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  1. I was finally getting a good setup going and they keep nerfing everything. This is garbage. :(
  2. Strangely enough I was also d/ced on the very end of wave 14 of magus quarters. Probably just coincidence though. Yea, that was the map I was on too, very odd. Maybe if you re-log, it might work for you as well? I logged in again a few minutes ago and everything seems to be back to normal. I hope this means everything is fixed :)
  3. I was playing survival and was finishing up on level 14 when my game closed and returned me to the "choose a server" screen with a message that the connection to trendynet had been lost. That was bad enough, but when I took a look at my character I had lost 28 levels. Did this just happen to anyone else?
  4. Hey, names Josh. Im a liscenesed pharmacy technition. Ive been playing games since i was very young. My first major game was Doom. This started my FPS rampage for the next several years. Ive been a fan of CoD games since the first incarnation on the PSX. A friend of mine bought a bundle pack of Dungeon Defenders on sale from Steam a few weeks ago, since then Ive been hooked. I never figured I would like this type of game but there is an appeal to it. When A few of us get online and start hollering and throwing blame at each other for who lost the round, things still stay fun. Have fun, Play hard, Dark Shadowtek
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