should keep using Earth Toss or not.
  7. Level 1-7 are all the same. Trendy don't seem to care how stupid that is.
  8. That's because i shouldn't have to spell out what happens when you lose nothing. Consider what happens if your maxed gear with all the tinkered mods are still there on a reset? You beat Chaos 7. You beat floor 28, 29, 30. Reset. You beat Chaos 7. You beat floor 28, 29, 30, 31. Reset. Repeat. Give it a day and you'll get 10 AP easily lol. The only thing i wish for is that moving a MOD to another item, would change it's chaos level to that of the item. This way we can pay DMs to transfer them up to our current level, without having to farm motes and gold to level those items back up. It's kind o
  9. Should i quote my original post? You're under the impression that there should be no cost. Why would i bother trying to convince you otherwise. You can't comprehend the problem with making AP have no cost.
  10. I'm also liking Proton Beams with Water Servo, though you could probably still use WM with water/storm servo, or mix PDTs in there with water/storm servo. Those seem like the most obvious choices for me. Now that i think about it, would it be better to use WMs to drench only, allowing other storm sources to be spread out and enabling the DR to wear off.
  11. So i just encountered this boss right after a reset on floor 22. Great so the only counter is Oil+Fire. Like we just have that sitting around. You find yourself surprised by this enemy and it's an instant lose. Flaming Knight didn't do a single thing. I'm already using AL with this shard the first time i encountered him but none of my abilities do anything, and if i walk inside his bubble, i get perma frozen... Thankfully this is countered by just restarting the wave and having him not spawn at all. Floor 22...
  12. The thing that really sticks out for me, is that players who already bought and own bag space are complaining about inventory problems. That's a sign of a big problem.
  13. Why should AP have a cost? There is no cost to improve your character via gear, shards, or ascension; all of which make a much bigger difference. There is nothing saying AP should have a negative attached to it. Or put another way: time. The price of AP will be exactly like the price of the majority of ways your improve your character in the majority of games, it takes time playing the game to do it. Well here's an idea, what if any C8 items were immune to resets, not just maxed C8?
  14. What would be the price of AP if gear doesn't reset... lol
  15. Now that elemental combos are live and being worked on, just remove shocking revelation. The fact that you can have shocking rev and water servo on the WM means it's still the go to tower of choice for everything.
  16. I completely agree. TL;DR - Allow partial gilding. If i'm paying DM or gems to tinker, don't destroy the item.
  17. Being able to downgrade motes into lower tiers would solve the issue. Vermintide 2 had this issue as well. Once you level up enough and raise your gear score enough, you never get greens any more. But you need green dust for re-rolling. So they allowed you to turn orange into blue, and blue into green dust.
  18. That explains a lot actually. I was getting lifesteal while just watching my defences kill.
  19. There has been quite a few ideas with the shard dust. They just need to be actually useful somehow.
  20. But it's extremely common... Most players assume you already know about a bug that has existed for over a year.
  21. Mods for "% damage reduced vs ___" is a cool idea. If i read that right, you'd want to re-purpose the existing "Anti-___ "mods so they deal more and take less damage?
  22. Basically you're asking for Chaos 8 enemies that drops C7 items.
  23. Most C7 farming, you're afk until bosses spawn. So we're effectively wasting "our own time" standing around doing nothing. Then wasting more of our own time by clearing our inventory between waves or after matches.
  24. You don't play Onslaught for items.
  25. If you can't beat C5 with C6 relics and equipment, you're using the wrong towers or placing them badly.
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