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  1. Hi. Just as the title says, Do you think it would be a good idea if they removed all the generic rewards that is randomly dropping in later waves in nm hc surv? Or basically on other other modes. An example would be the reward from Summit for the squire. I forgot if its MOBILE MOXIE or the FLAMEWARDER. The Summit, as hard as it is to do solo, a player may get a sense of accomplishment just by finishing it then acquiring the weapon as a reward. He will spend mana on it, show it off to his friends or even dream about it (at least i did), then at some time in the future, when the Summit isn't
  2. How about giving us some story or plot points?lol I've read somewhere here in the forums regarding the tavernkeeper conspiracy.. Not to get ahead of your own ideas nor step over your creative process, but that conspiracy is i think a really good one. And seeing how people reacted to that thread, i would have to say that the community would pretty much enjoy your "book".. Btw, i voted for "Eh, if it looked good".. Good luck sir..
  3. I already found out what it is. It's a modded squire weapon. Some random dude dropped it in my tavern.
  4. Just as the title says, i have no idea what that is on top of the bald dude in the tavern. Any ideas? ___ I don't know how to delete this post but it seems its just some weapon that was dropped in my tavern... Its a mod weapon so maybe that's the reason that its so big...
  5. Just as the title said, i just want to share my epic fail moment.. 3 players are on this map. 1 was afk. 1 was dead. and then there was me (Huntress in the Batgirl costume). This is NM HC Etherian Festival of Love. Its either the ninja or spider that bumped me that led me being thrown in into the clouds. And as some of you may know, there is nothing that you can do once you fall into those clouds. I hope this picture is as funny to you as is to me..
  6. I believe someone had mentioned that if you make a new folder with the same name as the deleted ones, the items will reappear in those folders. Whew. Thanks for this one. I think I had everything I lost earlier...
  7. Hi. I know that the patch was just released and hoping that it will work without any bugs is quite impossible. Just like a lot of players here, I was quite excited that a FOLDER system was included so as to organize our stuff. So after updating to 7.16, I went straight into organizing my item box. At first it worked out quite perfectly but then i found out that there was a cap on how many folders you can create. So what i did was to create sub-folders so as to organize my items to my satisfaction. AND THEN... After organizing my stuff but realizing that i had put items into folders that
  8. I was playing around 6-8 hours straight then got disconnected. When i logged in again, all the mana and items that i farmed was gone. i tried playing again for about 30 minutes then i closed the program to see if maybe there's just some sort of an error on the servers. The next time i logged in, even the 30 minute playing time i had which had separate mana and item accumulated compared to my first disconnection was also gone. My item box and mana reverted back to when i first logged in after my first disconnection. I know Trendy is auto saving our progress so i really can't think of any mistak
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